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In a place where it was quiet and not many people were appearing, there was a small building.

The interior of the building was elegant and had a refreshing style.

There was a room within the building, sitting within was a young man wearing a gallant garment along with a grey-clothed old man.

The magnificently dressed man had a charismatic disposition, his whole body was exuding an air of inherent nobility. As for that grey-clothed old man, he had a long beard and a withered face. There was a rotting smell that permeated his whole body, showing a striking contrast with the young man.

"Is everything prepared?" The magnificently dressed man asked.

"Yes, Master, everything is prepared already. However, I heard that the Wu's had already taken note of this matter. A batch of disciples have received the mission and gone to Zhonghe prefecture to investigate!"

"The Wu Family, hmph, just a bunch of Blacksmiths. What can they do?" the magnificently dressed man's fingers lightly tapped on the wooden table. He pondered for a moment, "Isn't Liu Si there, let him finish off the batch of people from the Wu's!"

"Liu Si?!" The old man's eyebrows twitched and his face revealed a difficult expression, "What if he is not willing? After all, he is not restricted by us. This time he just dropped by, in case..."

"There is no in case. He had already intervened in this matter. Whether he is willing or not is not up to him. Could it be that he wishes to come and go as he pleases?" The magnificently dressed man laughed coldly, "It is not so easy to get money from me!"

The old man's eyebrows twitched slightly. He then lowered his head and said, "Yes, I will go and inform him now!"

"Oh right, how is the Wu's strength this time around?"

"They thought that this was just a normal robbery, hence they didn't put much attention onto it. They only sent a few inner core disciples to investigate. Their cultivations are not high. The highest one is only at the standard of Level Two to Three!"

"Level Two to Three? Then there isn't much to worry about. The Wu Family, hehe, all these years they've relied on the backing of Tian Long Taoism, their actions are becoming more and more reckless. Qianzhou is not Yunzhou. He thinks that by sending a few disciples they can investigate this matter thoroughly?"

"The Wu Family is just a dog of Tian Long Taoism. There isn't much to worry about!" The grey-clothed old man said, "The problem now is Zhonghe prefecture. No matter what, it is a prefecture of Qianzhou. If something really happens here, Tian Long Taoism and those renowned families will not stand by and do nothing!"

"What big matters could there be?" The man in gallant garment laughed. "This was not a big deal originally. It is just normal strife in Jianghu that the Wu's goods were robbed. Those that are sent to investigate will all be killed!"

"Master, you are right. This is just a normal dispute in Jianghu!" The grey-clothed man said, he then turned around, pushed open the door and left.

"Liu Si, do not disappoint me!" Seeing the old man close the door, the man curled the corner of his lips, revealing a strand of a playful smile.

"Senior, this place is too big. If we search at this speed, I'm afraid we will find out nothing even if we are given a month!" Looking at the ups and downs of this mountainous region, Junior Leopard spoke to Jin Nanqing with a bitter smile. Personally speaking, Junior Leopard was not that interested in this mission. He just wanted to come out and take a walk. But now that they have come to the damned Black Shakou to search for the stolen goods with a bunch of youngsters, maybe there could be dangers as well. He didn't want to be involved.

"What you said makes sense. However, there is no choice. No matter how long it takes, we still have to check. This matter concerns the reputation of the Wu Family, we definitely cannot give up!" Jin Nanqing resolutely said.

"Housekeeper Wu didn't check here before?" Junior Leopard asked.

"I have asked before. They have investigated here before, however, they only checked the surroundings for one to two days before leaving. Housekeeper Wu thought that there was nothing to check in Black Shakou since the thieves wouldn't be so silly as to put the goods in the vicinity after robbing them!" Jin Nanqing looked at the surroundings and the corner of his mouth revealed a cynical smile, "I do not know what Housekeeper Wu is thinking. Could so many goods fly away under the tight lockdown?"

"Of course not, but maybe there's another possibility!"

Junior Leopard thought to himself but didn't speak out. After all, this possibility was too strange. If it was real, then this matter would not just be a simple robbery. Even if his guess was correct, he wouldn't rush to the fore!

Just when the two of them were searching around aimlessly, the east sky suddenly flashed a strand of bright light. A 'bang' sound traveled here from afar and the echo vibrated amidst the wilderness.

"It's Zhou Zhengming. They discovered something!"

Jin Nanqing pulled the bridle, turning the horse around and speaking to Junior Leopard.

After coming to Black Shakou, they split into four teams to search for clues and each team contained two people. In Junior Leopard's eyes, this was unproductive, yet it had returns. This made him be very surprised.

That strand of bright light and loud sound in the sky were the signals agreed between them. Whoever discovered any news would send this signal out. It's unexpected that Zhou Zhengming would have made a discovery within two hours.

Jin Nanqing and Junior Leopard rode crazily on their horses, not caring about the difficulties of traveling on the mountainous road. After running for a distance, they saw the others' horses running over as well. The six of them gathered together and rushed towards the east.

"Ya, ah!"


"You dare to..."

