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When they had finished watching the movie and returned to Bluegreen-Clad's house, it was already six thirty in the evening. When Bluegreen-Clad said that he wanted to make dinner, Zheng Xiaoguang immediately rejected it bitingly. "As the old saying goes, 'a gentleman should stay away from the kitchen', let me make you dinner instead."

Tomato fried eggs, Pleurotus eryngii fried with green pepper, ribs with sugar and vinegar, and a fish-head tofu soup—the job is done. Her culinary skills were average, and could only make some everyday home dishes. If it were in the past, she would not have shown off her average skills and embarrassed herself. However, after trying Bluegreen-Clad's culinary skills, she felt that it would be safer if she herself had made the dishes.

Even though these few dishes could not compare to that of a great chef's, at least they were edible.

Zheng Xiaoguang poured some dog food for Xunxun, and called Bluegreen-Clad over to start the dinner. This dinner had indeed gotten Bluegreen-Clad's approval. If this approval had come from someone else, she might have felt that he or she had simply been courteous. However, coming from Bluegreen-Clad, the praise sounds convincing.

Another an hour has passed as the two finished their meal. Xunxun, who had finished its food leaned against Zheng Xiaoguang, slumping lazily on the floor. Bluegreen-Clad was washing dishes in the kitchen, letting her play games for a while.

Zheng Xiaoguang hugged her diary and logged into the game, seeing the message that Han Meimei had left her.

[Public Chat] Han Meimei: Smelly Flowing Light, where have you and Bluegreen-Clad run to? Why are you not online?

[Public Chat] Flowing Light: I'm coming~~

Hence, at the moment when she was returning the message, Han Meimei had replied to her.

[Private Chat] Han Meimei: Why are you coming online so late tonight?

Zheng Xiaoguang did not wish to tell anyone about how she had gone to A city to find Bluegreen-Clad and hence she simply said that she had gone shopping and movie-watching with a friend.

Thankfully Han Meimei did not press on further; she started to talk about the latest gossip of the day excitedly.

Today was the first day of Shiny Sky's "reality show" but Venus, who got first place, did not go. Everyone was guessing if she was held up by matters but who would have known that she was actually playing games the whole day with Son of Heaven.

Everyone in the last battle for relatives knew that the Son of Heaven had gone to suppress the swarm of monsters, eventually winning the crown, which was why he and Venus were now publicly recognized as a pair.

Son of Heaven used to not see Saori eye to eye and despised Flowing Light who trailed behind Bluegreen-Clad always. However, when it was his turn to find a wife, he did not have any superior tactics. No matter Venus wanted to level up or to put up her defenses, he would be completely there, turning into an outstanding "slave to the wife", being a team with Venus.

Moreover, both of them were so busy playing games today that Venus could not even turn up for the reality show.

Saori from the Sacred Temple did not like Venus from the very start. Seeing this was a good chance, she dragged her feet purposely, jibing in the Public Chat that Venus had used someone else's photo or that she had photoshopped it too much; which was why she did not dare turn up for the competition.

As long as Venus did not appear, Saori would keep attacking her with accusations of being a "Fraud and an Ugly Monster".

Later, Son of Heaven could not take this lying down and went directly to the wilderness to kill Saori.

Saori was the loser of the PK and even if Son of Heaven had given way, she was no match for Son of Heaven. Hence, basically, she was killed without even a chance of retaliation.

However, her husband was the gang boss of Sacred Temple. Seeing his wife getting killed by another man, how could a man be a coward? Sacred TempleメCloud Top immediately brought his men to block Son of Heaven, killing Son of Heaven and Venus Will Cry in the wilderness. The men the League of Strong Families, seeing their elder from their clan getting killed by the Sacred Temple quickly went over to render aid.

Hence, this day, the two clans fought for half a day and revenge became a large brawl.

Until the afternoon, Venus went back again to the official website's forum and wrote a paper slip, also explaining publicly in the Watery South region's Public Chat channel, saying how it was her friend who had signed up for her in the competition; she had not wanted to join. She had already gained the ire of someone the last time and so this time, she would definitely not want to join the "reality show". She did not think that she would have attracted so much trouble, and did not know what would please the other person.

Even though no names were called, everyone knew that Venus was referring to Saori.

Hence, Venus' hardcore fans could not take it any longer, knowing that their goddess was so kind-hearted and even gotten waylaid by Saori, but had actually earned humiliation from the other party. Hence, they all ran to the Public Chat's channel, scolding Saori for being jealous that Venus was prettier. Angrily, Saori logged off.

Here, Han Meimei said that Saori was truly pitiful, having to eat humble-pie everytime she met Venus.

Zheng Xiaoguang also hurriedly agreed, saying how Saori the beauty was truly pitiful, having to lose to Venus everytime. They sighed inwardly out of convenience, any hard man who met a woman who caused him to get weak in the knees now or later. Son of Heaven must have really fallen for Venus.

"What are you laughing at?" Bluegreen-Clad had finished washing the dishes and walked over to see Zheng Xiaoguang laughing foolishly at the computer screen.

Zheng Xiaoguang raised her head to look at him. "Nothing much, do you want to play computer games?"

Bluegreen-Clad smiled, saying. "If you want to play, I will accompany you for a while."

Zheng Xiaoguang of course wished that Bluegreen-Clad would accompany her and hence the couple went together to NPC to receive their instance tasks. Coincidentally, they bumped into Han Meimei and she asked them both to enter the team for the tasks.

After entering the team, Zheng Xiaoguang realised that everyone was present, including Venus Will Cry. Only Li Lei was not present.

[Public Chat] Flowing Light: Why is she here too?

No matter if Venus was now the fiance of Son of Heaven, as long as she and Venus were still in the same team to do the instant tasks, Zheng Xiaoguang felt uneasy.

[Public Chat] Han Meimei: [speechless] You must know that Son of Heaven used to be in the same team as us. Today both you and Bluegreen-Clad are not around; he and Venus roped me and Li Lei into up-rank. Just now, he went offline as he had something on, saying how he would come tomorrow. But Venus would not want to go, and I thought it would not be nice to kick her out of the team so I could only bring her along to up-rank.

Son of Heaven was originally in a fixed team and had not been together with Han Meimei for a while. It was natural that he wanted to be coming back now.

Shiny Sky's team could only form a group of five. The two couples (Bluegreen-Clad and Flowing Light, Han Meimei and Li Lei) and Son of Heaven were just right to form a five-people group; of course, bringing Venus along would be a little difficult too, so Son of Heaven usually did not bring Venus and the two couples to form a team.

However, today, Bluegreen-Clad and Flowing Light happened to not be around. Hence, Son of Heaven pulled Han Meimei and Li Lei along, forming a team of four to start a mission. No matter how Han Meimei disliked Venus, on account of the Son of Heaven, she would not dare to put a strain on their relationship.

Actually, even though she had not gotten used to seeing Venus rely on Bluegreen-Clad, it was because Bluegreen-Clad himself had never expressed his feelings for Venus. If Venus had suddenly come to terms with everything, and was able to form a good relationship with Son of Heaven, it was not a bad deal as well.

However, being women, Han Meimei also understood the uneasiness in Zheng Xiaoguang's heart. With the matter of that poster, who would have no worries? But if Son of Heaven had really wanted to marry Venus, surely everyone could't go on like that.

Perhaps this time, going together in a team can assuage everyone's anxieties? Sigh, hopefully, Venus was really interested in Son of Heaven and would forget Bluegreen-Clad.

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