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The full scale war between Holy Light Religion and Dragon City Guards finally broke out.

Thousands of priests had incited the sword of holy war, declaring the beginning of the war. Faceless One who hid within the sword of holy war and sneak-attacked Bedivere confirmed his commitment to always be at the front of the battle. When the supreme leaders of both sides were fighting in mid-air, the massive battle finally began.

The army of Holy Light Religion surrounded the barrack area from all directions. Thousands of priests, holy knights who obeyed Holy Light, as well as inquisitors, followed the steps of Faceless One to flock into the barrack.

Dragon City Guards were unprepared. Losing the upper hand, they were suddenly being squeezed in the barrack area. However, the barrack area has been run by Dragon City Guards for hundreds of years, so each fortress, each brick contained the crystallization of Dragon City Guards power. As long as they relied on these barriers and focused on defense, even if Holy Light Religion made a preemptive strike, it was still difficult for them to achieve a substantial result.

Aside from the destroyed-by-the-sword-of-holy-war fortress, Dragon City Guards firmly controlled the rest of the fortress, which meant there was an impregnable line of defense that kept the mighty holy light army on the outside.

In terms of strength, Holy Light Religion was several times stronger than Dragon City Guards. However, Dragon City Guards were, after all, professional soldiers. Therefore, using terrain advantage, they definitely could hold forces ten times as many as them.

"Brats, raised your spirit! Pay attention to Bright Archon formation, as long as we kill them, they will be completely in disarray. These bunch of priests and knights have yet to see blood, they don’t even deserve to wipe our shoes. We are the glorious Dragon City Guards, it’s impossible for us to lose to these amateurs!"

In the fortress on the periphery of Dragon City, the senior guard Marcus loudly roared while using the chain in his hand to kill the approaching enemy.

His fortress was located at the forefront of the battlefield. Initially, it was mutually reinforced with the other forts, forming an indestructible barrier. However, because the sword of the holy war had directly destroyed the most important one, now it seemed helpless. Soon, it would be surrounded by the Holy Light Religion force and fall into desperate situation.

The bottom of the fortress has already fallen into the enemy, and the remnants of the Dragon City Guards had been forced to the upper levels. The senior guard Marcus personally stayed at the front, trying to buy time for the support to come.

Nevertheless, anybody could see that it was highly unlikely that the support would come… Therefore, they might as well bury several holy light dogs with them before they died.

Amidst the hissing and roaring, suddenly, several of the guards screamed; another line of defense on the top level was tottering. The Bright Archon of Holy Light who thought that Marcus’ line of defense was impregnable, immediately commanded three relatively obedient senior priests to strike from the flank, which immediately caused serious casualties.

Marcus spat out blood and suffered a ‘countershock’ spell. He took a step forward and cut that Bright Archon into two, and immediately made a fierce backhanded strike against the several priests, breaking their muscles and fracturing their bones. After that, he quickly turned back, still holding the frontline.

He carried the golden head of the Bright Archon and shouted out to boost the other people’s morale, "See? These golden bastards are indeed fierce, but children of holy light are just rabbles. They don’t have the courage and uprightness, nor the will to fight exist in their bones! They have never faced a fight, and they are basically good for nothing! They couldn’t even protect their commanders. So as long as you guys risk your life and slay these Archons, victory will be on our side!"

However, his men feebly responded, "We know, sir, you don’t need to repeat the same words like you’re trying to sell us something!"

"Damn it!"

Marcus felt both happiness and comfort. Although Dragon City Guards were caught unprepared, their quality was obviously significantly above the opponent. Even if the opponent has Bright Archon, they could not make brick without the straw—if their priests didn’t have the fighting spirit, how could they break the defense of Dragon City Guards? They could let go the bottom level of the fort, but the top level of the fortress, as their last line of defense, they would not yield even for an inch. There was no way these incompetent fanatics could break their last defense.

