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Junior Leopard challenged Wang Yuebai, the most powerful man of the Wang Family. It caused a stir in Jianghu and embarrassed the Wang Family.

Using the Four Seas Trading Company to suppress Anyuan Store was an important means of competition among well-known families. This world, like ancient China, did not value business. Business was nothing but a tool. The competition between tools was usually a game of means and ability. No one would be like Junior Leopard and respond to the suppression of a trading company with a challenge against their most powerful man.

It didn't make sense!

"He is really from a humble family! He knows nothing about the rules!"

Those aristocratic families silently cursed, but also watched how the Wang Family would respond, with great interest.

Zhou Bao was a famous young expert in the world. Although his cultivation only reached Level Seven, his combat gains were remarkable, no worse than a Level Eight expert or even better. In terms of strength, he really had the ability to challenge Wang Yuebai.

As the most powerful man of the Wang Family, Wang Yuebai represented the face of the Wang Family. If he refused the challenge, the family's reputation would suffer. But there were other ways. Since the challenge was posed by Junior Leopard, Wang Yuebai could send his men to battle. You knew, in addition to Wang Yuebai, there were also many other experts who could battle. However, except Wang Yuebai, the rest of the men seemed unable to beat Junior Leopard.

Zhou Bao was the man who killed Buyan Gerel on the prairie in a one-to-one battle.

Moreover, at that time, his cultivation had not reached Level Seven!

Now that he had become a Level Seven expert, what level exactly has his combat capability reached?

No one really knew, but one thing was clear, Zhou Bao had never been beaten since his debut.

After enumerating the experts of the Wang Family, they found that only Wang Yuebai had a decent chance to win. Hence, on this matter, Wang Yuebai had no choice at all.

It was because of this that the Wang Family was quite straightforward. The day after Junior Leopard put the news out, the Wang Family accepted the challenge.


10 days later, in Blackdragon Temple!

The Blackdragon Temple was not far from the World Hero Competition field. It was a very small martial arts school. If a few Taoist priests who knew martial arts could form a school, then the Blackdragon Temple was also a school.

In Jianghu, the Blackdragon Temple was not well-known. However, within a radius of hundreds-of-kilometers, it was very famous because it was very prosperous. On auspicious days, the believers around would bring their families here to offer incense and pray for safety.

The Wang Family chose the Blackdragon Temple as the venue, mainly because it was actually their estate. On their turf, they did not have to worry that Junior Leopard would cheat. Additionally, if they wanted, they could cheat. There was a large vacant lot behind the Blackdragon Temple which was a natural arms drill field. Both Wang Yuebai and Zhou Bao were experts, so their competition could not be tranquil. Besides, many busybodies were sure to flock here. To choose such a spacious place was safer.

To Junior Leopard, it was nothing. Because he was not going to cheat, nor was he afraid of the Wang's cheating, and he wasn't afraid others seeing his match with Wang Yuebai either.

The challenged had the right to decide where and when to fight. However, Wang Yuebai did not have much thought about the time of 10 days, so the time was still 10 days later since the challenge was put out.

When the time was fixed, something unexpected happened. The organizer of the World Hero Competition, the Great Jin Royalty, announced that the Hero Competition would stop on the day Zhou Bao challenged Wang Yuebai.

The decision was well received. As soon as it came out, it was praised.

In this way, neither side would be delayed.

"Damn it, the Jin Emperor really desires to stir up trouble!" After learning the news, Junior Leopard could only shake his head with a wry smile.

10 days later, in Blackdragon Temple!

From the wee hours, there were people in Jianghu on the road to Blackdragon Temple. By the time the sun rose, the hill where the Blackdragon Temple was situated and even the roof of the Blackdragon Temple had been already full of people. They jostled each other. Every now and then, there were several screams and arguments from the crowd. The Taoist priests had already lost their minds in an attempt to maintain order. The clever man had found a good place, while the clumsy one had been already crowded out of the temple.

In the hill where the Blackdragon Temple was situated, the only spacious place was the vacant lot behind the temple.

The vacant lot was about 1,000 feet long and several hundred feet wide. Around it was also full of people, but the space left was enough for the challenge.

A few of Junior Leopard's subordinates such as Jiang Xiao, Zhu Ba, and Wang Cheng, were worried about the Wang's tricks, so they came early. The Wang's also had already arrived here and were ready. Several cool shelters had been set up and had been occupied. Junior Leopard and his subordinates occupied one, and so did the Wang Family. Most notably, Wang She himself occupied one alone, leisurely drinking tea under a huge cool shelter. As for others who also occupied cool shelters, Junior Leopard did not know them.

Junior Leopard was not surprised that Wang She appeared. But he was a little surprised to see him so early.

