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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:37 PM
Chapter 1718
Chapter 1718: Youyou’s Cooking Genes (2)

“You’re up waiting for me again; aren’t you sleepy?” He lowered his head and gently caressed her smooth, silky hair with a doting smile on his face . “Go turn in for the night first if you’re feeling sleepy . ”

“No, I’ll wait for you to go to bed together . ”

She lifted her head and, standing on pointed toes, gave him a peck on the lips before she smilingly said, “It’s my day off tomorrow, anyway . ”

“Are you trying to make me jealous now?” His good-looking brow arched slightly in jest . His voice, though, was filled with an indescribable indulgence .

Yun Shishi chuckled at that, and when a thought suddenly struck her, she asked, “Have you had your dinner?”

“No . ”

The man removed his coat and hung it on the rack by the doorway as he mildly replied, “The meeting ended very late today, so I didn’t have time for dinner . ”

“I’ll cook some noodles for you, then!” announced the thoughtful woman before turning to dash to the kitchen .

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Mu Yazhe stopped her immediately . “No . ”


She turned around quizzically and looked up at him in confusion . “What’s the matter? Aren’t you hungry?”

“I’m sick of eating noodles…” he replied in a resigned voice .

His answer dealt her a huge blow . “…”

She seemed to have a penchant for cooking noodles . It was simple, easy, and just needed to be added into a pot of soup . Furthermore, her best cooking skills could only be unveiled in this aspect . After all, the noodles she cooked were indeed worthy of praise .

The thing was that, no matter how good the food tasted, one would inevitably get sick of it eventually from eating it repeatedly .

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Moreover, the man was particularly fussy about his food .

“What do we do then?” she asked dejectedly, suggesting thereafter, “How about we go out for supper?”

“It’s freezing outside . Let’s just stay at home . ”

With that, he got up and, with his head bowed, unbuttoned his shirt sleeves and elegantly rolled them up to his arms .

His actions baffled her . “What… are you doing?”

The man simply succinctly replied, “Settling my meal . ”

“…So you’re intending to cook?” The woman remained in disbelief . “Are you sure your cooking is okay?”

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His lips hooked up in a smirk as he headed to the kitchen and took out some ingredients from the fridge and a chopping board .

Feeling skeptical and incredulous, she trailed after him and entered the kitchen .

It was not that she had never seen a man who could cook; rather, Mu Yazhe and ‘cooking’ did not seem to go together in her mind .

Did he actually know how to cook?!

Why did he not reveal his skills before?

“Do you often cook your meals in the past?”

“No, just occasionally . ”

After slicing the onions, he then rinsed the ingredients clean .

The man, who was usually reluctant to do his cooking, was in such a good mood today that he decided to do so . A proposal, which had been on a deadlock for several days, finally reached a consensus with the board of directors in the meeting earlier today . Now that things were progressing smoothly, he was obviously placed in a good mood despite his late return .

The woman curiously watched him from the sidelines . Even though she remained skeptical of his cooking skills, she must admit that his cutting skills seemed very professional…

Did he practice before or was it just a show?

As she silently watched him do his work from the side, she somehow had this nagging feeling that the well-dressed man in his clean white shirt and fitted pants, who had a chopping knife in his hand, was out of place in the kitchen!

She mumbled, “Can you really cook?”

He answered, “A little . ”

They had culinary classes when he was studying overseas . During their classes, they were taught how to make western-style dishes .