As long as they could enjoy the joy and sorrow together, they could completely disintegrate any of the opponent’s offensive. As for their human wave tactics? Bring it on, throw in as many people as you can, the more this fortress occupied their attacks, the less pressure the rest of the place would have. Marcus has already prepared to defend until his dying breath, without any complaint nor regret.

"Everyone, keep it up! If we win this, I will bring you guys to find and enjoy the girls of the Blue Ocean Dream, my treat!"

"Hahaha, you have to keep your words, sir. If I am not dead, I want to play five times!"

"Bah, greedy one aren’t you, you don’t even satisfy with one, how about for the others?

Markus laughed. However, while laughing, a blood-stained sword came through his chest. His most trusted deputy, with all his strength, has stabbed Marcus with all his might from behind.

The sword was attached with a hysterical grudge, which stirred Marcus’ internal organs and instantly shredded his vitality.

Marcus could never imagine such a turn of event. He opened his mouth to ask why, but he could only spurt out blood, along with fragments of his internal organs.

At the same time, the initially stunned Dragon City Guards, in the twinkling of an eye, immediately tore the traitor from limb to limb. However, everyone was looking at him with incomprehensible eyes, why? They thought. Aren’t you Marcus’ most trusted man?

"Sorry, my family… is outside the barrack area!"

At the same time, similar scene continued to occur elsewhere. The line of defense that has just been stabilized by the Dragon City Guards, because of the betrayal, continued to be torn apart.

This was almost a fatal blow. Dragon City Guard’s line of defense worked like a high-precision operated machine. Any of the parts was difficult to replace, and once a frequent error appeared, it might completely collapse. The Dragon City Guards were not without considering undercover agents sent by the church. And after decades of working together, they naturally knew by heart who was trustworthy and who was suspicious. Therefore, right at the start of the battle, they have already guarded themselves against those they deemed suspicious. However, this time, those who betrayed them were often the most trusted one among them.

Actually, this result was unavoidable. Dragon City Guard was not an organization that upheld abstinence. Most of the guards have their own families. Some of them chose to live in the barrack area, but more were willing to live in the residential area, which was a more convenient place.

Therefore, when the Holy Light Religion launched their surprise attack, surrounding the barrack from all sides, it was tantamount to holding control of the family of the Dragon City Guards, becoming their most powerful trump card.

"Oh, I can’t believe the effect of this card is actually better than what I initially expected. Didn’t you make any preparation?"

In the sky, Faceless One, who engaged Bedivere in a fierce close combat fight, curiously asked, "Although it’s a surprise attack, you’re really defenseless." After a pause, Faceless One chuckled. "I thought you were at least as smart as me."

Initially, he had somewhat deliberately let Marina and the others be rescued. Because Marina and the others would inevitably reveal his existence, which caused Bedivere to be vigilant and would lead to a hasty war preparation.

However, once the news of the impending war spread out, could Dragon City Guards really prepare in such a short amount of time? When the majority of their families were still outside the barrack area, when everyone has already accustomed to the relatively comfortable life in Dragon City, could they adjust their mentality in such a short amount of time to that of a war?

If he gave Bedivere more than ten days, perhaps through his prestige and means, he could change the mentality of Dragon City Guards—but, if it was just a day, or even half a day’s time, could he do it?

Dragon City Guards greatest weapon was their unity and training. Once they lost their morale, they have no ability to compete with the force of Holy Light Religion. Faceless One left a saboteur, but Bedivere wasn’t fooled.

He would rather have his force be caught off guard. Facing with this sudden war, all people have no choice but instinctively resist, struggling for survival. This, in turn, would create an astonishing cohesiveness instead.

According to Faceless One’s speculation, in the best case scenario, Dragon City Guards shouldn’t have been able to withstand the first round of attack. However, now the performance has actually far exceeded his expectation.

"Although you’re a bastard, you are a worthy opponent, how about surrender into the arms of Holy Light? I can give you amnesty." Faceless One lightly threw the bait.

