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Published at 26th of July 2020 02:40:15 PM
Chapter 1669

She showed no reservation at all!

 They had just collected their marriage certificate, but she was already calling him ‘hubby’ .

 Despite that, his mood turned jovial by her use of that endearment .

 “880214 . ”

 “Your birthday?”


 The 14th of February .

 Isn’t that Valentine’s Day?!

 She did not expect her husband to be an Aquarius born on Valentine’s Day .

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 “Alright . Thanks a lot, hubby!” The shameless woman, therefore, openly kept the bank cards in her wallet .

 Suddenly, she posed another question, askance . “Are all your assets in here?”

 “It can be considered so . ”

 His reply upset her . “What do you mean by that?!”

 After giving it some thought, she narrowed her eyes . “Do you have stash savings?”

 The man was rendered speechless .

 She solemnly shared, “My ex-company president always give his salary to his wife, but he has a private savings account with lots of money in it! You don’t have stash savings, do you?”

 He shot her an icy look in reply . “Wifey, you’re really cute . How can those men be compared with me?”

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 The word ‘wifey’ instantly made her blush in embarrassment . She was still a little unused to this endearment term!


 Things like that required a period of getting used to, no?

 She laughingly retorted, “Why not? Is there any difference?”

 He laughed along . “Of course, there is . ”

 This got her feeling somewhat baffled . “In what way?”

 What was different?

 Just the salary itself was different .

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 Even when those big bosses handed their salary to their wives, they all still held several other sources of income .

 However, for those people whose position as CEO was approved by a board of directors, their salaries were all fixed .

 It was different for him, though .

 As the owner of Disheng Financial Group, a fraction of the amount he had in his accounts was more than enough for the banks to make large profits, and his daily interest could hit as high as eight figures . This was no mere talk; for such a big conglomerate, his company’s cash flow alone was spectacular!

 With such astronomical cash flow, the Mu Group’s bank accounts were constantly growing in compound interest, so it was difficult to calculate the total funds in each .

 Moreover, with his status, how could he only have one bank account?

 He had dozens of accounts under his name, and the funds in them were constantly growing .

 What was ‘salary’ to him? He only knew that he paid salaries to hundreds of thousands of Disheng employees .

 His so-called salary was probably those few bank accounts under his name!

 Bank accounts were merely bank accounts, and assets were assets .

 Unlike those bosses, his bank accounts were not fixed . The term ‘black hole’ would be the perfect description for them as even he did not know how deep and large they were .

 The balance in his accounts was constantly increasing by the day, and the amount in them was inexhaustible to spend in just a lifetime .

 Hence, even though the funds he had given to this woman were probably about seventy percent of his current assets, they could only be considered a fraction of his entire personal assets .

After all, currencies would devalue over time . Given the current inflation rate, the bank interest could not keep up with the depreciation rate of currency at all .

 As such, most of his businesses were invested in real estate and the ilk .