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"Huer, how can your friend treat us so indifferently?" After being sent out, Zhou Bao complained to Green Spirit about his friend's behavior.

"Listen, don't call me Huer!" Green Spirit looked up and glared at Zhou Bao. "Now you know the reason why I call him a freak. If he isn't interested in it, no matter how you lure him, he won't be tempted."

"Does his strength enable him to ignore his Original Spirit?"

"Even if you killed his Original Spirit now, he'd at least suffer a minor injury. Boy, you should know that he's a huge demon from antiquity times and has plenty of ways to harm you. However, you're just a brat who has good luck. He's lived for so many years and has surely seen many people who were luckier than you!"

"Are you saying that we can't handle this matter?"

"No. If you can offer him sufficient benefits, he will definitely agree. But I really can't think of anything now that can tempt him!"

"What if we find other demons and give them a try? Although he's the most powerful one, I can feel from the Origin of the Great Way that there are several other demons whose strength is almost as equal to his!"

"He is the most likely to agree with you. All the others just want to kill you!" Green Spirit glanced at him and continued to say, "The whale isn't interested in that kind of thing. Even if you held his Original Spirit, he wouldn't harm you. But other demons don't want to suffer any losses, and if they do, they'll kill you the immediately. You should know that your Origin of the Great Way isn't mature now, so the threat and injury you can pose to their Original Spirits are limited. Once your Origin of the Great Way grows mature, the act of putting their Original Spirits in your hands is equal to putting their lives in your hands. They definitely won't leave you any time to enhance your strength. They'll kill you immediately and then eat you, regardless of the Origin of the Great Way."

"Eat me?!" Zhou Bao shivered violently. "Are you joking?"

"Of course not. I'm very serious. They're members of the Demon tribe and winking is as easy to them as killing you!" Green Spirit glanced at him and smiled. "Actually, human flesh is palatable, especially human beings like you who are tender, delicate, full of strength, and chewy."

"Damn!" Zhou Bao swore in a low voice. "Then why did you ask me to find them? Do you wish me to die earlier?"

"No, I just asked you to find the whale to see if you have any method to convince him. You almost succeeded."

"What? Is he their leader?"

"No. He's a scheming bastard!" Green Spirit added, "He can find a way to handle our matter, as long as you can tempt him!"

"Fine. What is his Achilles' heel? Or should I say, what is his addiction?" Zhou Bao asked. He shifted his glance toward the weird island and continued to say, "That doesn't count!"

"I agree with you, I have no inclination to acquire that. But we need to be sincere and give him something valuable in order to tempt him!"

"Come on, Green Spirit, don't you know that this is the Azure Secret Area, where the treasures of heaven and earth are all around! He has stayed here for tens of thousands of years, how could he not have a collection already? And you think he might be interested in my valuables? What a joke!" Zhou Bao said helplessly.

"It makes sense. He's adept at refining weapons and has been a dominator here for so many years, therefore, he definitely has abundant valuables. Except for your two refined fairy weapon, you have nothing to offer him. However, you absolutely won't give them to him!"

"He has fairly weapon? Interesting!"

All of a sudden, a voice came to their ears. In a flash, a great force rushed toward them and transformed into a black hurricane, breaking the tide force, and directly enveloping and drawing away the Air-frozen Bead.

"Who are you?" Zhou Bao's expression changed sharply. He raised his hand and the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword Qi immediately rushed out.

The black and red Sword Qi shot out quickly and turned into numerous tiny sword stripes and stabbed that black hurricane.

"Hmm? What interesting Sword Qi!"

An exclamation came out of the black wind. Afterward, the black hurricane began shaking and rippling invisibly, offsetting the power of the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword.

Zhou Bao was tense, but he did not stop attacking. He continued to release Sword Qi and ferociously struck the black hurricane. Each Sword Qi contained immense killing intent as if the hurricane would be torn apart.

However, that black hurricane dealt with the changes calmly by remaining constant. Although it was surging because of the attacks of Zhou Bao's Sword Qi, it had not been injured fundamentally. Zhou Bao's actions were just like hitting a cloud of fog with a fist—as he dispersed a part of the hurricane, the remaining part would gather together again.

"Huer, your friend is hot-tempered. Ask him to give up his scheming, it's useless!"

"Humph! Not necessarily. I didn't expect you to take the initiative to attack and be the instigator!" Green Spirit acknowledged that man and said with despair, "Junior Leopard, you must put up a desperate fight. If you are captured by him, you'll know that living is no better than dying!"