Bedivere’s response was in the form of an overwhelming sword strike. The sword light went pass Faceless One, crossed the Dragon City, and cut a corner of the distant snow-capped mountain. The snow immediately collapsed.

"That’s a really powerful anger; almost turned into substance even. It’s really boring to fight a foolish brute like you." The Faceless One dodged the incoming sword strike from Bedivere while simultaneously casting a space distortion spell. He had to avoid being trapped by the opponent, while simultaneously trapping the opponent himself.

Then his attention gradually changed to the other side.

"Tsk, that Nine Regions bastard is unexpectedly so tenacious. How could he be so hard? He’s just a middle-order profession!"

"Hahaha, come on, hit me! If you don’t kill me, you can’t escape from my original magical ability, much less holding Bedivere’s wife and child hostage. Speaking of which, as the evil manipulator behind the scene, you ought to appear onstage and show your dominance. As a villain, you’re really not a professional!"

Inside the broken sword world, Wang Lu was standing in front of Faceless One while propping up his three feet sword defense. Currently, standing outside that three feet sword defense, Faceless One very confusedly observed his opponent.

Obviously, his opponent was just a middle order small fry, but how come his defensive ability was so formidable?

"Although my strength is only a tenth of that my real body, I still have enough strength to crush an entry-level high order profession. And just now, I just tried more than thirty methods, yet I can’t break his sword defense."

"… Even if it’s those legendary supreme bloodlines, I’m afraid they wouldn’t be this powerful. What exactly is the secret of this eastern heretic?"

"But never mind, I can slowly interrogate him after the war is over. Now, I shouldn’t put my focus on him."

"Humph, just continue to play turtle here, I don’t have time to play with you."

With that, Faceless One’s aura immediately doubled; he had withdrawn another ten percent of strength from his real body. However, this time, he didn’t use it to strike against Wang Lu’s sword defense, but rather towards Wang Lu’s original magical ability.

"Holy Light Religion’s will could not be restrained, it’s free and unfettered!"

The powerful spirit form power of Holy Light erupted out. Immediately, a huge hole was suddenly ripped open on this broken sword world.

"Yes, your three feet sword defense is indeed powerful, but the boundary of this world is not. Go practice again in your next life."

Faceless One’s figure became more erratic and transparent, obviously, the broken sword world found it increasingly difficult to restrict him. After Faceless One got out, Wang Lu might be able to defend himself, but he might not necessarily be able to protect Marina and Irene.

"Want to leave? Find, go on then. But, as soon as you leave, I will immediately cast a death curse towards Marina and Irene. If you dare, then go, bring Marina and Irene’s corpses to Bedivere."

Faceless One was about to leave, but he immediately turned around. "What did you say?"

"I have planted a curse inside Marina and Irene. If you leave, I’ll activate the curse and kill them."

Faceless One was startled. "You’re really not on Bedivere’s side. But, if you kill his wife and child, aren’t you afraid his wrath?"

Wang Lu laughed. "Since I’m not on his side, do you think I’m afraid?"

Killing Marina and Irene was certainly an unwise plan, but it was better than nothing.

Faceless One carefully looked at Wang Lu, and then firmly made a decision. "I indeed haven’t thought about a variable like you. Fine, you can have them, I don’t want them anymore."

With that, Faceless One’s figure flickered and then disappeared.

He didn’t leave, but instead completely vanished, reabsorbed back to his real body. At the same time, from the sky came a painful roar of Bedivere.

Having gained his full strength, Faceless One immediately tried as fast as he could to suppress Bedivere… As long as he could kill Bedivere, the victory would naturally land in his hand. Would there be a need for him to entangle with an unknown variable? Marina and Irene were good chess pieces, but they were just that, chess pieces. If he didn’t want them, what could the do?

Wang Lu withdrew his original magical ability, looked at the worsening situation in the sky, shook his head and then said with a smile, "Variable? Of all the variables today, I am the most not worth mentioning."

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