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Great Jin, Qianzhou, West Capital

Qianzhou was situated slightly west on the Great Jin map. Its original name was Xidu, in the end, it was named West Capital City.

West Capital was the capital of the Great Jin and the most important manor under the Emperor!

Naturally, it was extravagant beyond measure. Every day the roads were full of carts and passengers which were incessant. It was the heart of Great Jin.

West Capital City walls were 180 feet high. It was entirely made up of sturdy green rocks. Between rock and rock, it was very difficult to squeeze through even using an awl. It was the world top one fortress.

The Great Jin Royal Capital was within the West Capital City. It occupied one-quarter of the whole West Capital City's surface area. It was lofty and heavily guarded; insufferably arrogant.

In the Royal Capital Palace, there was an extremely quiet courtyard. It was situated on a man-made lake, an island that was like spring all year round with flowers and birds.

The courtyard was not big but abnormally exquisite.

Two guards in black clothes and black armor were standing at the entrance of the courtyard as if they were the door-god. Their faces were entirely covered by the metal armor and no one could tell what was underneath the masks.

On this small island in the middle of the lake, other than the two guards in black clothes and black armor standing at the entrance of the courtyard, there seemed to be no one else. As for the courtyard behind them, it became much more mysterious.

"Hey, do you think he will agree?!"

In the middle of the courtyard, there was a quiet room. It was shabbily patched, yet exuding a great force. In front of a short desk, there was a middle-aged man holding a memorial to the throne. An accidental smile revealed on his handsome face. "What a strange reaction! I thought Duke Ma would fight me with his life?!"

This middle-aged man was in a bright yellow robe with a gray colored silk belt on his waist. A pigeon egg-sized white jade ball was engraved in the middle of the belt. From top to bottom he exuded a Qi Power of quiet majesty, it was awe-inspiring. Within this force, was an intention that wanted to swallow the whole world, with hands controlling fate.

This gentleman, even if he wore casual clothes, would look incomparably awesome. He was the Great Jin's Emperor, Ji Yingshen.

"You don't think he will?!"

It was also the voice of a middle-aged man, but the voice was slightly shrill and soft.The owner of this voice was wearing a moon-white clothes. He was tall, yet looked extremely thin as if a gust of wind would be able to blow him down. Below his jaws were three strands of long beard, slowly moving like a sage.

"He came to ask if that letter is real!"

"Whether it is real or not, don't you know that by doing this, he is only trying to give you a way out. You know his temper. Perhaps if you don't compromise he will go crazy and chase away the Mingyi School people who came to propose marriage. This is not impossible!"

"That's true. Once this fella goes crazy, not many could stop him. However, for this kind of insanity, if I ask his daughter to marry into the north to build a relationship, he'll erupt. Now, I found him a son-in-law that is a rarely seen talent. He'll not go crazy in such a situation!"

"The White Blademaster Lu Shaoyou, is indeed a talent rarely seen, and he's someone from the Mingyi School. Even if Duke Ma is unwilling, he has to consider the impact this will have. However, regarding the Tian Long Mystic Mountain...!"

"Tian Long Mystic Mountain?!" Ji Yingshen smiled, "Tian Long Mystic Mountain can manage the heaven and earth, do they really want to meddle in other people's marriage?"

"If this is successful, Your Majesty, this will be extremely beneficial to our plan!"

"Our plan?!" Ji Yingshen gave him a look, "Brother Yuesheng, the mission has a long way to go!"

"The whole land belongs to Your Majesty and the people who manage the land are the officials of Your Majesty!" Ming Yuesheng said softly. When he spoke these two sentences, his skinny body immediately straightened. His gaze was sharp, like a sharp sword staring at Ji Yingshen. "Your Majesty, I strongly believe, this is the Great Jin's future!"

"The whole land belongs to Your Majesty and the people who manage the land are Your Majesty's officials! Go to hell!"

Great Jin, Yunzhou, Qinlingjun City, Yunzhou Governor Ma Tianchang were also ruminating these words. His face surfaced a strand of cool intention and he laughed. "Forget it, I'll let the two deal with each other. I really want to see, what will happen!"

"His Excellency, His Excellency...!"

He was deep in thought, when a maidservant frantically rushed in from outside with fear on her face.

"What are you frantic about?!" Ma Tianchang's eyebrows furrowed. Even though he was not a strict person and the Governor Mansion's rules were not too strict, to rush in in such a manner was extremely disrespectful.


"What's she crying about?!"

