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Published at 12th of July 2020 02:25:06 PM
Chapter 1598: 1598

This wily fox had naturally kept a way out for himself while in cahoots with Lin Anguo .

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 The man told his assistant, “Since someone has taken the initiative to send these to you, you should know what to do next!”

 Lu Jinyu sniggered on the other end .

 “Trust that sneaky old fox to drop a bombshell on his man . He’s so despicable we must keep an eye on him! The good news is that I have something on his corruption in my possession, too!”

 Eh-ing in agreement, Mu Yazhe wrapped the matter up swiftly . “Do a good job with this . I have no concern with you around . ”

 “Like what you’ve just said, boss, when have I ever messed up? You just wait for my good news . ”

 With that, the call ended .

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 The man got up and walked to his son .

 His son had a pile of files, which he had just reviewed .

 He randomly picked up one and quickly glanced through it . His brow raised in surprise when his eyes fell on the note scribbled at the end of the document .

 The boy was concentrating on the last document when he looked up to catch the stunned look on his father’s face . Quizzical, he asked, “Daddy, what’s wrong?”


 His father was unable to gather his thoughts for some time .

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 He initially thought that the child was patronizing him when he said that he would review his files for him . Well, the lad actually did it in all seriousness . What was more; he even highlighted those dubious parts in each file, accompanied with notes . Everything was clearly stated for him to read!

 “This organization has some auditing problems!” reported his son pensively .

 Snorting, he replied, “There’s issue with the audits, alright! I knew those sneaky old foxes in the Mu household were trying to cut a bigger pie for themselves right under my eyes; unfortunately for them, they could only do it secretively . Hmph! Are they really so naïve to think I’m unaware of what they’ve done?”

 Stifling a snigger, the boy retorted, “Even a mountain is stacked high upon rock by rock . A small problem can aggravate into serious repercussion in time to come . ”

 “I know what to do . ”

 He could not help pinching his son’s nose bridge as he gazed at him with great contentment . “You have your father’s style, indeed!”

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 “Hmph! Can you not shamelessly sing yourself praise indirectly through me?” His son stuck out his tongue at him mischievously as he leaned into his arms . “Daddy, I miss mommy! I really, really miss her . It seems that I haven’t seen her in ages!”

 He sulkily and mournfully scrunched his face .

 The man’s expression sank a little when he heard that .

 There was no news from the woman even after a few days passed .

 As for the boy, the last time he had spoken to her was sometime around last weekend through a video call .

 His mother was still in her elaborate costume and had yet to remove the exquisite makeup on her face . With the heavy hair set on her head, she looked visibly tired .

 She had taken a short break during filming to make this call . Hiding inside the changing room, she deliberately lowered her volume to a whisper when she talked to him .

 After that call and a few texts, he had lost contact with her .

 Thinking of her, he could only follow the news and trailers from the production’s official Weibo account to keep up to date with his mother’s status .

 Over the last couple of days, his older brother was not as lively as before . Many times, he could be found sitting quietly on the sofa, surfing the website of ‘Lethal Beauty’ .

 The younger one said, “Next Monday is mommy’s birthday . I was the only one to celebrate it with her in the past!”