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Published at 26th of June 2020 10:35:23 PM
Chapter 1544

“That idol is very haughty and unpredictable . He does whatever he pleases . He’s known for having a vicious tongue—even more vicious than the manager . ”

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 “Oh…” She cocked a brow . “That character of his must’ve put him at a disadvantage in this industry!”

 “Disadvantage? That may apply to other people but definitely not him . ”

 “What do you mean?”

 Her assistant explained . “He has a strong backer!”

 “Just how strong?”

 “Anyway, just know that he has a strong backer . I can’t say who that supporter is, though . ”

 After driving the car out of the carpark and paying the parking fee, she added, “The manager is probably afraid of you getting chummy with him and ending up getting banned from this industry, so he wants you to keep your distance from him!”

 “What do you mean?”

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 “That idol’s backer isn’t one to be trifled with! If I must describe her… Have you seen those ancient-time empresses’ lovers?”


 Understanding what her assistant meant, the artist furrowed her brows .

 The former continued . “He is just like an empress’ favored lover . His family background is bad, but with that powerful person backing him, no one dares to offend him! Those actresses, who were once rumored to be in a relationship with him, all got banned from the industry, vanishing without a trace . It’s probably the work of his backer, and that’s why the manager wants you to stay away from him, lest you be his next target . ”

 Yun Shishi: “…”

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 Such a thing existed, huh .

 “Most famous celebs actually have backers . While there are some whom you can easily tell the backers’ identity, there are those whose backers remain a mystery, so you’ll be doing yourself a favor by keeping your distance from them! Logically speaking, the more mysterious the backer is, the bigger their background is! The majority of them are involved in politics . That idol’s backer has always been a mystery, so… our manager definitely has his reasons for advising you so . ”

 No wonder Lin Zhi would always respectfully give that actor a wide berth, despite her being someone who loved riding on others’ coattails .

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 Yun Shishi could not help shuddering at what she heard .

 “Don’t dwell on it! Just act prudently in the production team and you’ll be fine,” reassured her assistant with a smile .

 She nodded .

 By the time Hua Jin left the venue of the press conference, a luxurious convertible sports car was already waiting for him at the carpark .

 He walked over to the car and rapped his knuckles on its window .

 The window gradually wound down to reveal a woman with exquisite makeup .

 “Are there any reporters tailing you?”

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 He shook his head smilingly . “Nope . ”

 “Come in . ”

 The man opened the door and got in the car . Before he could even put on his seatbelt, the woman sidled up to him and pressed herself against him .

 Lightly sucking and licking the corner of his lips, she breathed, “Jin, we haven’t seen each other these past few days; did you miss me?”

 “I did . ”

 “I missed you, too . ”

 The woman held his hand and directed it to her goodness .

 He proactively brought her closer to him and sealed their lips .

 After their passionate kiss, the woman lay gasping on his chest and whispered, “Are you… working tonight?”

 “No . ”

 “Will you stay with me, then?”

 “Are you not going home tonight?”

 “No . I had a spat with my dad . ”

 The woman fumed . “He wants me to make a clean break with you; how can I do that when I never wanna be apart from you in this lifetime . ”

 He, however, merely gave her a silent hug .

 She probed . “My dad said that you don’t like me at all and that you are only after my background . Is that true?”