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Dragon City in the morning was busy and orderly. Large and small shops in the business district have just ended their night’s revelry. After a short break, they would soon start their new day’s journey. People in the residential areas have opened their sleepy eyes, got up and washed, and started their busy day. In addition, in the streets and lanes, the workers who were responsible for the maintenance of the city’s normal operation have begun to work hard.

As always, a bustling and simple day was about to begin.

However, when everyone was still pulling themselves together, before their drowsiness disappeared, the sky suddenly shone, and a dazzling golden light fell from the sky and went straight to the ground.

Suddenly, the entire Dragon City fell into the sea of light. The boundless light devoured all things, and everyone was punctured by the glare that they couldn’t open their eyes as if they were exposed to the stove. Any amount of drowsiness was instantly swept away.

After nobody knows how much time has passed, the light gradually dissipated and people began to open their stinging-with-light, tear-filled eyes. In their hazy vision, they vaguely seemed to see as if there was a golden white sword that was thrust down from the sky, connecting the sky and the earth.

While all of them were stunned, some well-informed people recognized the sword. Slowly, they opened their mouth and spat out the words.

"Divine Cut!"

This golden white sword was a symbol of holy war, which was summoned by the prayer of more than ten high ranking priests and more than a hundred middle ranking priests, so that the Holy Light would rain down punishment. This sword was enough to instantly burst a city. The power of that sword light, however, was not spread out. Instead, it was highly compressed in a small area—the fort inside the barrack area of Dragon City.

The Holy Light Religion’s sword of holy war was aimed at Dragon City barrack area. The meaning of this was obvious to anyone. The war that everyone predicted would happen had finally begun.

In front of the Cathedral, thousands of priests formed a huge formation, together singing the hymn of Holy Light. This stimulated the force of the Holy Light to be highly coordinated, forming a united force and initiating the earth-shattering divine method.

An hour ago, they were still preparing for the once in ten days assembly. But an hour later, a war that would change the strategic situation in Brettonia was started by them. It was just one hour, but it was as if it were a lifetime ago.

Not every one of them loves war, just like most of them didn’t believe in the betrayal of Archbishop and Holy Woman. However, they were forced by the situation, so it didn’t matter what they believed in.

The new Chief Inquisitor had shown his dominance by head-blowing more than one hundreds of them. Currently, within the city-parish, there were not too many secrets. Decades of peace have made them very used to it, so much that many of them were already secretly aware which one of them colluded with Dragon City. Therefore, people were amazed that the new Chief Inquisitor has accurately targeted every single mole.

This was very frightening for them. It was as if the new Chief Inquisitor was an insider himself!

In addition to that bloody repression, the new Chief Inquisitor has actually pulled out some morally inspiring cards.

"In this holy war, there will be endless benefits for you. Outstanding military service will be celebrated; I will personally lead you to enter the Holy Land! If there are casualties, the compensation would be tripled! At the same time, in this battle, I will always be at the front!"

Having been shown this kindness and prestige, there really was no reason for them not to fight. Let alone… if they could take this opportunity to root out the Dragon City Guards, making the Holy Light Religion the single most powerful force in the city, it was by no means a bad thing. Although Dragon City has plentiful resources, it was by no means unlimited. Therefore, dividing these resources into two was always inferior to a monopoly.

In a trance, the priests gradually began to accept the reality. If the war was inevitable, then… war it is.


The sword of holy war that fell from the sky had destroyed the core of the fort of Dragon City Guards and most of its periphery. Hundreds of soldiers that were stationed within the fort have silently turned into ashes.

Luckily, the Dragon City Guards have a strict schedule. When the sword of the holy war struck down, it was the morning exercise time for the fortress guards. As such, most of the Dragon City Guards, particularly the several high-level guards, have come out from the fort. Otherwise, the casualties would’ve been several times large. However, in spite of that, facing this attack that came down from the sky, some of the Dragon City Guards were still in a trance.

What is happening here? Is Holy Light Religion going to wage war against Dragon City Guards? What should I do then?

