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Published at 13th of July 2020 10:45:13 PM
Chapter 1600

In his fury, the man bellowed, “Woman, do you know who you have offended today, and do you know that the person whom you have offended can easily crash me with his fingertip?! My future can be destroyed with a word from him!”

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 She was unaffected by what he had said . “What are you afraid of?! There’s still my family around, isn’t there?! Why are you so agitated?”

 Her indignant behavior only appeared ludicrous to him .

 He broke out in desperate laughter, his face contorting hideously in a way that had never happened before . “He he… Do you really think your family is that powerful? What you have is only a few measly millions of assets . The Wangs are just a nouveau riche—an upstart—in his eyes! Do you get it?! What can you use to fight with the Mu family? I said that you’re shallow, but you didn’t believe me then . Now, do you believe me?!”

 “It couldn’t be that serious, could it?!”

 “What do you mean by not that serious?! Do you know how much assets the Mu Group owns? It’s worth hundreds of billions! Can you grasp how much is that?! That family has strong, powerful backings from all sources . As the number-one household in the capital, it’s expected of them to have all-encompassing authority in the country! Do you understand what it means to offend that family?! Their connections can be found in the government, the underworld, the military, and who knows where else?! This is no laughing matter! I think you must still be in a daze not to recognize the trouble we are in now! Really, d*mn you…”

 Fuming mad, he pointed a finger at her and gushed through gritted teeth, “D*mn you! My brilliant life is going down the drain because of you—

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 He paused abruptly and corrected his words in a severe voice . “The Lins and Wangs are being done in by you!”

 He only meant to scare her with his words .

 Alas, it turned out to be the truth .

 He did not expect Mu Yazhe to take action so fast .

 The bombshell came fast and furious . The instant he got wind of the bad news, his mind went blank without warning!

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 His sources told him that the man had evidence of his corruption on hand, and his next step was to submit these to the disciplinary committee!

 He would probably face the end of the world after that!

 Over many years, he had amassed wealth worth a few billions in various money-laundering dealings .

 These few billions would not just get him a prison term, he might even face the death sentence!

 This was enough to shock his heart into palpitation . His wife had to get him his anti-arrhythmic medication before his heart could settle .

 Logically speaking, he was always careful not to leave any evidence of his crimes; hence, he was still doubtful about this piece of intel at first .

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 However, when he made a call to his superior, he was given a vague warning, instead . “He he… Anguo, you’d better pray hard for yourself with this matter at hand!”

 With that, the Affairs head hung up on him . The terrified magistrate made another call, but this time around, he could not get through!

 With his superior putting such a clear stance regarding him, he got despondent . Paralyzed with fear, he fell into a daze and collapsed to the ground for a long while!

 His first thought was to run away!

 He would take his money and run far away; the further, the better!

 Alas, after thinking for a while, he wondered where he could run to .

 Surely, the man had his connections and countermeasures . Even if he wanted to escape, he might not get a chance!

 That ruthless man was out to get him dead!

 He heard about the merciless ways of that man, and now, he had a first-hand experience of it!

 He’s truly callous!

 He gave him no way out!

 The thought of his decades-long career going down the drain sent him into despair .