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The Coal Dragon-smelting Furnace!

It was an Elixir Furnace similar to a tripod, whose mouth was 100 feet wide. Dropping down from the sky, it had great suction and a high temperature that made Zhou Bao stop breathing.

"Good opportunity, boy, this is a good opportunity!" Beside Zhou Bao, Green Spirit suddenly exclaimed. "Although the Coal Dragon-smelting Furnace is a Pure Yang Celestial Device, the fire inside it is Coal Essential Gang Fire. It's not as strong as Heavenly Fire, but it's a top fire among all the fires around the world. If you fuse it into your Tusita Fire, the latter's power will be increased sharply. Furthermore, this Elixir Furnace has nine holes and 12 apertures. You can further improve your Elixir Furnace after fusing it."

"Improve my Elixir Furnace?" Zhou Bao was a little confused.

"Do you think that your Elixir Furnace is perfect just because it's a fairy weapon? I told you the refining method according to the way of refining the Furnace of Immortality. However, it's presently only one finished product. You're required to ponder over this matter carefully if you want to improve it. Now, the Coal Dragon-smelting Furnace can act as a reference for you. Don't let this once in a lifetime opportunity go!" Green Spirit said.

During their conversation, that Elixir Furnace was over their heads. Although the Air-frozen Bead was a Pure Yang Celestial Device, its function was to freeze wind. How could it withstand such a violent Elixir Furnace?

The cyan light suddenly condensed. Then, the Air-frozen Bead transformed into a water droplet and went into between Zhou Bao's eyebrows. The Coal Dragon-smelting Furnace continued falling down, covering his head.

"Good!" Zhou Bao shouted. Golden light was glittering above his head, and a layer of dark golden light met the furnace with great force.

Boom, Boom, Boom!

While the earth was shaking violently, the black shadow covering the sky immediately was sent flying by the dark golden light. An exclamation could be faintly heard from the sky. But Zhou Bao did not stop attacking. Besides, he did not want to let it go. A cold light flashed through his eyes and the golden light above his head transformed into a huge Skull Elixir Furnace. Different flames burst out from these seven apertures and tightly enveloped the Coal Dragon-smelting Furnace. Soon afterward, nine different rays glittered violently and turned into nine flame chains in different colors. They violently dragged the Coal Dragon-smelting Furnace into the Skull Elixir Furnace. At that time, Zhou Bao pinned down the location of the man hiding in the dark.

After pulling the Coal Dragon-smelting Furnace into the Skull Elixir Furnace, these flame chains went into the Skull Elixir Furnace as well. Inside the Elixir Furnace, the Coal Dragon-smelting Furnace was unwilling to be suppressed. Therefore, Coal Essential Gang Fire inside the furnace surged out ferociously, as if it wanted to fuse all the flames that had tied it down. However, Tusita Fire was the simulation of Heavenly Fire. Although it was not a pure Heavenly Fire, it could exert a power equal to that of Heavenly Fire for a long time. Furthermore, there were nine strands of such flames, which Coal Essential Gang Fire could not fight against.

At that moment, the Skull Elixir Furnace expanded sharply, rising more than 100,000 feet all of a sudden. Its immense power dispersed all the Essential Qi Tide that was surrounding it.

"Hmm? This is... this is the skull of the Innate Deity!"

The man hiding in the dark finally recognized what Zhou Bao had released, and thus, he exclaimed. A black streamer flashed through the sky, as if it wanted to leave. However, Zhou Bao would not let it go easily at this moment.

Following Zhou Bao's shout, the Skull Elixir Furnace began to emit immense pressure and transformed into a golden light, moving toward the black streamer.

Its speed far surpassed the black streamer's, therefore, they collided with each other head-on.

Just as they were about to collide, the black streamer surged vigorously, as if it wanted to ward off the attack of the Skull Elixir Furnace.


The violent impact dispersed all the pneuma within 100 miles and destroyed the surrounding space. The black streamer seized this opportunity to escape, flying away thousands of times faster than before.

"Huer, damn you! You would dare to bring someone to attack me. I'll get revenge on you!" A voice came from the distance. "I have to..."

Before the black streamer finished speaking, a blue fog surged forward and immediately blocked the surrounding space. It abruptly enveloped the streamer inside of it.

"Hehehe... Old Hedgehog, I have finally gotten you. Haha, haha!"

A resonant voice spread over the entire sky of the Azure Spirit Sea, louder than the Thunder Tribulation.

"Humpback Whale, you bastard. How dare you ambush me!" An exasperated voice roared.

"Haha, haha. I always plan to kill you when you're in a plight. You bastard, I've waited for a chance to kill you for so many years. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Haha, haha!"

Humpback Whale's voice sounded very complacent. A giant black hole suddenly appeared in the sky and, Old Hedgehog, who was enveloped by the blue fog, was sucked into it.

"Huer, you really have a nice buddy. Since he helped me attack Old Hedgehog, I'll handle that matter for you. They're just some brats, I'll get them to settle down. Relax. If necessary, I'll do you a favor. Well, what do you think about that?"

"Thanks. Old whale, won't you invite us to your home?"

"Of course not, I'm not familiar enough with you. Come on, Huer, I know what you're thinking about, but I won't tell you anything related to it. The Azure Secret Area concerns the plans of Great Emperor, I definitely won't tell you about that."

