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Chapter 2244 - Evil

Divine Dream's speculations weren't wrong; the abyssals were indeed gathering their strength. And, their next attack completely surpassed the expectations of the 33 Heavens martial artists.

After a quiet three days, it was the 18th day of the abyssal invasion.

Winds began to suddenly surge. 10,000 miles high in the sky, the vault of the heavens was torn open and a space channel appeared from nowhere.

"Space channel!"

Seeing this, the martial artists of the 33 Heavens all felt their hearts tighten. The Demon God's Tomb Master's attack and the abyssal invasion had all been done through space channels.

If this space channel suddenly appeared then it was likely the work of the Dark Abyss. In other words, it was absolutely bad news.

"Are those reinforcements from the Dark Abyss!?"

"The current demon army has already forced us to the edge of the cliff. If more reinforcements come then we're doomed!"

A blood-drenched martial artist of the 33 Heavens said. No one doubted that if more reinforcements came rushing out from that space channel, then they wouldn't even be able to last until the 20th day.


A heaven-shaking roar blasted out from the space channel.

This was different from what the martial artists of the 33 Heavens suspected. What passed through the space channel were not reinforcements of the abyssal army, but a massive demon head.

This demon looked like a skull that was soaked in blood. Its entire body was bathed in deep purple flames and it was over a thousand miles tall. As it floated in the skies, it was like a hideous purple-red star.

When this demon appeared, the martial artists of the 33 Heavens suddenly felt a tremendous pressure push down upon them. It was like the world itself were falling down upon them, and even the Heaven and Man Array was aroused because of this pressure.

"What is that thing!?"

"I have no idea!"

Seeing this abyssal appear, the martial artists of the 33 Heavens were left in a frenzied panic. This monster was only a head - could it be an abyssal?

No matter what this thing was, what was true was that this demon head was their great enemy!

"It…" Ink and Clear looked at the demon head in the skies, their complexions turning ugly.

"Do two seniors know what that is?" Divine Dream's heart raced as she saw Ink and Clear's complexions. It was clear from their reactions that this demon head was incredibly formidable.

"If I'm not wrong then that giant demon head is… one of the six great totem abyssals - Evil!" Ink and Clear were subordinates of Asura and knew what the scene of the great war from 10 billion years past had been like.

These words shocked everyone. "Evil? How is that possible?"

The 33 Heavens martial artists now knew that Deep, Flood, and the Soul Emperor were all avatars of the Demon God's Tomb Master. And in order to complete his seclusion, the Demon God's Tomb Master had already fused together his three avatars.

As for the other totem level abyssals like Evil, Eon, Nether, and so forth, they had already died. 10 billion years ago they had been struck down by the Asura Road Master and Immortal Sovereign.

"Evil indeed died, but a totem level abyssal can be reborn. An abyssal can accept the abyssal ritual within the Demon God's Tomb to create a new totem level abyssal…"

Ink and Clear's words caused despair to surge in the hearts of all those present. A totem level abyssal was an existence only inferior to a Beyond Divinity powerhouse!

This abyssal demon army had already pushed them to the limits of what they could withstand. If this Evil that was stronger than all of them was added on, then the result could be imagined.

They feared the Heaven and Man Array might instantly explode!

"Lin Ming…"

Divine Dream bit her lips and gazed towards the direction where Lin Ming was in seclusion. She sighed and muttered to herself, "You have protected us so many times, and yet we cannot even manage to protect you once?"

"Don't panic! This is indeed 'Evil', but its strength might not be as high as you imagine. The six totem level abyssals are born after passing through the test of the abyssal ritual, but in truth that is the strength of the Demon God's Tomb Master. The Demon God's Tomb Master divides a portion of his strength to seal into the bodies of these totem level abyssals."

"But now, the Demon God's Tomb Master is in seclusion and needs to condense as much strength as he can. It is unlikely that he was able to form the complete 'Evil'… moreover, the 'Evil' before us has only grown in the last 10,000 some years. Its true strength should be far from being able to compare with a true totem level abyssal."

As Ink and Clear were speaking, Evil was already launching its attack!

Evil roared, its massive jaws opening and shooting out a beam of red divine light. This divine light fused together with the total strength of the Dark Abyss's demon army and came crashing down onto the Heaven and Man Array!


The Heaven and Man Array fiercely trembled. The thick barrier of the array actually had a hole blown open in it!

Waves of energy raged outwards. Dozens of 33 Heavens martial artists were swept into these waves and instantly disintegrated. This divine beam of light would soon tear open the great array formation propped up by the martial artists of the 33 Heavens! In this crucial moment, all seven of the several strongest martial artists of the 33 Heavens - Divine Dream, Mo Eversnow, Ink, Clear, Lin Huang, Xiao Moxian, and Divine Mist who had seized the body of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, attacked together.

Divine Dream led the counterattack and bore the brunt of the strike. She overdrew the strength of her divine soul to cut out with her sword!

However, the strength that the abyssals had been gathering for so long was incredibly potent. Divine Dream's chest was crushed inwards by the impact force. Her arms broke and she was sent tumbling backwards, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Mo Eversnow, Lin Huang, Xiao Moxian, Divine Mist, and the others could all feel an evil strength break into their bodies. This strength began to rapidly eat away at the vitality within their bodies as a deathly energy broke into their inner worlds. This icy cold sensation felt as if they were on the verge of death.

"Senior Divine Dream!"

"Fairy Maiden Ji!"

Several people cried out in alarm. But at this time, who could worry about such things? Divine Dream held onto her chest and hurriedly said, "Repair the array formation! Fix it, no matter the cost!"

A hole had been torn in the Heaven and Man Array. And at this time, abyssals had already broken in through the gap!

"Kill them!"

The 33 Heavens martial artists were enraged. They recklessly rushed towards the abyssals. The seven or eight abyssal demons in the front were directly cut down by various Law lights without even their bones left remaining!

Divine Dream ignored her injuries to forcefully summon up her spirit essence. She opened the divine dream space and used this force field to cover the opening in the Heaven and Man Array.

For a time, a massive number of abyssals were blocked out by the divine dream force field. As for those abyssals who had already flown into the Heaven and Man Array, they fell into stupors like flies that had lost their heads. They were caught in the illusions of the divine dream force field, unable to distinguish reality from illusion.

With an overwhelming difference in numbers within the barrier, the abyssals that rushed into the gap were quickly cut down and the Heaven and Man Array was also slowly being restored. But at this time, no one could cheer over this.

Divine Dream's complexion was pale white without even a hint of blood. She had been wounded again and in any case it would be impossible for her to recover by the time the abyssals attacked next.

Even Xiao Moxian, Lin Huang, and the others were also left in poor conditions. Next time, just what would they use to block the attack of the abyssals?

Had their end finally arrived?

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