"Qiang, qiang, qiang, clang, clang, clang!"

After traveling a short distance, they heard sounds of metal colliding and shouting. Looking up, they saw Zhou Zhengming fighting with a group of people. Looking at the back of the trees, they could vaguely see the outlines of a few big carriages which had been covered by tree branches and leaves to conceal something.

"Oh, God! We really found it! Wu Yuntian's men are all good-for-nothing!"

Junior Leopard felt surprised and then immediately drew out the two silver hammers from behind his waist and joined the fighting.

Originally the Wu Family only had Zhou Zhengming and another Wu disciple. There were five to six opponents. Even though their strength was stronger than that of those five to six people, the opponents had more hands. Hence the two of them only had the strength to defend and not counterattack.

They were wholeheartedly defending, only hoping to not have any mishaps. Now that their own side had their forces bolstered, the spirits of the two of them had a boost, turning from defense into attack. In unison with the rest who came, they started pressuring their opponents.

Junior Leopard held two hammers in his hands, facing off against one of them. That man was roughly twenty and was wielding twin sabers. He was skilled with his saber, but his martial cultivation was too low, only at Level One. How could he defend himself against Junior Leopard's hammer? With the brandishing of the silver hammers and bursting of the two balls of silver light, Junior Leopard displayed the Wild Hammering Skill, smashing against the fella recklessly.

That person held both sabers in his hands. Seeing Junior Leopard's hammers smashing down, he hurriedly used his saber to resist.

'Bang!' The saber and hammer collided. The posture from the twin sabers got smashed apart by Junior Leopard. That person only felt that both of his hands were struck by lightning and he could not keep a firm grip on his twin sabers. When the second hammer came, he could only evade. Junior Leopard didn't let him go. The two balls of silver light in his hands roared and smashed against his opponent, causing him to retreat a few steps.

The forces splattered on all four sides, stirring waves of dust.

The two balls of silver light were just like two big lanterns rushing forward.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

"Ah, ah, ah!"

The person fighting against Junior Leopard finally got defeated. His body flew back, his back crashing against the trunk of an enormous tree. He stopped there and then slowly slid down.

"He really can't endure a beating!" The corner of Junior Leopard's mouth curled. He looked back and found the situation was beneficial to the Wu's disciples. Apart from the black-clothed man whose cultivation was high and made one inner core disciple lose the strength to attack back, the five remaining people were all driven to desperation by the Wu's disciples.

"Senior Lou, let me help you!" Junior Leopard cried out in a deep voice and rushed towards the black-clothed man whose cultivation reached Level Two.

"Good fella!"

That man gained the upper hand and naturally saw the situation in the fights. He saw Junior Leopard sending his underling flying. Now that Junior Leopard was lifting his hammer and coming over, his face involuntarily changed. He faked a move, forcing Senior Lou to back off, and rushed towards the outside of the battlefield.

"Want to escape, was it that easy?"

Junior Leopard saw his posture and knew that he wanted to run away. How could he let him make it? He circulated his Yanfu Inner Strength with his toes touching the earth, and just like an arrow released from a bow, he blocked the path of the black-clothed man.

The black-clothed man didn't expect that Junior Leopard's speed would be so fast. After retreating for a few steps, his movements had not been displayed, but he felt a ball of silver light flash past him.

"Hu!" A mountainous force rushed out from that silver light. The airflow, as if it had substance, came pressuring over. He was horrified and retreated a few steps. The twin maces in his hands didn't dare to come into contact with Junior Leopard's hammers and he intended to escape using his nimble movements.

"You are unable to escape!" Junior Leopard said coldly. Once this Wild Hammering Skill was activated, it was like the autumn wind sweeping the falling leaves groundlessly. Once wrapped up by the figure of the hammer, apart from facing it head on, there was no way out.

The double golden maces in the black-clothed man's hands were considered heavy weapons. However, when compared to Junior Leopard's hammers, the hammers were much worse. Having retreated a few steps, the two balls of silver light in Junior Leopard's hands merged into one and completely wrapped the black-clothed man.

Once he got wrapped in the silver light, there would be a sad ending!

"Bang, Bang, Bang!"

Numerous ear-piercing sounds of metal colliding followed the sparks that flew out in all four directions and mingled with a few extremely miserable voices.

Suddenly, that ball of silver light that was as big as a washbasin disappeared. The black-clothed man's figure flew out from that ball of silver light, followed by the pair of awe-inspiring twin maces. Now the pair of maces were distorted, dropped on the ground and no longer moved.

As for that black-clothed big man, the black clothes on him were already dyed red by blood. He was lying on the floor and twitching. The blood was no longer flowing out from just his mouth, but from every pore on his body. His whole body was dyed blood red by the blood that oozed out from his body.

"Big Brother! Ah!"

When the big man who was fighting with Jin Nanqing saw this scene, he shouted out loudly and revealed a flaw. Jin Nanqing grabbed this chance to deliver a hard kick to his chest. At this time, the other few battles also ended and the six bandits were all defeated.

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