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After the selection, the Wu Family continued to host a banquet. They prepared an extremely magnificent rite for formally acknowledging the teacher of their Second Young Master. Those people who came around to attend the selection in Qinglinjun City, no matter whether they passed or not, all stayed behind. Only after the acknowledging ceremony was over, then could they leave.

Compared to the Second Young Master acknowledging Wang She as a teacher, the process was much simpler of the formalities for Junior Leopard and Shi Jing acknowledging the two Wu Family Elders.

After the ceremony, Qin Xuanlong and the rest were going to leave. Compared to Junior Leopard, the other two from Qingyang Market were a bit disappointed.

There was some sorrow in such a meal to commemorate the leaving.

On the second day of the meal, Junior Leopard and other Wu Family disciples who passed the selection officially entered into the Wu Family's manor.

Chopping the chicken head and burning the yellow paper, they knocked their heads a few times in front of the Wu Family's Ancestral Hall and then all separated.

Disciples entering was considered nothing in a family like the Wu.

What was different from the others who squeezed together, Junior Leopard and Shi Jing were each brought away by their own teachers and stay with their own teachers.

Junior Leopard's teacher's surname was Xu, named Xu Yong. His ancestor was the first disciple of the founding ancestor of the Wu Family. Xu Family was also once the strongest in the entire vein of the Wu Family. During its prime, the Xu Family occupied two-thirds of the Elders' seats within the Wu Family. However, now they had receded and diminished greatly. This Xu Yong was now the Xu Family's only Elder within the Wu Family. He had just stepped into Level Five.

Just like the other Elders, Xu Yong owned an independent small courtyard in the manor of the Wu Family which was very big with ten over rooms and apart from Xu Yong's residential quarters.

When Xu Yong and Junior Leopard entered the courtyard, the ten over remaining rooms were already cleaned.

"From now on, you'll stay here!" Xu Yong led the way to the rooms on the west side and said, "I've already ordered them to arrange the place, over at that side is a study room. However, there aren't many books. If you want to read books, then come to my study room. I heard that you can read!"

"I used to learn from the mister in the village!"

"En, it's good that you've learned before!" Xu Yong was very satisfied with the fact that Junior Leopard recognized words. "Follow me!"

Junior Leopard followed behind Xu Yong, and he felt somewhat nervous. His teacher, from the ceremony till now, hadn't spoken more than 10 sentences to him. Furthermore, he didn't seem to be the sort that liked to speak judging from his face. To live together from now on, he had to be more careful.

"Sit------!" After entering the living room, Xu Yong sat down and pointed at the chair by the side for Junior Leopard to sit down. As soon as Junior Leopard just sat down, a green-clothed footboy came in with tea and spoke in a low voice, "Please drink the tea!"

"This feeling is not bad!" Until this moment, Junior Leopard finally had a feeling of fish jumping through the dragon's gate. Now he had become a Wu Family Elder's disciple, and he also became a Wu Family inner core disciple. Compared to other Wu Family disciples, his position had a substantial increase. Apart from the few young masters from the Wu Family's main family, it was as if he was the only one inner core disciple.

"Thank you!" Junior Leopard nodded slightly, and made a reply to his gesture. That footboy never expected for Junior Leopard to say thanks, and looked at him in surprise. He bowed his head and left through the door.

"Zhou Bao, now that you're my disciple. You don't need to be so restricted in front of me. I'm not a voluble man, and haven't taught any disciple before. Hence, in the future when I teach you, if you have any suspicions, feel free to speak out and don't have any reservations. Understand?"

"Yes, I understand!" Upon hearing this, Junior Leopard relaxed. His teacher seemed like an honest person and he liked to deal with honest people like him.

"I observed your cultivation and found that you're a Level One fighter. No matter the strength of your body or cultivation in the Internal Qi, you've already reached an astonishing realm. To be able to do so in a place like Qingyang Market, it seems that you're not a simple character!"

