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The whole cudgel was pale gold and covered with delicate, silky scales, which made it very comfortable to grasp. However, you could only see the scales if you had vision like Junior Leopard's and could only feel them if you held the cudgel in your hands.

After 32 days, following Green Spirit's step by step instructions, did he finally successfully refine the Divine Weapon.

It weighed 4,396 kilograms, and could reach up to 190 feet long with a diameter of five feet. Additionally, it could be shrunk to the size of a sewing needle as well, just like Monkey Sun's Golden Cudgel. However, he was not able to put it in his ear like what Monkey Sun did due to how great the density would be at the size of a sewing needle. How could the body of ordinary people bear such a weight?

Although his physical body may now be called as strong as iron, it was not as strong as Monkey Sun's terrifying body. He couldn't bear it if the cudgel was put in his ear. Therefore, even if it could be shrunk to the size of a sewing needle, it could only be placed in his independent space.

His two big hammers had been melted down by the Tusita Fire. Although Junior Leopard was a little reluctant, after practicing the 72 Style Earthly Fiends Cudgel Techniques with the Golden-Scaled Cudgel a few times, he had to admit that this cudgel skill was marvellous. Matching with the Golden-Scaled Cudgel, the power was no less than his twin hammers. Of course, if Junior Leopard used his powerful Hammer Spirit, it was another case.

"Boom, boom, boom!" With three attacks all at once, the Golden-Scaled Cudgel in Junior Leopard's hand reached up to 100 feet and smashed against the hill ahead. The sound was as loud as a thunderbolt and the stone fell down like rain. In a moment, a big stone mountain was razed to the ground.

"Good cudgel skill, it's very powerful!" He withdrew the cudgel and leaned on it, "The 72 Style Earthly Fiends Cudgel Techniques is really wonderful! Where did you find it?"

"Seriously? Do I have to find it? The cudgel is the earliest weapon. People in the antiquity times all used cudgels. There's no mystery in cudgel skills at all. Everyone can use the 72 Style Earthly Fiends Cudgel Techniques, but they all comprehend different levels."

Junior Leopard smiled and put away the cudgel, "Then I need time to figure it out, but I am not available now. Yesterday I got a message, it seems that something curious happened at the World Hero Competition. I'm going to check it out!"

"The World Hero Competition? Haha, is it the competition that your subordinate is going to take part in? Interesting! I liked to join in such fun in the past!" Hearing the World Hero Competition, the Green Spirit was a little excited.

"It is too complicated. I don't want to get involved. I'm just going to watch it!" Junior Leopard said, "The most important thing right now is to find another underground fire vein to refine a Pure Yang Celestial Device with the talisman formation while I still have a sense of it. That thing is really annoying!"

"Okay, but it's hard to find the underground fire vein!"

"Not necessarily. I have an appointment with Prince Xiaoming of the Sect of Flame. I'm to help him get enough Earth Fire Yuan Essence with my fist intent. But for various reasons, it's delayed. This time I go to the Central Plains to find her. If she wants the Earth Fire Yuan Essence, she must find an underground fire vein. Then I can take advantage of this opportunity and save a little more Earth Fire Yuan Essence Qi so as to refine a Pure Yang Celestial Device!"

"Aren't you afraid of freezing the geocentric fire vein again?"

"It's not my possession so it's none of my business!" Junior Leopard sneered.

Even if he spurred on the flying horse, traveling from the northwest to the Central Plains would take an average man dozens of days. However, by Reining Sword, it only cost Junior Leopard one or two days to travel tens of thousands of kilometers. The time was mainly spent on refining his Golden-Scaled Cudgels, so when he arrived, the World Hero Competition was almost half way through.

The World Hero Competition caused a sensation in the world. It adopted the knock-out system. More than 8,560 people have signed up and got a number individually. Then people competed in pairs. The winner went to the next round, and the loser left. It was simple. There was no so-called round robin or repechage.

Zhu Ba was defeated and knocked out with serious injuries. Fortunately, he was still alive and his pneuma wasn't damaged. When Junior Leopard saw him, he was biting big pettitoes in white bandages.

"Hum, not serious. You still have a good appetite, you won't die easily!"

"Your Excellency, here you are! Here you are!" When Junior Leopard entered the room, Zhu Ba froze for a moment and then immediately exclaimed. Junior Leopard believed that if he could still move, he would definitely jump on him. Thinking of this, Junior Leopard shivered.

"Stop shouting! How could you be so unlucky as to be beaten up like this?"