"Isn't this guy always late? Why is he so early this time?"

Junior Leopard glanced at Wang She and then looked away.

Wang She did not seem to notice Junior Leopard looking at him and just bent his head over his tea.

In the crowd, Junior Leopard saw several familiar figures, the Wu's Family Head, Wu Yansheng and the First Elder, Lyu Yiyue. What surprised Junior Leopard, was a young man in his twenties, standing by the side of Wu Yansheng and Lyu Yiyue.

"Wu Yutian, the Wu's First Young Master!" Junior Leopard's heart trembled as if he thought of something. Glancing at Lyu Yiyue, he found that Lyu Yiyue was looking at him in a very friendly way, so he nodded slightly and averted his eyes.

He also saw two acquaintances besides the Wu's. One was Li Xiu, standing on the roof of the main hall of the Blackdragon Temple. He exuded fierce Sword Qi so that there was no one within 30 feet of him. He was looking at Junior Leopard with a strange look. Junior Leopard nodded to him, smiled, and then turned to another acquaintance, Meng Qingrong.

He gave the tsundere girl a sharp look in her budding breasts and a malicious thought flashed through his mind. He raised his hand, waved at Meng Qingrong, and revealed a smile that he thought was very charming. The tsundere girl responded by slightly opening her small mouth with a bewildered expression on her face. Seeing her reaction, he was satisfied, but soon he frowned.

An uncomfortable feeling rose from his heart.

"Someone is peeping!" The powerful spiritual mind made him instantly understand what was going on. His eyes narrowed slightly, and following his vision, his spiritual mind was instantly fixed on the old pine that was before the hall of the Blackdragon Temple. Amid the thick foliage, a figure loomed.

"Damn it! It's a woman!" Though the person's face was completely obscured by the shadow of the tree, Junior Leopard could clearly distinguish her gender from the graceful figure. Moreover, from her long and deep spirit, Junior Leopard could also confirm that her strength was Level Seven.

At this time, in this place, among so many people, only one person had such strength.

It's the new young expert, Ji Yeyue.

"Why is she hiding in the pine tree and being furtive? She definitely harbors evil intentions!" Junior Leopard grinned and gave a middle finger to the pine tree.

It was getting hot. The Wang Family only sent out a few people to keep order in the cool shelters. Since there were too many people and it was hot, the surrounding people began to be noisy and the sound was growing. Zhu Ba had got tired of waiting.

"Your Excellency, why doesn't the damn Wang Yuebai come? Didn't we make an appointment for today?"

"Just wait, wait a little longer!" Junior Leopard waved.

"But we've been waiting for more than two hours!"

"Now that His Excellency told you to wait a little longer, just wait a little longer. What's the hurry?" Jiang Xiao, who was next to him, discontentedly said, pulling Zhu Ba's sleeve. Then Zhu Ba quieted down.

After a while, the noisy crowd suddenly became silent, and then a voice abruptly became louder. Sitting in the cool shelter, Junior Leopard could see a group slowly approaching the Blackdragon Temple. The first man was riding on a fine black horse with a smile on his face that gave off a quiet expression like pines.

"Here come the Wangs! Here come the Wangs!"

"Look, that's Wang Yuebai, the most powerful man of the Wang Family!"

"And that man, who is side by side with Wang Yuebai, is the present Family Head of the Wang Family in Cenzhou!"

"What? The Wang's Family Head also came here?"

"Of course! The Wang's Family Head certainly came! Wang Yuebai is not only the Wang's most powerful man, but also his uncle!"

"No wonder. I see!"

The crowd became even noisier and struggled to separate to let the Wangs march in.

"Interesting! This time the Wang Family sent a lot of experts. Apart from Wang Yuebai, there are four Level Seven experts. It seems that they were the ones who chased Luo Haiyun on that day. Heehee, it's really unpredictable!"

After the Wangs entered a cool shelter, the Family Head came out and slowly went to the entrance of the cool shelter. He looked at Junior Leopard and said, "Zhou Bao, we're here. What do you say?"

"I have nothing to say. Let's get started. Don't talk rubbish!"

It was not Junior Leopard who spoke, but Wang She. He seemed to have had enough tea. Putting the teacup aside, he reached the entrance of his cool shelter and said, "Wang Yuebai, come out! Everybody's busy. You'd better start early and finish early!" Then he turned to Junior Leopard. "Junior Leopard, you should solve your own problems. If you die here, I'm not in charge of your body!"

