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Published at 26th of June 2020 10:35:27 PM
Chapter 1543

He wore a white shirt today . Like a flawless piece of jade sculpture, the man was charmingly winsome and had the air of nobility even when he was just standing there .

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 His eyes appeared somewhat unfriendly, though .

 He only smiled at her calculatingly .

 The atmosphere was slightly queer .

 “What’re you doing here?” she asked, smiling awkwardly .

 The man kept his mum, giving her a gaze, which seemed capable of peering into the deepest part of her soul .

 He’s really strange!

 On top of blocking the way out, he’s even staring at me directly . I can’t figure out his intentions .

 He’s quite unfathomable!

 “Erm… I’m in a hurry to leave; please make way for a bit . ” She put forth her request in a friendly and courteous manner .

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 The man, however, remained motionless .

 This man is really rude .

 According to her manager, this colleague of hers, with his complex background and strong backer, was especially hard to get along with . She might not know this person, but Qin Zhou must have his reasons for asking her to keep a distance from him .

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 She, therefore, decided not to waste her breath on him .

 “I’m sorry; I have to leave first . ”

 With that, she tried to circumvent around him .

 As she took a step to the side, the idol leaned to that side as well, completely cutting her path off .

 The actress frowned in consternation and tried a different direction . He pretended to lean on that side of the wall naturally and blocked her route out again .

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 She looked up in astonishment, only to see him smiling at her teasingly . He seemed to be having fun .

 “…” she asked after a beat, “Is there something you need?”

 There was not a reaction from him other than a slight head shake .

 The situation remained in a stalemate for several seconds before she unexpectedly ducked to the small space between him and the wall and speedily shot through like a flying arrow .

 He did not block her this time .

 She looked behind her, only to see him maintaining his earlier pose . Inwardly grumbling about that ridiculous situation then, she turned around and left .

 Only after she was out of sight did the man calmly turn to look in the direction she had gone . A charming smirk appeared on his face as he raised a brow .

 “Well, that was fun . ”

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 Mu Xi waited for her charge in the car by the underground carpark entrance .

 The artist hastily got in the car .

 Sensing that her expression was somewhat off, she sneaked a peek at her and found her fuming in displeasure .

 “What’s wrong?” she nervously asked . “Did someone bully you?”

 “No,” spouted the artist after a pause . “I just met a strange person!”


 “Hua Jin!”

 A strange and indescribable expression fell on the assistant’s face when the artist said that name .

 The former seemed to revere the man with a complicated adoration .

 “Oh, the idol… What has he done to you?”

 “Nothing at all!”

 She could not be bothered to say more . “Forget it . No need to talk about unpleasant events . It’s no biggie, anyway . ”

 “Don’t be angry . He’s not the friendliest person around in the first place,” coaxed her assistant .

 “He’s an unfriendly person?”

 “Yes! He is very strange, too . ”

 “Why do you and Qin Zhou say the same?” She got somewhat curious . “The manager told me to keep my distance from that weird guy, too . ”