"Full credit must go to my teachers including teacher Qin. I merely followed the instructions of them!" Junior Leopard hurriedly lowered his head and said.

"Them?!" Xu Yong smiled and his face revealed an unconvinced expression. "If they're really so capable, our Wu Family would have conquered the Great Jin long ago. Why would we still be like today, guarding Yunzhou!"

Junior Leopard's gaze lit up. From Xu Yong's words, he heard something. However looking at his cold smile and sighing manner, Junior Leopard found as if Xu Yong was speaking to himself. He naturally didn't dare to ask more, only waiting for Xu Yong to continue speaking.

"I already know about your past. I heard that before you entered my Wu Family, you've cultivated in the Ignis Skill of the Sect of Flame. Is that right?!"

"Yes, I have. However, those were entry-level mental cultivation methods!"

"En, entry-level mental cultivation methods are not bad. Based on your age at that time, you were able to practice the Ignis Skill. This shows that you have a very high aptitude and that's why before I teach you, you have to make a choice!"

"Choice? What choice?!" Junior Leopard asked strangely.

"My Wu Family, though it's a well-known family in the martial arts world, after all, it's core is based on forging and smelting weapons. Hence, the disciples of my Wu Family, have to learn the art of forging and smelting weapons. Of course, apart from forging and smelting weapons, the cultivation of martial arts is also an important factor. No matter whether to learn the art of forging and smelting or to cultivate in martial arts, you have to be involved. To hold a balance on both, and reach the pinnacle in both areas are impossible. As for those who are normal, that means nothing, because even if they focus on one area only, it's hard for them to have any achievements. However, for people like you, it's different. As long as you focus on one area and put in the effort, it's very possible to break through what others are not able to break through in, achieving unbelievable results. Hence, you need to make a choice, as to whether to pursue the art of forging and smelting or to cultivate in martial arts!"

"I wish to cultivate in martial arts!" Junior Leopard didn't think carefully at all, and he blurted out.

"It's indeed the case!" Xu Yong's eyes revealed a strand of disappointment, however, he smiled next. "That's good, since you've already chosen to cultivate in martial arts, in the future, you have to put all your heart and will in it. To forge your tendons and bones, to condense your Internal Qi. In the path of martial arts, it's like a boat that goes against a current, if you don't go forward you'll go backward. Hence you can't slack even the slightest, do you understand!"

"I understand!"

"I heard that you used to cultivate in the Dark Bear Fist for Skin Toughening. Even though this punching skill is good to learn, however, its effects are so-so. I do not know how you trained, to actually cultivate to this level!" Xu Yong looked at Junior Leopard and his face revealed some shock. "However, to think about it you've already squeezed dry the benefits of learning the Dark Bear Fist. Now, this Dark Bear Fist's effects won't be obvious as compared when you first trained in it. It'll also slow down your cultivation speed!"

Talking about this, he glanced at Junior Leopard. "Do you feel now that your body's toughness and cultivating potential have already reached your age's limit? That if you continue to train, it'll hurt your tendons and bones, and affect your body in the future?"

Junior Leopard hurriedly nodded his head. "Yes, I feel that my own cultivation has already reached a bottleneck and I cannot carry on training!"

"That is because the Dark Bear Fist's limit has been reached!" Xu Yong said, "I'll now impart a punching skill for your Skin Toughening. Next time you should use this set of punching skill to train your body. Wait till your cultivation enters the Level Two, I'll teach you a set of punching skill for Bone Forging!"

"Thank you, teacher... !"

The days next ahead were peaceful and fulfilling.

Under Xu Yong's guidance, Junior Leopard's prowess slowly and steadily rose. Xu Yong was an honest person. Even though his words were few, however when it came to teaching Junior Leopard, he put in a lot of effort. Junior Leopard thus received many benefits.

