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A faint stench of blood fog permeated the surroundings. The Wu's disciples had gained a victory this time, taking down the few people besides the stolen carriages. Even though some of them were injured, they felt very happy in their hearts.

Thinking about Wu Yuntian who sought for so many days but ended in no clue, the fact that they got such kind of rewards when they just reached Black Shakou made them feel more excited. They even found the goods that were robbed, what an undeniable achievement!

"Haha, good, good, everybody has done a good job!" Jin Nanqing laughed happily and said to everyone. However, when his gaze landed on Junior Leopard, it stopped for a while. He went forward and patted on his shoulders, "Junior Leopard, you really have kept your own counsel!"

Other people's face became eccentric immediately.

Their gazes involuntarily shifted to the black-clothed big man who was lying on one side, not knowing if he was dead or alive.

Even though everyone was in the midst of fighting, the wielding of the hammer of Junior Leopard's was noticed by them. Even if they did not notice at that time, when they saw the black-clothed big man's miserable state and the golden maces that turned into a mess now, they couldn't resist but inhale deep breaths of air.

Violent, it really was too violent!

The black-clothed big man was still alive. But everyone believed he would rather die. That was because his bones should already be broken more than half and his internal organs should also be smashed. Yet he still had a breath, hanging on to his life. His gaze seemed somewhat hazy, revealing a despair and fear. Even though everyone was his enemies, they wanted to help him to end that kind of misery.

"Junior Leopard, finish him. He's quite pitiful!" Jin Nanqing said.

"Ah?!" What was unexpected was, Junior Leopard's eyes flipped and his face actually revealed a difficult expression. "Ugh, Senior, actually I, I have never killed anyone before!" At the same time with his voice, Junior Leopard's expression had some changes. His face was ashen white and his forehead was perspiring cold sweat. The pair of hands holding the hammer also trembled. Then, as if there was some kind of resolute decision being made, he violently jerked his head and said, "No, I can't, I don't want to kill anyone!"

"You beat him till he was limp, yet you said you wouldn't kill people!"

Those who from the Wu Family had a few strands of black lines hung on their faces. This fella, wasn't he too much of a joke?

Junior Leopard looked at Jin Nanqing fearful but actually in his heart he was mocking, "Yes, I am pretending. I am pretending, so what?! In other people's eyes, I am just a 12-year-old kid. In the battle just now I didn't know how heavy my hand was so I smashed that person till he had a serious injury that was still passable. But if I follow Jin Nanqing's orders, and end this guy with my hammer, then that would be overboard. I am just a kid, not a cold-blooded demon king who speaks about killing and does it. If this spreads out, wouldn't my reputation be gone?!"

Jin Nanqing was somewhat dissatisfied. Ever since coming out from Qinlingjun City, Junior Leopard had never rejected his orders. However, after thinking twice, he knew what Junior Leopard said did make sense. He was just a 12-13-year-old kid and killing someone definitely was harsh for him.

"Well, Little Lou, you make the move this time. If I remember correctly, this person should be your opponent!"

Little Lou's face flushed red. Without saying a word, he went forward and slit the black-clothed big man's throat with one sword.

"Thank you, Senior Lou. Let's drink when we go back!" Junior Leopard secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He was not completely faking it either. Though he had killed a Level Eight expert before, he did so for his self-preservation. It couldn't be compared with today's situation. That black-clothed big man had already lost all his resistance. To let Junior Leopard go and smash him with one hammer, he really couldn't execute the move.

After packing up the scene and tying up the few survivors onto a tree, Jin Nanqing and the rest walked to the side of the carriage which was covered by tree sticks and leaves.

"Senior Jin, this carriage is empty!"

Someone anxiously pulling away from the dried up sticks from the carriage, then he immediately called out.

"What, empty?!" Jin Nanqing's face changed. He rushed forward to have the see, and it was really empty.

"Senior, there is one discovery here!"

The person on the other side shouted. The rest of them rushed forward to see, and their faces became strange.

Actually, what had discovered on the carriage was not Wu's goods but medicinal herbs. There were ten carriages which were full of medicinal herbs in total!

"These are herbs needed in the Bone-Forging Soup for washing and refining the body!" After musing for half a ring, someone finally opened his mouth.

The atmosphere became strange instantly.

Ten carriages' medicinal herbs needed in the Bone-Forging Soup to wash the body, what did these mean?

This meant at least one Bone-Forging Realm expert could be produced.

Using medicinal baths to wash the body was a matter that consumed time and effort. Furthermore, it needed perseverance. One could not hope the body to be washed once or twice and the matter was concluded. The direct descendants of those well-known families, before the age of five, would begin to use medicinal baths to wash their bodies till they were 20 years old. For the first few years, they only need to wash three times per year. However, when they were 10, they would need to wash once per month. Only by doing so, did they have the confidence that they would break through to the Bone Forging Realm before 20 years old.

Of course, if you couldn't break through when you have reached 20 years old, then you were not important anymore because your potential was too weak. Even if a thousand-year wealthy family would not pay attention to you.

From five to 20, a whole 15 years. All the medicinal ingredients needed were at most ten carriages. As what was shown in front of them.

Ten carriages' medicine may look few. However, it was well known that medicinal herbs were hard to find. Even the one carriage cost more than all the value of the Wu Family lost goods, let alone ten carriages.

Because of this, the atmosphere became a bit weird.

