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Published at 21st of June 2020 10:20:11 PM
Chapter 1529

After returning home, she spent the next few days having a good rest at home to catch up on her lost sleep of several days!

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 However, this peace and quiet did not last . Once her manager was back in town, she was again buried under a pile of work .

 After returning from Milan, the agents of every artist started their series of publicity . In particular, Lin Zhi’s team brewed up a storm on her ‘beautiful, grand entry’ at Milan’s Fashion Week and used all kinds of hyperbole to describe her presence at the event!

 Still, no matter how they tried to hype up her presence, the photos revealed by the media were hardly awe-inspiring .

 This was mainly because, shortly after their hyping, Qin Zhou’s team also put up their artist’s photos, and after comparing Yun Shishi’s pictures to hers, her look paled by much in comparison!

 No comparison, no harm done .

 This saying was so appropriate for this occasion .

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 Of course, her team was infuriated, especially the actress herself . When she read the negative comments on her all over the Internet and saw how many praises her competitor was getting, her face turned black in fury over the difference in treatment they were receiving from the public .

 What to do when the public could tell the difference themselves?

 She often touted herself to be above the rest in her period drama look, but when she was placed side by side with the other artist, her aura was totally overpowered by the latter’s!


 That gold manager does have some tricks up his sleeve!

 He sprang into action the moment he touched down at home; it looks like he’s determined to do whatever he needs to push his charge to the top!

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 Oh, well . This is just blowing one’s trumpet, isn’t this?

 His team can only brew up a storm during this short period .

 After the fad on the Fashion Week is over, who will care about her?

 This time around, though, she was in for a rude shock .

 Within a few days, the official Weibo account under Louis Vuitton released a group photo, which rocked the entire entertainment industry .

 The group CEO of that brand for Greater China, Han Donghua, and the brand director, Shi Ande, took a picture with Yun Shishi . In the photo, the three were seated together and facing the camera with smiles on their faces .

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 Accompanying this group photo were only pictograms of a handshake and a heart; no other information was available .

 This group photo apparently caused quite a stir in the fashion industry .

 That group CEO had the highest authority within this region for Louis Vuitton, after all . As someone with such a high status, he chose to keep a low profile and had never taken a photo with any female star in the past .

 As for the brand director, he welded the greatest power in Louis Vuitton from behind the scenes .

 He, too, hardly showed his face in public .

 By posting this group photo, Louis Vuitton inadvertently invited speculations .

 Back then, when this particular brand posted a picture of these two with Gu Xingze, the actor was then subsequently revealed to have signed on a contract with it . In a high-profile move, he became the brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton in Greater China .

 Now, outsiders could not help guessing if Yun Shishi had been picked by that brand to become the next ambassador .

 If this was true, then she would receive the most coveted resources for an actress . At least, no actress had yet to enjoy such resources inside the country!

 Not long after, her agency posted a picture of her having dinner with the group CEO on her Weibo account . In the picture, both were seen sitting together and enjoying a moment of camaraderie with smiles on their faces .

 The speculations on her collaboration with Louis Vuitton only grew wilder and louder .