After all, Xu Yong was an expert of the Bone-Forging Realm. In cultivation, he had numerous experiences that were invaluable. Especially on the cultivation of the punching skill for Skin Toughening, this made Junior Leopard save a lot of bent roads.

Moon-evil Painted Skin Punching Skill. This was what Xu Yong imparted to Junior Leopard. Just upon hearing this name, Junior Leopard's heart involuntarily palpitated.

Moon-evil Painted Skin, Blood Demon Forged Bone!

Why were the names so similar?

This was what he thought in his mind. Now his biggest mission was to honestly practice his fist, and not delve into and contemplate the meaning of these two sets of punching skills.

With Xu Yong's guidance, Junior Leopard naturally understood that he nearly cultivated till he stepped into an error area.

"There are actually so many tricks in cultivation. Punching skills for Strengthening Body have such diverse differences!"

Since he was young, he had been cultivating in the Dark Bear Fist that was commonly practiced within the army. Also, borrowing Taiji Fist and Fiery Eye's additional effects, he had in a short few years entered into the Level One realm. This kind of effect was not much different from those young masters from well-known families practicing in high-level Skin Toughening punching skills. This was a miracle.

Practicing a shallow Skin Toughening punching skill produced the effect of a high-level Skin Toughening punching skill. This kind of potential was what Xu Yong emphasized on, hence he accepted Junior Leopard as his disciple.

In the past, Junior Leopard only knew that the martial world was divided into three realms and nine levels.

However, his level was too low. Just like in his past life, he understood the principles behind the functioning of the atomic bomb. However even if he was given enough materials and requirements, he wouldn't be able to create an atomic bomb.

The Skin-Toughening Realm was divided into three bottom levels. When you had cultivated into the peak of the Level Three, you would have the requisite to break through into the Bone-Forging Realm.

It was easy to speak of this, however, there were countless practitioners who were stuck at this level. Even if they were lucky enough to step into the Bone-Forging Realm, usually they would be stopped in their tracks.


Because their growth potential had already reached its end.

Growth potential was linked to aptitude. However, the really decisive factors were still the foundation, the Skin Toughening punching skill and when they enter into the Bone-Forging Realm, the realm which they reached.

Yes, realm.

This was a beautiful yet mysterious catchphrase.

The realms in the three realms and nine levels were referring to the realm. However, this realm was a big realm. Apart from this big realm, in every realm, there was a small state.

Ordinarily speaking, as long as one was not rotten trash or overly lazy and had a set of good Skin Toughening punching skill, he could raise his strength to the Level Three in twenty years.

However, to rush into the Level Four, it would have to depend on your small realm and luck.

Typically speaking, after being a Level Three fighter, one would not have the requisite to break through into the Bone-Forging Realm. To break through the Bone-Forging Realm, one must be at the Basic level of the Skin-Toughening Realm. However, for most people, they would fall at this stage. As for the reason, it was still because the foundation was not solid enough.

This was just like building buildings. If one wants to build high, then a solid foundation must be built. Foundation is a building's standard. You can't use just one foundation to build a 20-storey high building.

However, no matter if it was a normal building's foundation, or a 20-storey building's foundation, in substance they were the same. The difference between two Level Three fighters was all about the foundation.

Similarly, all were in Level Three. Some Level Three fighters were the foundation of normal buildings while others were that of 20-storey buildings. There were even some whose foundations were that of a skyscraper.

How to build a solid foundation?

It depended on how deep you have dug, how many poles you have built, what materials did you use for the foundation and lastly the method you used for building a foundation.

Among punching skills of Strengthening Body, this would be the levels of the punching skill, the practitioner's hardworking and his ability to comprehend the cultivation method.

Junior Leopard was able to cultivate the Dark Bear Fist to this extent. This was equal to strengthen a foundation that was only enough for a normal building to one for a ten-storey building. This was sufficient for Xu Yong to be surprised. However, this was not enough, far far not enough.