"I just want to know one thing. Can you please tell me if Great Emperor is still alive?"

"Haha, haha. Huer, don't try to trick me and get something from me. Great Emperor has nothing to do with you now. You were sealed in the Small Thunder Temple for thousands of years and your title has been erased from the Golden Book of Fate. Look at you, you've become a hired thug. I won't tell you anything."

Green Spirit went blank as he heard the words of that old whale. His face darkened, but in a flash, he smiled. "Haha. You're right. That's the temper of the Emperor of the Azure Heaven. Now, I do have nothing to do with him, so I'd better not ask anything about him!"

After that, he shook his sleeves and continued to say, "Boy, since this whale has agreed to help you, you don't need to worry anymore about those brats causing you trouble!"

Green Spirit spoke to Zhou Bao loudly on purpose, as if he was afraid that the old whale could not hear him. "Let's go. I know a place that is beneficial for you to practice the Nine Heaven Yuan Yang Technique and enables you to achieve the Basic Level within a month!"

"Wait. What did you say just now? Does he know the Nine Heaven Yuan Yang Technique?"

The voice of that old whale emanated again. However, inside his voice, some shock was heard.

"Yeah. He does know the Nine Heaven Yuan Yang Technique. What? Are you interested in it?"

"No!" That old whale thought for a while and then continued to say, "I'm not interested in it. Besides, I'm not the old Humpback Whale anymore. I don't need the Nine Heaven Yuan Yang Technique now!"

"Fine!" Green Spirit replied with some disappointment. "Old whale, goodbye. I'm sorry to bother you to handle that matter for me!"

"Since I've promised you, I'll manage to do it. It seems that you're walking really difficult in the Essential Qi Tide, so I don't mind sending you to Primordial Yang Mountain."

Before they could react, the surrounding space had shaken violently and everything in front of them had changed. A baking hot spirit surged toward them, as if they would be desiccated by it at any time.

"Hiss... What immense Primordial Yang Spiritual Qi!" Zhou Bao looked at the yellow jade-like mountain in front of him and gasped in amazement.

"Oh, my! When did this Primordial Yang Stone become a Primordial Yang Mountain?" Green Spirit exclaimed in surprise.

"Is this the legendary Primordial Yang Stone?" Zhou Bao glanced at Green Spirit and gently sensed the surrounding spirit. Surrounding the yellow jade-like mountain, the Essential Qi Tide was surging ceaselessly. But compared with the heterogeneous pneuma in other places, the pneuma here was too dry. It consisted of assorted Yang pneuma and Evil Qi without any pneuma of other property.

"Primordial Yang Mountain was a Primordial Yang Stone that had a 100-foot radius. It was possessed by the Emperor of the Azure Heaven. If anyone practiced a cultivation method that was similar to the Nine Heaven Yuan Yang Technique and was going to break through another realm or had achieved the Basic Level, His Majesty would let him practice here. I didn't know that it had turned into a mountain! Haha..." Green Spirit let out a hollow laugh. Obviously, he was shocked by the mountain in front of him.

"It's no big deal!" Zhou Bao shook his head. The Emperor of the Azure Heaven was truly generous. He had evolved a secret area here, and it definitely had an effect similar to the creation of heaven and earth. That era was just like the years of the Primordial Origin, when Primordial Yang Qi was extremely abundant. After being attracted, it piled up and formed a mountain. Everything was possible.

"Yeah, nothing is impossible!" Green Spirit shook his head, laughing. "Alright. Hurry up your practice. Your body has been refined with the remains of the Innate Deity, so if you cannot achieve the Basic Level of the Nine Heaven Yuan Yang Technique within a month while practicing in an environment permeated by such immense Primordial Yang Qi, you'd better find some tofu to kill yourself with!"

Zhou Bao said nothing but just laughed. After a flash of cyan light, he reached the peak of Primordial Yang Mountain, sat cross-legged, and began to practice.

What he practiced was the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique, a Pure Yang-property cultivation method. His Internal Qi had completely transformed into Demonic Fire of the Primitive Dragon Chimera, which was extremely Yang. Now, he would refine and store the Primordial Yang Qi around Primordial Yang Mountain in his body and turn it into the Nine Heavens Primordial Yang Internal Qi as soon as possible.

After refining with Demonic Fire of the Scale Monster, the Nine Heavens Primordial Yang Internal Qi circulated around his Real Dragon's Nine Acupoints and it all turned into the Nine Heavens Primordial Yang Essence. After that, a weird reaction occurred to the Demonic Fire inside his body. As his body shook violently, he suddenly opened his eyes, from which some astonishment was revealed.

"What's wrong with your practice?" Green Spirit asked as he saw Zhou Bao's strange expression.

Zhou Bao just shook his head but said nothing. He raised his hand and a great suction appeared in his palm. It cleaned all the surrounding mixed Primordial Yang Evil Qi and took the most ferocious one out. This Evil Qi rotated around him, and then he began to cultivate Gang.

He sat where he was for the next 20 days.

After that, a mild Yang Gang Qi surged out. Zhou Bao had finally practiced the Nine Heavens Primordial Yang Gang Qi successfully!

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