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Published at 26th of July 2020 02:40:08 PM
Chapter 1670: 1670

As such, most of his businesses were invested in real estate and the ilk . Examples of which were resort properties, hotel chains, shares in listed companies, consortium funds, private islands, private land rights…

 The amount in his bank accounts was merely peanuts to him .

 His assets were continuously growing with the daily addition of several figures to his bank accounts .

 What seemed like peanuts to him, however, was an astronomical sum to this stupid woman!

 If she wanted to withdraw money, she would have to go to the VIP counter as the automated machines could not display the specific balance left in the accounts .

 The bank manager would have to serve her personally .

 Thus, to avoid such hassle, he specifically prepared a few bank cards containing eight figures or so for the woman to use in her daily expenditure and shopping .

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 If she were to know that her dearest husband had specially prepared an eight-figure sum… for her to buy groceries, she would likely vomit blood out of exasperation!

 The poor yet silly woman was actually currently thinking how she could finally go on a shopping-spree in several online stores without having to worry about the remaining balance with his bank cards!

 The man would surely vomit blood out of exasperation, too, if he were to know that this was all she was capable of .

 This was probably where the couple needed a lot more working on in their relationship .

 Having been through hard times since a young age, she naturally had to make the full worth of every yuan spent, scrimping and saving wherever she could, never wasting a cent .

 The biggest temptation in her acting career was probably the big income that came along with it .

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 listers could receive remuneration ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions per drama . Even though it was a tough job, the fame and benefits that accompanied the success were also very tempting .

 In her eyes, though, a sum of hundreds of thousands was already extraordinarily high .

 This was nothing to the man, however .

 Growing up in his type of environment, he was almost numb to the concept of money .

 They were like two people living in parallel worlds . The wage reaching tens of thousands, which was already a significant amount to her, would still fail to catch his attention even if the sum was a hundred times that .

 How would she feel if she were to know that, with his ability, he could easily buy an economically advanced first-world city?

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 Would she stiffen in shock to know that he could buy over two countries?

 It seemed that she had never thought about his net worth at all, nor did she understand the significance of the Mu Group’s existence .

 The fact that his woman did not know what a formidable dragon he was and, instead, thought him to be no different to a snake on the ground once brooded him .

 From her initial display of being unconcerned about his wealth, he once thought her to be an idiot .

 Gradually, he started to feel skepticism and hold doubts about this woman being scheming and manipulative, instead . Only later did he realize that… she was simply a simpleton .

 She was vastly different from those scheming women .

 Albeit a little stupid, he preferred that pure simplicity of hers .

 Unaware of his thoughts, she suddenly elbowed him .

 “Won’t you regret giving me your bank cards?”

 The man merely smiled in response .

 She put on a solemn yet threatening look . “By then, don’t blame me when I squander away all your money!”

 “Good; I’m lacking in a spendthrift woman . ”