What Xu Yong needed was not a ten-storey building, but a real skyscraper.

Hence, he then wished to use this set of cultivation method which he obtained three years ago, the Moon-evil Painted Skin Punching Skill that was able to build a skyscraper, to be imparted to Junior Leopard.

Of course, this sounded complicated. In actuality, fighters were all rough and boorish men none of who would wish to do such complicated calculation?

So, there was the term realm.

In the three realms, every realm was divided into three small states, namely Basic Level, Advanced Level and Full Closure.

Taking the Skin-Toughening Realm for example, when you had reached the Basic Level Realm of the Skin-Toughening Realm, in theory, you could break through to the Level Four Bone-Forging Realm.

The Basic Level of Skin-Toughening Realm was the lowest requirement to break through into the Bone-Forging Realm. In actuality, no matter what realm, if you could not reach the Basic Level Realm, you would have no qualifications to break through to the next realm!

But for the Basic Level Realm to break through to the next realm, in reality, it was more difficult. Most depended on heavenly material and luck. Basic Level Realm, even if one luckily broke into the next realm, he already had no potential to reach the peak. It would be severely difficult to continue improving.

In this world, most of the Skin Toughening punching skills' maximum potential, were only Skin-Toughening Realm's Basic Level only.

There were people who could cultivate a higher level Skin Toughening punching skills. They then had the qualification to enter the Advanced Level Realm. For the Advanced Level Realm to break through to the next realm, the chances were much bigger than Basic Level. As for entering the next realm, there were also great potential to develop. In other words, this building could have more storeys to be added to it. As for how high, it would depend on the level of the punching skill that one was practicing to forge bones and at last one would reach whether the Basic Level or Advanced Level of Bone Forging!

As for the Full Closure Realm, it was another realm that made people go crazy.

If you can reach the Full Closure stage, then, cultivating into the next realm is a matter set in stone. Furthermore, when it comes to cultivation in the future, it will be smooth sailing. Because this is a foundation for skyscrapers.

Those legendary figures in the martial arts world, all of who cultivated till the Full Closure stage before breaking through into the other realm. The White Blademaster Lu Shaoyou was such, Wang She was such, Xue Wuya was also such.

However, it was easier said than done to reach the Full Closure stage.

To reach the Full Closure stage there was an extremely tough bar, and that was a top level punching skill to strengthen the body.

Not high level, but top level.

This kind of punching skill normally was controlled in the upper-tier figures of various big sects and well-known families. For those sects and families which were slightly smaller, there were only those punching skills that could help one cultivate into the Advance Level Realm only.

The Wu Family was also such the case. It seemed almighty in Yunzhou, monopolizing half of Great Jin's metal weaponry business. However, if looking at its foundation, it could only barely manage to be a middle-class well-known family only. It was just the sidekick of Tian Long Taoism and impossible to have such a top-level cultivation method to strengthen the body. This was also the reason that Wu Yansheng tried various means to make his own son be a disciple of Wang She.

Of course, there were some incidents happened, which allowed some person to obtain a top-level cultivation method.

Just like Xu Yong at this moment, he incidentally obtained this set of Moon-evil Painted Skin Punching Skill three years ago, which was a top-level punching skill for Skin Toughening. However, he was aging in years and had already stepped into the Level Five of Bone-Forging Realm. Even if he practiced it there would not be much effect.

However, he didn't turn in this to the Wu Family. After all, he obtained it by himself and it was his private property. Even if the Wu Family's Head and the First Elder knew about it, there was also no reason for them to take it from him. Furthermore, they did not know yet.

In this way, Junior Leopard began his cultivating career in the Wu Family. The ten-year-old Junior Leopard had already been puberty and his body was quickly growing. The bones and muscles were also growing towards a stabilizing manner. Especially under the double effect of Moon-evil Painted Skin Punching Skill and the Taiji Fist, his body had a very strong potential!

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