The moment the maidservant mentioned "Miss", Ma Tianchang instantly became helpless.

"Miss wants to exit the manor!"

"Leave the manor?!" Ma Tianchang's eyebrows sharpened. "You mean she wants to leave the house and escape?!"

"Yes-yes, she wants to escape from the house!"

"Then let her go. I want to see if she's able to leave Qinlingjun City!"

"Ah?!" The pitiful maidservant was stunned by Governor Ma. She stood there looking at Ma Tianchang, not knowing what to say.

"What are you standing there for? She wants to leave, you should help her pack her stuff. Tell her, to come back before the marriage!" Ma Tianchang said loudly.

"Peng--!" Outside the door came a sound produced by the crashing of a heavy object. A red figure flashed by, carrying a wave of anger.

"Hehe, this damn little girl, to actually dare to play with me!" Ma Tianchang looked at that maidservant and smiled, "You go back and tell her not to play with me. She should obediently stay at home. If that Lu Shaoyou really has the capability to marry her, then she should stay at home and wait to get married."

"Yes, yes--!" The maidservant's face was ashen. She fearfully glanced at Ma Tianchang, bowed, and hurriedly left.

"Aye, this little girl, will really not let me be settled!" Ma Tianchang looked at the maidservant hurriedly leaving, and softly sighed. "Ming Yuesheng, you bastard, this bad idea must come from you. You all can make noise on your side, but why must you pull me in. Can I really be treated as a soft blanket to be pinched?"

Ma Tianchang fondled his short beard beneath his jaw, and walked to and fro in the study room. "Hmph, I've already done what you all required of me.So what if I agree with this marriage? Whether that Lu Shaoyou has the capability to marry my daughter, that will depend on his own ability!"

"Hmph, if his ability is big enough, you'll really marry off our daughter?"

A cold laughter came from outside the study room.

"Dear, why are you here?!"

"How can I not come!"

Dressed in a white skirt, the extremely beautiful young woman walked into the study room. She looked at Governor Ma walking to and fro within the room, and she suddenly smiled. "If you have no confidence, then I'll go and kill this Lu Shaoyou!"

"You, go kill Lu Shaoyou?" Ma Tianchang frowned slightly. "Yu-er, it's already messy enough. Don't add to the trouble!"

"Sure, no problem. As long as you don't push our daughter into the fire pit, I won't cause more trouble for you!"

"This matter is not as simple as you think it is!"

"I have no interest in the politics between you men, nor am I in the mood to listen to your explanation. In short, this matter is settled. You either help to halt this marriage, or else...!"

"Don't do this to me. I've already agreed on the marriage, with no intention of breaking it off...!"

"You've agreed, but I have not------!"

"Listen to me!" Ma Tianchang spoke in a deep voice. "Three days later, Lu Shaoyou will come to officially ask for marriage. In this period between asking for marriage till the marriage, you better keep a low profile and do not make noise!"

"You want me to think of an idea to interrupt the marriage? I like--" The young woman listened, and immediately smiled and laughed.

Ma Tianchang's face was full of a cold sweat. "Yu-er, this is your daughter's wedding, they're here to offer you tea and why do you want to create a fracas during the marriage? Listen to me well, my daughter is going to marry. No matter who she's going to marry, there has to be a large sedan chair carried by eight people carrying her over the door. After leaving this Governor's Mansion, it'll be Lu Shaoyou's business!"

"You want me to steal my daughter during the marriage?!" At this moment, the young woman was no longer as furious as before. On the contrary, she was excitedly looking at Ma Tianchang and her eyes were full of hope.

"It's not for you to take action!" Ma Tianchang, with a head full of black lines, said grumpily.

"What, someone dares to steal my daughter?!" The young woman finally heard the meaning in Ma Tianchang's words. Her eyebrows immediately straightened. A wave of Evil Qi erupted from her. "This is too much, too much. Who has the audacity, to actually dare to have ideas on my daughter?!"

"You don't need to care about this, you just wait and see the show. I am almost sure that Lu Shaoyou will be unable to cross this hurdle. However, if he manages to luckily pass this round, then you can happy kill him!" Ma Tianchang said, and smiled and looked at the young woman. "However, there's something that I have to remind you. Lu Shaoyou is a Level Eight expert whose sword technique is at the pinnacle. Can you be able to kill him?!"

"No matter how profound his sword skill is, he's just a boorish man!" The young woman smiled. "Now I'm interested in who will kidnap the bride!"

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