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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:28 PM
Chapter 1723
Chapter 1723: The little lad clears the mess .

The boy had woken up in the middle of the night to go to the loo, only to be confronted with the scene of his parents making out . He quietly closed the door and retreated .

It was not until his father carried his mother into their bedroom that he resurfaced . Looking at the mess in the kitchen, he heaved a sigh and started to clean up without a word .

This is too much!

They really messed up the kitchen, leaving him to settle the aftermath .  What inconsiderate adults!

Oh, well . What to do?

He cleared up the mess in the end despite his disdain .

Suppressing his urge to eavesdrop on his parents, he tiptoed back to his room after using the bathroom and went straight to sleep in his bed!

Unfortunately, this was not the case for his mother . After several bouts of debauchery, where she was vigorously laid by a certain man, she only got to rest in the wee hours of the night!

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In fact, her legs were shaking so badly from fatigue after their lovemaking that she had to shamelessly rely on her man for washing up in the bathroom later!

As she needed to do a retake the next day, she begged him not to leave too many marks on her . He obliged, and though he held back as much as he could, an ambiguous mark, much like a hickey, could still be seen .

She was utterly vexed when she found out . This meant that she would have to creep into a room to change costumes by herself, just like what she had done previously!

Ever since his father brought Youyou over to the Mu household to announce their relationship formally, the former’s family had been in turmoil .

Members of the household could not stop discussing this matter, especially when Mu Yazhe announced that the young boy would take over the helm in the future . Many were filled with fear and panic .

In the shadows, a bloodbath seemed to be brewing…

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The man was particularly protective of his son . Even after he announced his identity, the man kept his exposure to the minimum . Thus, there was no media release regarding this matter . This was all to protect the boy!

Still, this news managed to reach the Song family .

Song Enya could not believe what she had heard .


Brother Mu is letting that illegitimate child be his heir?!

That… means things will go according to Yun Shishi’s evil plot, right?!

To her, the actress was a conniving wench, who used her sweet and naïve look to mask her vileness . An innocent-looking rabbit was almost certain to be the most unscrupulous .

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On the pretext of surrogacy, she bore him two sons . Keeping and raising one of them herself without anyone knowing was in preparation for this day . With the child finally receiving the recognition of the Mus and being named as the next heir, she could ride on her son’s status to enter that prestigious household!

Isn’t it what that woman is after all along?!

She’s been scheming long and hard for this day, right?!

Just like in ancient times, with her son becoming the official successor to the throne, she could ride high on the winds of fame and fortune through his credit!


What a perfect plan!

That b*tch is really something!

She’s halfway to her ultimate ambition .

Now that she has succeeded in registering her marriage with Brother Mu, she’s only one step away from entering the Mu household .

The missy could no longer hold back her anxiety!

Hence, on a particular day, Mu Yazhe pushed open the door to his office upon his return from a meeting and found her sitting on the couch .