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Chapter 1737
Chapter 1737: A man falling in love…

He could understand the reason for his boss’ action .

Looking at the current situation, the Mu family could be considered the top elite in Asia . With a few hundred years of history, they could single-handedly support a large chunk of the eastern part of the world!

Globally, only a few conglomerates could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Mus .

Still, the man made up his mind to ditch that household and build his career because, for one, he was very ambitious . Even though the Mu Group had a long history, there was little room for growth by now with its many shackles .

The family continued to thrive due them dabbling in the political arena, and they could be said to be the powerhouse behind the local economy . However, this also meant that any move would directly lead to economic turbulences, so there were many constraints in place .

Two, there were too many intricacies involved in running a family business . Every action had to be planned carefully when the interests of many were at stake .

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Hence, he very resolutely established his own Shengyu Financial Group from the networks and connections he had amassed through the Mu Group . After three rounds of financing, his empire had slowly gone on track .

By now, the momentum of it had become a force to be reckoned with .

This group had four big enterprises .

One of the businesses was called Easy Buy; it was an online shopping site he had set up seven years ago . No one bothered with the site when it was first set up . Having great foresight, he saw the potential in online shopping then and decisively invested in creating one such online platform, just in time to pioneer such an advanced enterprise . Easy Buy finally traded in Hong Kong stock market one year with great valuation .

Aside from this online shopping site, the man also hunted for many good bargains in other business sectors .

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Including properties, holiday resorts, financial products, et cetera, the group had its hand on many untapped emerging industries which had great potential .

As his capable right-hand man, Lu Jinyu held the helm and took care of all affairs in Shengyu . Usually, he would settle any problems by himself and would not need to report everything to Mu Yazhe . His business acumen and ability were strong enough for him to hold his own .

Still, he would seek out the man’s opinion when it concerned serious or exceptionally challenging issues!

He recounted the recent problem, big and small, to his chief .

The man gave him some suggestions, and after some discussion, the two inadvertently came up with the same conclusion .

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“My thoughts are the same as yours; I didn’t expect that!”

“You don’t need to seek my opinion on some matters . I trust you’ll handle them well . After all, you are handpicked by me for your capabilities . ”

His confidante smiled . “Now that we’ve finished our discussion, how about going for a game?”

He was itching to test his skills against his boss as he looked at the pool table . It had been a while since he last played with him!

“I can’t!” The man stole a look at his watch . “It’s getting late; I have to go home!”

He frowned . “What? Why are you in a hurry today, or is it because you are rushing home to see your wife?”

“Eh!” The other smiled in admittance .

He seemed to have been mesmerized by that smile on the man’s face for a brief second .

Seeing the strange look on the former’s face, the latter raised a brow with a start . “What happened? You seem to be in deep thought from the look on your face!”

“Nothing much; it’s just that you seem to have changed!” commented his confidante truthfully .

“I’ve changed?” His interest was piqued . “In what way?”

“It’s a feeling that’s hard to explain!”