"I dare not trouble Chief Wang!" Junior Leopard stood up and bowed to Wang She. Then he went to the entrance of his cool shelter. Instead of giving a glance at the Wang's Family Head who was standing at his cool shelter, he looked at Wang Yuebai. "First Elder Wang, I have heard of your illustrious name for a long time. This time, I take the liberty to see the power of the Wang's Pero Purple Striped Saber. Can you show me that?"

"Now that you want to die, I'll help you!" Wang Yuebai stood up with a sneer. With a flash, he was in the field. The Pero Purple Striped Saber in his hand was flashing a strange purple lustre in the sun.

"Good, First Elder Wang is so straightforward!" Junior Leopard walked down the field with a smile and raised his hand. Then a pale gold light flashed and a pale gold cudgel suddenly appeared in his hand. It was only a foot long at first, but it grew strangely against the wind, and in the blink of an eye, it became a light gold Eyebrow Cudgel.

It was such a strange situation that no one present had ever seen or even heard of. Only the expression of some people in cool shelters suddenly became sullen. They had never seen it, but they all had heard of it.

"A Divine Weapon?" A gleam appeared in Wang Yuebai's eyes with the greatest astonishment in his sluggish tone.

"First Elder, good sight!" Junior Leopard laughed, lying his cudgel before his body. "First Elder is elder, so you first please!"

"Then I'll come first!" Wang Yuebai had no intention of modesty. With a flash of purple light, he was already in front of Junior Leopard.



As a deafening crash of metal was heard, Junior Leopard's Golden-Scaled Cudgel blocked Wang Yuebai's Pero Purple Striped Saber.

With one blow, Junior Leopard did not move, but Wang Yuebai was surprisingly knocked back two steps by a force.

He had never thought of such a situation. They just did one movement and he failed.

"It's no wonder that Zhou Bao is so famous at a young age. He does have some abilities!" Wang Yuebai privately thought, but he was not in a panic. A purple light flashed on his body and a brilliant purple lustre appeared.

"Pero Purple Striped Gang!"

It was the most powerful cultivation method in the Wang Family. As the purple lustre appeared, it rushed to Junior Leopard. Since Junior Leopard's Gang Qi had not formed yet, he would not recklessly fight with him naturally. He withdrew the cudgel in his hand and seven or eight golden fireballs smashed against the purple lustre.

"Puff, puff!" Those fireballs hit the purple lustre, which made it give a sharp pause. Then it engulfed these fireballs sent by Junior Leopard, not even leaving one behind.

"Eh?" The golden fireball had been so powerful since Junior Leopard inadvertently practiced the third form of the Nine Forms of Real Dragon. Though it had encountered resistance, it has never been engulfed.

"Try again!" As he raised his hand, a dozen more fireballs flew out. But the results were still the same. Those fireballs could only block off Wang Yuebai's Gang Qi, and in a blink of an eye, they were engulfed.

"It seems that I'm facing my match today!" Junior Leopard secretly said. Then he stopped wasting his Internal Qi and mindlessly smashed the purple lustre with his Golden-Scaled Cudgel.

Wang Yuebai certainly would not make it so easy for him to succeed. In a competition between masters, you had to be proactive and play at your own pace instead of getting caught up in your opponent's pace. This was basic common sense. His Gang Qi was marvellous, but he was not going to deal with Junior Leopard's wizard weapon with his Gang Qi. Certainly, he would use a wizard weapon to beat a wizard weapon.

Therefore, seeing Junior Leopard swinging his cudgel to attack, Wang Yuebai showed no weakness and took his saber to meet the cudgel.

Clank, clank, clank!

Bang, bang, bang!

Within seconds, they had been fighting for more than 10 movements. The Pero Purple Striped Saber was an acknowledged wizard weapon with infinite power. Additionally, Wang Yuebai had been practicing saber techniques for so many years that his saber techniques were sophisticated. Combined with his Gang Qi, he forced Junior Leopard to retreat in succession in a few movements.

Although the 72 Style Earthly Fiends Cudgel Techniques was marvellous, Junior Leopard had not been practicing it for very long. He was familiar with it, but it was the first time he used it against an enemy. Thus, he was lacking in experience. Moreover, after Wang Yuebai knew that Junior Leopard had no advantage in strength from the first attack, he did not meet Junior Leopard head on, but controlled the situation ruthlessly with his sophisticated saber techniques. After several rounds, Junior Leopard was at a disadvantage.

"Uncomfortable, it's fucking uncomfortable!" Junior Leopard almost had an urge to throw the cudgel and fight with Wang Yuebai with bare hands.

"Damn it! He has the upper hand in a few movements. It's a shame!" He cursed in the heart. He swung the cudgel in his hand to protect himself, and then letting go of the cudgel with one hand, he touched his waist. A gold light flashed and he had taken out the Knot Golden Net to cover Wang Yuebai.

