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Published at 20th of June 2020 11:30:13 PM
Chapter 1525

The man did not know whether to laugh or cry at that .

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 “Flip over and lie on your stomach . ”

 She was baffled, though .

 “Behave and just lie down,” he gently coaxed .

 She remained wary of him as she guarded against him like one would with a wolf . She stared at him, worried that he would pounce on her like the night before .

 He was truly dumbfounded at her wary look!

 “Do you need to be so guarded?”

 “Am I?”

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 Even though she refused to admit it, the wariness in her eyes was apparent .

 He added softly, “You don’t have to be so wary! First, I’m only giving you a massage . Second, if I want you, your defense is useless against me!”

 Since the man had said so, she no longer dared to disobey him, so she obediently flipped on her stomach and lay on the bed .

 He then pulled open the drawer to take a bottle of rose essential oil, which was prepared by the hotel staff beforehand . Smearing his palms with a few drops, he proceeded to massage her aching waist .

 Although his techniques were not considered professional, he still somewhat managed to relieve her sore muscles!

 His broad palm gently kneaded the pressure points at her waist . It was the woman’s first time seeing this side of him—patiently serving someone!

 The highly respected man was actually massaging her now?

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 Others would never believe it .

 She, however, got the lucky chance to be served by him!

 While she was feeling relaxed, she was somewhat pleased, too!

 This man still knows how to be considerate for others at times!

 Her muscle ache finally subsided by a bit half an hour later .

 Her knitted brows gradually eased as she let out a long and lazy sigh .

 She then rolled herself under the fluffy blanket, hugging it as she stretched her waist, sighing . “It feels good…”

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 He lightly smacked her round and smooth ass . “Careful you catch a cold, stupid woman!”

 The doorbell rang just then .

 He got up to open the door . People, from the fashion and lingerie store respectively, holding exquisite packages in their hands, walked in .

 “Hello, sir! Sorry for the disturbance!”

 He tilted his head in the direction of his sofa in a silent indication for them to put the packages there .

 It turned out that he had gotten up early and, after washing up, called for someone to deliver his woman some clothes .

 She had no change of clothes and her only gown had been torn to pieces by him . Given her situation back then, she could hardly care about it, and as such, she still did not know about this ‘bad news’!

 If she were to know that he had ripped that eight-figure dress from him into pieces and dumped it into the trash bin, she would surely cry from anger .

 It was not that he did not cherish that dress . Rather, the man was pursuing his conquest at that time . Plus, he did not want her wearing that gown again .

 It was too seductive and eye-catching!

 Despite it being a conservative gown, the woman appeared especially enchanting and sexy in it . She was his prized treasure; no one was allowed to ogle her goodness!

 When he brought the clothes into the bedroom, she was a little confused at the exquisite packages in his hands . “These are…”

 “New clothes . ” He placed them on the bed . “They’ve been ironed; you can just wear them!”

 She could not help blushing at his consideration for her . She took the clothes into the bathroom with her, changed into them, and walked back out .