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Published at 21st of June 2020 10:20:13 PM
Chapter 1528


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 His brother could no longer hold back his snigger; a mouthful of chicken soup flew out of his mouth and landed on the table .

 Mu Yazhe’s lips twitched hard . Glancing at the fossilized woman with a hurt soul next to him, he commented, “My dear son, I thought you’re used to it . ”

 Youyou snorted . “Well, I’m indeed used to it! Still, that table manner is simply horrible!”

 Only through gritting his teeth did Mu Yichen manage to hold in his laughter . He carefully watched the debate between his brother and his mother .

 Yun Shishi retorted, “Well, I’m hungry! Besides, the food you prepared tastes so good mommy can’t help gobbling it all up…”

 “Is that why you don’t care about your image anymore?” The boy cocked a brow indifferently . “Mommy, how many times must I tell you that you need to be more lady-like and elegant?!”

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 She explained, “I am always elegant outside and have maintained a very graceful image even . ”

 At that, she proudly blinked at her younger son .

 The boy, however, gripped his chest in pain . “You should also consider my feelings! Your table manner is simply horrendous!”

 She almost exploded in anger at his vicious words .

 Why is this child getting more vicious?!

 Just how horrendous is my table manners?!

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 She felt hurt and wronged . “Don’t be so bad . I’ll definitely pay attention to my table manners from now on . ”

 “That’s more like it! Good mommy!” he exclaimed in relief, saying thereafter, “Take your time to eat; else, the food won’t be digested properly . The soup is still hot; if you drink too quickly, you’ll surely scald your tongue!”

 His chicken soup was superb . As there was a layer of oil on the surface, she indeed accidentally scalded her tongue .

 The boy immediately stood up to scoop away that boiling hot layer of oil with a spoon, re-filled a bowl of chicken soup, and presented it to his mother . He then rested his head on his hands, smiling indulgently with his sparkling dark orbs .

 “Try it, mommy!”


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 She carefully blew on the soup before taking a mouthful . Her brows instantly rose in wonder . “It tastes good!”

 He scooped two more bowls of soup for the other males in the dining room .

 His father’s brows rose silently upon sipping the soup; his eyes revealed his marvel and astonishment regarding the taste of it .

 The boy did not bother asking for his opinion .

 He was very confident in his cooking . He had put much effort into boiling this chicken soup and had even tasted a few mouthfuls of it . Even though he did not add any seasoning into it, it was still delicious to taste!

 From his father’s expression, he knew that he was also filled with awe over his soup .

 He then looked at his brother, who was busily drinking his soup . Even though the latter wore a poker face, it was apparent from his gulping of an entire bowl of soup and his smacking of lips thereafter that he was not satisfied with just one serving!

 “When you marry in the future, will you still make chicken soup for me to drink?” his mother suddenly asked in a pitiful voice .

 Thinking of how happy her future daughter-in-law would be, she understood instantly the reason behind the feud between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law!

 Her mood dampened slightly at the thought .

 However, the boy replied matter-of-factly, “Of course, I will! I’ll be in charge of the chicken soup mommy drinks for the rest of her life!”

 She felt touched and, at the same time, tickled pink by his adorable and playful answer .

 “Aw, so cute! Come here and let mommy kiss you!”

 With that, she extended her arms toward her son for a hug and indulgently kissed each of his rosy, little cheeks .