Decades of peaceful coexistence with the Holy Light have made them put their sense of crisis to the back of their head. Thus, when the war suddenly broke out, it completely caught Dragon City Guards unprepared. Despite their strict soldier training, which made them properly react to the sounding of alarm by assembling the team and preparing for the battle… but most of the Dragon City Guards were still in a daze.

Is this real? Why? How?

Meanwhile, in a secluded castle in the barrack area, Bedivere slowly rose from his seat in his study room. Through the glass window, he saw the chaos on the outside in panoramic view. The sword of holy war that ran from the sky to the ground was particularly eye-catching.

"Hmph, finally."

If there was anyone in Dragon City who was not surprised by this sudden war, it was certainly Bedivere. Or rather, he has actually been waiting for this scene for a long time. Towards this, he has done an extremely long preparation.

The sword of holy war was, in fact, aimed at him, which was powerful enough to put him down and even kill him if he was defenseless. However, in the barracks area, there were dragon-vein spells, which, when confronted with a sneak attack, could force summon a fortress to be used as a stand-in for the City Master to withstand a blow. Thus, this preemptive strike from Holy Light Religion lost its accuracy.

However, the sword of holy war didn’t disappear after that blow. The chorus of thousands of priests provided an inexhaustible supply of energy to maintain its form. In the eyes of countless horrified people, the sword slowly and powerfully rose from the ground into mid-air, and then the tip of the sword slightly tilted in an angle and began to gather energy for the next strike.

In the barracks area, some Dragon City Guards began to spontaneously fight back: arrows that were powerful enough to pass through city walls, flaming red melting ball of stones, vicious curses through blood… Dragon City Guards from all over the country each used their special magical ability to try to break the holy war sword in the sky. Because everyone knew that the next time that sword landed, it would cause several times, or even dozens of times the casualties!

However, a clueless revolt was doomed to be futile. The sword, which symbolized the will of the Holy Light, was like an inverted mountain, firm and unwavering under the barrage of intense blows. Its existence ranked completely beyond the Dragon City Guards, who at this time were more like a mob. Even if the resistance from Dragon City Guards were ten times denser, it would still mean nothing.

However, just at this time, Bedivere finally made his move.

He stepped out of the castle and flew to the sky as a huge dragon. His thundering roar echoed throughout Dragon City.

"Dragon City Guards, the war has begun!"

Immediately upon hearing that declaration, the hearts of the thousands Dragon City Guards were like being pricked by thousands of needles. The confusion and fear immediately vanished, replaced by a firm fighting intent.

This change in morale happened in a flash, because they were no longer leaderless—the leader of Dragon City Guards has bravely stepped forward.

Bedivere’s Dragon incarnation flew straight to the sky. The huge dragon body and the inverted holy war sword didn’t go head to head, but the dragon’s flexibility and strength were undoubtedly far better. Noticing that Bedivere has gone airborne, the tip of the sword seemed to turn, but just as it changed its angle, the huge dragon went around the sword and struck it on its flat side. This highly condensed holy light instantly disintegrated. In one hit, the sword that caused the Dragon City Guards to be helpless was actually broken!

The only way to deal with a high-level opponent was to give it the same high-level match. The power of Bedivere’s all out strike nearly reached that of the legendary level.

However, before Dragon City Guards even had the time to cheer, another turn of event suddenly appeared. From that shattered sword, a white figure suddenly appeared. In front of the huge dragon, that figure seemed like a small grain of sand. However, his hands were holding a long spear, which he stabbed into Bedivere. The solid scales that were penetrated by the spear immediately melted and cracked.

The wound caused by that long spear was like a needle in a huge dragon. However, Bedivere actually issued a painful, angry roar. His dragon body rapidly disintegrated, and in the blink of an eye, he changed back into his human form. He was now floating opposite of that person who sneak-attacked him.

Bedivere was in his military uniform, the armor of the Knights of the Round Table. Opposite of him was a white-robed tall and thin man with a blank face.

