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Published at 12th of July 2020 10:20:05 PM
Chapter 1599: 1599

The younger one said, “Next Monday is mommy’s birthday . I was the only one to celebrate it with her in the past!”

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 After saying that, he remembered his mother’s hectic schedule and grumbled, “She’s gonna spend her birthday in the production set this year, though! Daddy, can’t you find a way out?”

 The man went quiet upon hearing that .

 Night fell .

 Unexpected guests turned up outside Xiangti Walk .

 It turned out that Lin Anguo, upon receiving a tip-off, had brought along his wife and son to appear outside Youyou’s house just so he could beg his father for mercy!

 Lu Jinyu had acted fast, and so was this man . Once he received news in the evening, he could not sit still any longer and brought his family along to apologize personally . If not, his life would be destroyed for good!

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 Mu Yazhe was inside the study .

 The husband and wife waited anxiously outside the gate with frightened eyes . When they saw the boy walking out of the house with his outer coat, they lunged forward as if he were a savior . Standing outside the iron gate with elaborate grills, the man pleaded, “Boy, is your father home? Can I meet him, please? Uncle is begging you now!”

 The judge was no longer his haughty and smug self . Worry and despondency were written all over his face .

 His wife, standing beside him, looked even more distraught . Coupled with red, puffy eyes, which indicated that she had just had a bad cry, her face was bloated and full of misery .

 None of that exquisite makeup earlier that afternoon could be found on her face . Right now, her visage was sullen and crestfallen .

 After the father-son left the school today, the magistrate gave his wife and son a harsh tongue-lashing . Still, that could not cool him down .

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 The middle-aged woman felt wronged and indignant . Being headstrong, she argued with her husband one time; that was the last straw . He glared at her and, in the presence of everyone in the office, sent a slap across her face .

 His family went stiff from fright .

 Having been married for so many years, the couple had gotten along well until then . The man could enjoy his achievements today with the help of her family; hence, despite her many shortcomings, he tolerated and gave in to her .

 This was the first time he had laid his hand on her!

 The woman could not believe what he had done . Feeling extremely grieved and angry, she broke down in front of the others .

 Unlike in the past, he did not have the patience to comfort her then and, in fact, felt ashamed at her spectacle!

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 His patient had long run out . His wife was uncultured and uneducated; on top of that, her low EQ got him into trouble too many a time .

 He had warned her, time and again, that there were people out there more powerful and influential than them . She must learn to be less ostentatious and keep a low profile .

 His position of power was delicate and needed to uphold with precarious care . A misstep would send him spiraling down the road of no return!

 As long as the family kept a low profile, there would not be a problem .

 So many people had suffered at the hands of arrogance .

 Unfortunately, his wife did not understand the gravity of his advice and got him into big trouble today!

 Thus, he could not be bothered to console her when she cried .

 Right now, he was fussing over the trouble he was in .

 His wife’s wailing only made him even more frustrated as he was feeling helpless and lost over his next steps .

 The couple got into a fierce fight because of this .

 Feeling embarrassed, she argued long and hard with him!