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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:30 PM
Chapter 1722
Chapter 1722: Brought bad by daddy!

Seeing how ashamed she was feeling, the man laughed inconspicuously . He approached his wife and held her lower jaw, whispering, “So? Have you thought of a way to make it up to me?”

The warm breath from his lips caressed her cheek and caused her to turn a burning shade of red in a matter of seconds .

He had the aura of a tiger which had set its eyes on a target, watching it closely . He cornered his wife, taking control of this narrow space to make her more flustered .

Yun Shishi raised her gaze carefully and gauged her husband’s expression . She bit her lower lip as she felt anxious over meeting his eyes . “How do you want me to make it up to you?”

“You say it . ”

He decided to leave the choice up to her .

She pondered on it for a moment before smiling . “How about I cook some noodles[1] for you to eat?”

There were still some ingredients left in the kitchen; thus, it would be easy to whip up a bowl of noodles for him .

The man obviously took it the wrong way as he examined her closely with eyes full of hidden intentions . He smirked before answering, “Okay!”

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She caught the look that flashed past his eyes and knew in the next moment that this nasty man was having some dirty thoughts based on her words!

“Hey! It isn’t what you think it is!” She hastened to clarify herself . “I meant I’ll cook noodles for you! Hey, can you not think dirty thoughts?!”

The man did not allow any excuses from her . He pushed her and said playfully, “It’s you who misled me into thinking that way!”


At this moment, his overbearing demeanor was vividly expressed . “You have to love my shameless side . ”


Her cheeks turned red from anger . She stomped on his foot and pushed him away . “Stop fooling around! I’ll cook noodles for you right away . ”

With that, she tried to walk to the fridge .

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The man grabbed hold of her arm, though, and pulled her into his embrace . Amid her struggles, he lowered his head and caught her tender and loving lips in a kiss .

“I don’t want to have noodles; I want to have you . ”

He pressed his lips against her harshly, breathing out that statement before he continued kissing her with no intention of stopping .

Soft and lovely . The man was extremely infatuated with her delicious and fragrant smell . He French-kissed her and did not loosen his grip on her even after a long time .

The movements between their lips and teeth began to stir the primal instincts hidden in their hearts .

The woman tried her best to control her rising desires . After struggling for a while under his constant attacks, she managed to regain her logical reasoning .



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He interrupted and corrected her easily .

She did not know whether to laugh or cry at that!

“Stop fooling around! You haven’t had dinner yet—”

Refusing to listen to her input, he cut her off again . “That’s not important . ”

“If your gastric acts up—”

“Not important . ”

“Mu Yazhe, it will hurt a lot if you have gastric—”

“Not important!”

He held her face intimately, reluctant to part from her lips as he continued to sprinkle kisses on them, and looked at her with eyes full of emotion . “The most important thing right now is you . ”

With that, he carried her up, bridal-style, and walked into the bedroom…

A minute later, Youyou tiptoed out of the bedroom . He glanced at the master bedroom in distaste as he thought, Ew, ew, ew! Shame on you!

Daddy was becoming nastier!

He could not bear to listen to them any longer .

The boy silently thought about it . He had such a nasty daddy and he was such an innocent child; would he not be brought bad by him?

[1] In Chinese, the term ‘cook noodles’ also means ‘going down there’