"Oh, the Dragonlance that was built for you really worked." Faceless One lightly smiled and then casually threw away that lance. The function of the lance was to cut off the Dragon Blood power in Bedivere’s body, rendering him incapable of using his dragon form. Now that the goal has been achieved, the lance was meaningless.

"But, I thought that it would at least take away half of your life. You’re actually tenacious and even far stronger than what is in the data."

Bedivere frowned and felt the dragon blood power in his body continuing to wane. However, what he thought was actually another matter entirely. "Where are Marina and Irene?"

Upon hearing this, Faceless One was immediately startled. In his view, Bedivere should be the one who saved those two people. What actually happened here? Did someone else save those two?

However, the advantage of Faceless One was that no one could read his mind through his expression. Therefore, after pressuring the doubt in his heart, Faceless One laughed. "You mean those two treasonous bitches? I already ate them! Especially your daughter, it’s really fresh and tender. I chopped her and turned her into one hundred strings of skewered meat. I ate her all night, but still can’t get enough of her, hahaha!"

"Court death!"

Bedivere’s eyes were blood red as he rushed straight at Faceless One. The strength of the Dragon Blood was suppressed to the limit, but the strength of the Knights of the Round Table was pushed to an all-time high. He waved his inscription filled sword, which set off destructive tornadoes and storms.

Faceless One continued to flash, deftly dodging every strike. However, his counterattack also came back with nothing after bouncing back from Bedivere’s heavy knight’s armor.

"Oh, your prowess is actually beyond my expectation, even in your fury, you still don’t show any flaw. You are indeed worthy to be one of the Knights of the Round Table." Faceless One was not hurried at all. "However, as long as you still have weaknesses of being a human, you’re still not that great."

While talking, Faceless One pulled out two daggers and engaged a close combat fight with Bedivere. Although he couldn’t hurt his opponent, he actually tightly entangled Bedivere.

At the same time, on the ground, there was another Faceless One. Although this one’s aura was many times weaker than the one on the air, he retained the original’s unique temperament and qualities.

"Hm, weren’t those two b*tches saved by Bedivere? Their breaths are clearly hidden here… No matter, as long as I can find them, I can force Bedivere to submit."

It was meaningless to use intimidation to a veteran like Bedivere. Only by truly showing that his wife and child were in his hand would Bedivere be actually affected. On the other hand, though stubborn, Bedivere was actually very emotional. Even if he was determined to sacrifice his wife and daughter, when they really appeared in front of him, even if his heart was made of stone, he could never remain indifferent.

Therefore, he needed to pull them out. Although the breaths of the two seemed to be concealed, for those who were already condemned by Holy Light, the smell of apostasy could never be hidden.

"There?" In a single breath, Faceless One was already able to determine the location of Marina and Irene, mother and daughter. While his main body entangled Bedivere in the air, he immediately went to the location of Marina.

It was in the barrack area. More precisely, it was in the new recruits accommodation area. The mother and daughter were on the second floor of one of the villas. Faceless One didn’t run, instead, his body flashed. In a single flash, he could move around a hundred meters. Several blinks of eyes later, he arrived on the second floor of that building.

On the second floor, hugging her daughter, Marina watched with horror at the Faceless One who suddenly appeared.

"Let’s go." Faceless One dismissively said and extended his hand to catch Marina.

However, halfway through, a sword light intercepted him.

"Now that you’re here, don’t be such a hurry to leave."

The words were spoken in common language, but the speaker was an authentic Nine Regions cultivator.

Meeting a cultivator from Nine Regions in such a place was indeed surprising. However, Faceless One didn’t even pay that cultivator his attention. "Don’t get in the way, small fry."

Then, in a flash, his body bypassed that Nine Regions cultivator to directly catch Marina.

However, as soon as he landed, he actually discovered that the space has changed. Around him, the sky was scarlet blood in color, and the ground was filled with dense forests of broken sword tomb.

"No one can cross over my sword defense," Wang Lu lightly said and then turned around.

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