Zhou Bao's face became extremely dark. Judging by his Origin of the Great Way and this black hurricane, he knew this furtive man was one of the most powerful Original Spirits in the Azure Secret Area, whose strength was not less than the whale's. However, that did not mean he would allow himself to get captured without putting up a fight.

No matter how powerful they were, they had just passed through the Thunder Tribulation and their cultivation had only reached the Realm of True Immortality. Even though they had accumulated immense Real Essence in their bodies, after going through such a fierce Thunder Tribulation, they needed some time to turn it into Dharma power. The more immense their Real Essence was, the more time it would take for them to evolve it into Dharma power. Therefore, Zhou Bao could feel the strong Real Essence clearly from that black hurricane.

He was not afraid of the power activated by Real Essence.

Upon releasing the seventh Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword Qi, he acutely felt the changes in it. It seemed that the power of his Sword Qi had advanced several times and the black and red were intermingled more harmoniously. Strands of brisk killing intent were generated from the black and red Sword Qi, sharply increasing the lethality of the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword Qi.

Swish, Swish, Swish!

Three streaks of Sword Qi cut the black hurricane surrounding the Air-frozen Bead apart and revealed the raging Essential Qi Tide outside of it. But obviously, Zhou Bao would not let it go easily.

After that, the three Sword Qi streaks gathered immediately and violently hacked at the raging Essential Qi Tide.

"Do you think that I can't find you?"

Boom, Boom, Boom!

Several thunder-like explosions rung out and an exclamation came from deep inside the Essential Qi Tide.

Following that was an utterly discomfited shout.

"Brat, you're courting death!"

A black airflow appeared suddenly in the Essential Qi Tide and transformed into a black flood-dragon, dashing toward Zhou Bao and Green Spirit.

"Damn you!" Zhou Bao was not afraid of him. He displayed his Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword Qi again.


The Sword Qi collided with that black flood-dragon and directly chopped it into two halves.

"I see. Haha! If I want to activate the maximum power of the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword, I must combine the Sword Qi and its murderous intent as a whole and trigger the murderous intent inside of the sword with my own murderous intent. Only in this way can I exterminate everything!" Zhou Bao yelled with brisk killing intent emanating from his entire body.

In the past, he had used the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword causally and, most of the time, the Sword Qi would be sent out without any killing intent. He would wield his sword just to deal with the situation at the time.

But now, after his killing intent was activated and he continuously displayed the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword, he finally triggered the congenital murderous intent in his sword and dramatically increased its power.

"You're really talented!" Green Spirit was nodding upon watching Zhou Bao fully display the maximum power of the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword.

"Brat, you're pursuing death!" A crazy shout came from the raging Essential Qi Tide. Zhou Bao's movements not only chopped the black Real Essence Dragon into two halves, but also completely exterminated the intelligence inside of it with congenital killing intent. The Real Essence Dragon collapsed and completely lost its lethality.

However, the guy hiding in the dark would not give in so easily. The surrounding Essential Qi Tide suddenly went on a rampage as if it was stirred by a huge hand, surging toward Zhou Bao and striking at the cyan light of the Air-frozen Bead.

The Air-frozen Bead was already a Pure Yang Celestial Device and was extremely powerful. The suddenly changed Essential Qi Tide naturally could not break its cyan light. But inside the Essential Qi Tide was a weird puff of black gas.

This puff of black gas was faintly discernable. And if Zhou Bao had not possessed a pair of strange eyes, he would never have noticed or discovered it.

The black gas intermingled with the Essential Qi Tide as if it was a kind of pneuma inside it. The Essential Qi Tide had struck the cyan light several times, but it did not break or shake the light. However, the black gas was seeping into the Air-frozen Bead little by little.

"Green Spirit, your old friend is fu*king prudent!" Zhou Bao smiled coldly and pointed at the faintly visible black fog seeping into the cyan light.

The Great Fusion Technique!

Zhou Bao had already had a perfect command of his Divine Sense, known as the Evil Fire Kylin. It was several times more powerful than it had been before. With a move of his finger, golden red firelight surged forward and everything around the black fog collapsed immediately.

Squeak, Squeak, Squeak!

From inside the black fog came a sound similar to a mouse. But it could only squeak because it had been fused by a space-melting temperature and was engulfed by the collapsed space.

"Good boy. You do have some skills. Huer, you've found a nice boy this time!"

An exasperated voice came out from the Essential Qi Tide again. A huge shadow appeared behind their heads and violently smashed downward.

An overwhelming pressure struck them directly and fiercely.

"The Coal Dragon-smelting Furnace!"

Green Spirit shouted out loud in terror.

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