People here were all Wu's inner core disciples. Jin Nanqing and Junior Leopard were the Wu's vital inner core disciples. Even though, they were unable to enjoy the benefits of Bone-Forging Soup. In the Wu Family, only three people could enjoy the Bone-Forging Soup. Those three people were the direct descendants of the Wu's.

"God, I wonder why is Wu Yuntian so weird. He has done such stuff behind the scenes!" Jin Nanqing's eyes almost spat out a fire. So much medicinal herbs, if it could be given to him how much benefits would that be. With these medicines, he would have enough confidence to break through to the Bone-Forging Realm.

Entering the Bone-Forging Realm and he could become a Wu's Elder. That progress could be said as rising on a rocket.

Not only him, those few people present had a fire in their eyes, so did Junior Leopard.

"Senior Jin, this…!

Zhou Zhengming's breath was somewhat rough and he turned his head to look at Jin Nanqing, full of aspiring.

"What's your opinion?!" Jin Nanqing waved his hand, indicating for Zhou Zhengming to not speak any further. He swept his gaze among the crowd and received everyone's expressions within his eye. His had made some plans in his heart.

The crowd all looked with desire. After Jin Nanqing's gaze landed on them, they shrunk back, with their gaze still staring at the carriages of medicinal herbs, not speaking a word.

At last, Jin Nanqing's gaze landed on Junior Leopard, and smiled slightly, "Little Junior, just now you were the one who killed the leader. From your point of view, how should we handle this matter?!"

Junior Leopard scolded in his heart, "Are you thinking I am good enough to bully or ignorant enough to cheat?" He thought a lot, and then said, "Everything is up to you, Senior Jin!"

"OK!" Jin Nanqing nodded his head, "Since that is the case, I shouldn't say crap. I know what everyone is thinking. I am also plotting about this thing. These herbs, are not Wu's goods. Thinking about the truth it was Seneschal Wu transporting his private things in the name of sending goods, the Wu's benefits won't be hurt even if we take it ourselves. However, you all know these herbs are extremely precious. To us, it is also extremely important. With these herbs to braise the Bone-Forging Soup, I believe, we all have the confidence to step into the Bone-Forging Realm and become Elders!"

When speaking about the two terms of Bone-Forging Realm and Elders, everyone's eyes became much brighter.

"However, this batch of herbs though doesn't belong to the Wu's. They were transported by the Seneschal Wu. Thinking about it, it has great connections with Seneschal Wu. The person who can use this batch of medicinal herbs will naturally not have a small background. If we just retrieve it like this, in the future there may be some problems!"

"If the heavens do not retrieve it, it will definitely suffer a backlash!"

Zhou Zhengming by the side couldn't endure it anymore, and jumped in, "Wu Yuntian that useless faggot couldn't check anything out after checking for so long. As long as we do a clean job out of this matter, he won't get any evidence. Do you agree!"

"This idiot also learned how to fan the flames!" Junior Leopard heard Zhou Zhengming's words and laughed.

Zhou Zhengming's words struck a chord with the people present. People in the pugilist world all wish for their martial arts to be a little bit higher, all wish for them to break through their bottlenecks a little earlier, and gain glory for oneself!

Hence, when they heard Zhou Zhengming's words, they also agreed in unison.

"Well. Since everyone is on the same page, I have nothing much to say as well. However, I will put the harsh words in the front. Today's matter can only be known by the eight of us. We definitely cannot let this leak out!" While saying these words, he walked in big steps to those tied-up bandits on the side of the big tree. His hands raised the saber and chopped those few remaining survivors to death. He turned around, his face was stained with the blood of those few slain bandits, appearing somewhat ferocious.

"There are ten carriages in total. I take two, Junior Leopard takes two, the others take one each, anyone has any objections?!"

"No, none!" The rest six people shook their heads in unison.

"One carriage is enough for me!" Junior Leopard said. Indeed, one carriage was excessive. He had the recipes of Bone-Forging Pill. Even if there was only a half carriage, it was enough for him to refine the Bone-Forging Pill. Let alone one carriage. Many herbs were no use to him, it couldn't be eaten as rice.

"Little Junior, even if we have one carriage we wouldn't use all at our ages. Even if we use too much it would have a reverse effect. You are different, you are still young, and your potential is abnormal. With two carriages worth of herbs, it is extremely beneficial towards you. Hence you shouldn't reject it!" Jin Nanqing waved his hand and said, "However Junior, you must remember, today's matter, definitely cannot be known by other people. Even if it was Elder Xu, you cannot speak a word of it, do you understand?!"

Junior Leopard nodded his head with a face full of determination, "Even if you beat me to death I won't say!"

"Keke, who dares to beat you up!"

Seeing Junior Leopard being so perceptive, Jin Nanqing laughed. He was also able to realize, though Junior Leopard was young, he had a scheming heart. Besides, even if Junior Leopard revealed this matter to Xu Yong, he wouldn't be afraid.

Xu Yong only had Junior Leopard as his direct disciple; he could be extremely attentive towards Junior Leopard. When met with this kind of good thing, why would he spread it out? As for letting Junior Leopard not telling Xu Yong, it was just an added insurance.

"Since that is the case, it is decided. However this mission, we have indeed failed. The remuneration —!

"What remuneration, Senior Jin, you have looked down on us. With these herbs, why would we still want those rewards?"

Zhou Zhengming's words made the people present laugh. Looking at those ten carriages of medicinal herbs, their gazes became fiercer!

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