The Knot Golden Net was a psychic magic weapon. As soon as it unfolded, the golden light was all over the sky, which was very beautiful.

However, something that was beautiful but useless was easy to make a fool of oneself. The Knot Golden Net was suitable for catching fish, crabs, and even snakes, but not necessarily catching people.

The golden light, hit by the purple lustre, stopped in the air. Then a purple saber light flashed and the Knot Golden Net was cut in half by the Pero Purple Striped Saber.

"Hum, now that you took away the Knot Golden Net from the Lins, you should know that it's of little use. You're stupid to use it against me!"

The saber light, like electricity, broke the Knot Golden Net and then hit him in the face without stopping.

Under the saber light of Wang Yuebai, Junior Leopard dodged with the protection of the Golden-Scaled Cudgel. He then said, "The Knot Golden Net didn't work. But what about my Demon Devil Needles?"

"Click, click, click..."

"It didn't work either!" The Pero Saber flashed and cut off the Demon Devil Needles shot out by Junior Leopard. "Zhou Bao, don't play these kind of tricks in front of me! Take out your real strength, or else I'll kill you with my saber!"

In a moment, the lustre of the Pero Purple Striped Saber flourished as if it echoed Wang Yuebai's words. Beams of purple lines emanated from the saber, turning into powerful Saber Qi that hit Junior Leopard.

"Damn it!" Seeing the purple lines, Junior Leopard knew something was wrong, but it was a little late. The purple Saber Qi which was avoided by Junior Leopard didn't disappear, but turned back and rushed into Wang Yuebai's Gang Qi as if it had intelligence.

In a flash, the Evil Qi of the placid Pero Purple Striped Gang became thriving. The Gang Qi with Evil Qi made Junior Leopard suffocate and successively retreat.

"Zhou Bao, this is the end of your overreach!" Wang Yuebai snarled. The nine strands of sharp Saber Qi turned into entities, forming a formation to surround him.

"Fuck!" Junior Leopard cursed in a low voice, "You're overreaching yourself!"

The Golden-Scaled Cudgel in his hand, fiercely glittering with gold, suddenly became 100 feet long and one foot in diameter. Through the brandishing of Junior Leopard, it immediately hit the Saber Qi that turned into a formation.

"Clap, clap, clap!"

"Crack, crack!"

The mournful voice continued. After all, the purple Saber Qi was weaker than the Divine Weapon, so it was broken by Junior Leopard's Golden-Scaled Cudgel.

"Don't forget that my weapon is also a wizard weapon!" Junior Leopard cried. Now, he had a thorough understanding of his Divine Weapon. Its size was changeable. Once it was amplified, the area that he was able to control would become larger, just like his previous two big hammers. It could be used to attack and to defend. Once he used it to defend, people really did not have a way to deal with it.

"First Elder Wang, don't do any more of these weak things. Just get out your real strength!" Junior Leopard shouted. Within the circulation of his Internal Qi, the Heavenly Jade Technique and the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill were started, and the power of the gold cudgel increased several times.

After the saber formation was destroyed, Wang Yuebai did not care at first. He took the Pero Purple Striped Saber vertically to meet Junior Leopard's cudgel. But there started the trouble.

With just a blow, he was blocked and flew out like a meteor.

"Gosh!" He was startled because he noticed that Junior Leopard's blow was different from the previous ones. It not only became a few times stronger, without the slightest hint of wind, but also was extremely mysterious.

It was mysterious!

At this time, the long cudgel in Junior Leopard's hands could change as he wanted. Though Junior Leopard still used the 72 Style Earthly Fiends Cudgel Techniques, Wang Yuebai felt it was completely different from before. The cudgel was heavier and the strength was stronger. Most importantly, there was no wind.

We all knew that the five senses of people who practiced martial arts were very sensitive. People at the level of Wang Yuebai especially almost had an instinct of telling the location through the wind. All of a sudden, Wang Yuebai found that the cudgel was hitting him in the face without any sound. This made him a little uncomfortable, and he was slow to react. Then Junior Leopard got a chance.

The 72 Style Earthly Fiends Cudgel Techniques were fully displayed to hit Wang Yuebai like a storm pouring down.

Wang Yuebai's saber techniques were masterly, but he could not protect the Pero Purple Striped Saber in his hand from contacting the Golden-Scaled Cudgel. The Pero Purple Striped Saber was powerful, while the Golden-Scaled Cudgel was a wizard weapon as well. Additionally, under the double effect of the Heavenly Jade Technique and the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill, the Golden-Scaled Cudgel could produce a powerful force with only a light touch. After several rounds, Wang Yuebai was exhausted and was about to lose.

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