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Published at 19th of June 2020 10:20:06 PM
Chapter 1524: 1524


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 His call of her name seemed to melt into her bones .

 With hooded lids, the man’s thin lips moved against her ear as he murmured her name and lovingly caressed her hair . He loved seeing her in such a lazy and intoxicated state very much; she looked like a temptress at this moment .

 It had never crossed his mind that he would ever be so obsessed with a woman .

 He was mad for her as he continued to sink in this relationship uncontrollably .

 He had, all along, prided himself as a man with self-control and who would not be infatuated with those he should not be infatuated in; if he could pick it up, then he would also be able to easily put it down .

 Now, though, he was tethered to his heart .

 While it left him somewhat annoyed, he was also basking in bliss, which was a contradiction .

 Men, too, were fickle-minded at times . They longed for freedom and warmth .

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 The woman snuggled into his arms .

 A decadent musk lingered in the warm room .

 She soon fell asleep while hugging him .

 She was too tired . Sleep consumed the exhausted woman once her lingering pleasure faded .

 He carried her to the bathroom and gave her a good washing . It was only then, under the lights, that he noticed the hickeys and purplish bruises all over her . These were indubitably his work!

 He felt a faint and explicable sense of achievement right then!

 What men wanted was probably nothing more than the desire to conquer their women!

 1By the time the woman woke up, it was already the afternoon of the next day .

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 She heard the sound of a newspaper being flipped when she opened her eyes . It sounded a little out of place in this tranquil hotel room .

 Her head turned and she saw Mu Yazhe calmly sitting by the bedroom’s French window, leisurely flipping through the newspaper .

 She tried to sit up, but that one movement was enough to make her frown and groan in pain .

 She was fine when she did not move, but the moment she did, bone-cracking sounds came from her waist area .

 It left her feeling a little worried whether her bones would shatter or not!

 Her movements alerted the man reading the newspaper by the window .

 He looked over to her as Milan’s afternoon sun dyed his hair in a warm glow from behind .

 “You’re awake . ”

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 His charmingly low voice sounded comfortably at ease .

 She hmm-ed then curled herself under the blanket out of shyness .

 When she pulled the blanket away from herself earlier, she inadvertently noticed the marks all over her body . She was so embarrassed that she lost her courage to get out of bed and, instead, curled back under the blanket like a coward .

 He could not help smiling at her cute reaction . He got on his feet, walked over to the bed, and sat down before reaching out to pull a corner of the blanket away .


 As she shyly looked up at him, she struggled to keep a hold of the blanket .

 The man burst out laughing . “Which part of your body haven’t I seen before?”

 Even so, she still found it… really embarrassing!

 It was really humiliating to have those hickeys all over her body!

 How she wished she could just cry herself to death .

 While the man tugged at the blanket, she clutched on it with her dear life . Her face instantly scrunched up in pain when she accidentally pulled onto the muscles at her waist .

 They were sore and aching!

 Her peculiar expression made the man frowning concernedly . “What’s wrong?”

 She shook her head .

 “What is wrong exactly?”

 She abashedly replied, “My waist… is a little sore!”