"Alas, don't mention it, Your Excellency. Who would have thought we'd meet that monstrous woman!" Zhu Ba helplessly cried, "That woman is extremely powerful! I'm not like you, so I can't beat her!"

"Meng Qingrong's cultivation was high, and she has a wizard weapon, Taixuan Thunder Saber. So it's not surprising that you lost the competition. It's not a disgrace!" Junior Leopard smiled, "However, it's also not easy for her to win the Pure Yang Celestial Device!"

"Of course! This time, all the well-known families and schools have sent their hidden experts. On the third day, there were already two experts of Level Seven competing. It was really..." Thinking of the competition, Zhu Ba sighed quietly, "It is said that even the weakest one who is still in the competition is a master of Level Five. Most of them are experts with cultivation of more than Level Seven. Heehee, there're more than 60 experts, most of whom I have never heard of. I can't imagine that there are so many awesome guys in this world!"

"This World Hero Competition is basically successful. Who wins the Pure Yang Celestial Device is not important!" Junior Leopard laughed, "Oh, I heard that there are two teen experts in this competition, right?"

"Yeah, yeah, Your Excellency, I didn't expect there would be people who are as talented as you. I thought that Meng Qingrong was already very powerful because she ascended into Level Five at such a young age. Unexpectedly, there are still two youngsters who have ascended into Level Seven. They're Li Xiu, the young master of the Li Family of Pingzhou, and Ji Yeyue."

When hearing the name of Ji Yeyue, Junior Leopard could clearly feel some excitement, "Heehee, Your Excellency, you have no idea how sturdy Ji Yeyue is!"

"I have no idea? I certainly know that Ji Yeyue has been called as 'the first sturdy girl in the world'!" Junior Leopard laughed.

"'The first sturdy girl in the world'?" Hearing Junior Leopard's description, Zhu Ba finally began to laugh hysterically, "Your Excellency, it's not 'the first sturdy girl in the world', but 'the most beautiful woman in the world'!"

Ji Yeyue was the only woman among the four brightest youngers in the World Hero Competition. She was not only powerful in feat, but also beautiful in appearance. As soon as she turned up, she shocked all the male attendants. In the first few competitions, she even didn't exert 10 percent of her strength, because her opponents were so absorbed in her beauty. It was not until she met a strong-willed Level Seven expert in the fourth competition that she had a chance to show her real strength. Then everyone present was stunned. It turned out that the girl aged about 17 or 18, had the strength of Level Seven, which was extraordinary. She soon beat her opponent. Her strength and demeanour had completely overshadowed the other young talents and undoubtedly, she became the focus of the World Hero Competition.

"Your Excellency, there are a lot of people comparing you to them. Would you like to take part?"

"Absolutely not. It's not easy to find two people to help me share the reputation. I won't be so stupid as to mess with them!" Junior Leopard smirked.

"Li Xiu of Pingzhou, good, I didn't expect that you'd have also broken through to Level Seven in these years. It seems that you mainly practice swordsmanship. If there is a chance, we can have a battle. But for now, I'm not available!"

"Your Excellency, there's one thing that is troublesome."

Zhu Ba had his convalescence in a large room. Jiang Xiao and other people were in the room as well. Hearing that they almost finished talking, Jiang Xiao began to speak with a flicker of embarrassment on his face.

"What's up?"

"Recently, Anyuan Store has been severely suppressed!" Jiang Xiao smiled bitterly, "Someone is aiming at us. Some of our goods were robbed, and others were confiscated by the government. The hard-fought connection and several trade routes have all been broken. As for the established cooperations, they were also stopped by the partners. If it goes on like this, Anyuan Store will have to shut down in a few months!"

Hearing this, Junior Leopard's expression changed with his eyes narrowed.

"Do you know who is responsible?"

"It's probably the Four Seas Trading Company, the estate of the Wang Family."

"The Wang Family?" Slowly mulling over the words, Junior Leopard smiled, "It seems that I'm really a little out of line with the Wang Family lately!"

Jiang Xiao said with a forced smile, "The Four Seas Trading Company, with complex business networks, is one of the top 10 trading companies in Great Jin. Small trading companies like the newborn Anyuan Store are simply not able to match it. If they really want to block us, it'll be really hard for us to keep doing business!"

"Have you thought about a way to fight back?"

"It's certainly impossible to fight back in business. We aren't at the same level as them!" Jiang Xiao answered, "It seems that the Wang Family is not only a millennium family, but they also have a close relationship with Tian Long Taoism. Because of this, the Wu Family has scruples about helping us openly."

"Oppressing us using their powerful influence! It's really a good choice!" Junior Leopard smiled, "Since we cannot solve it using business, we have to make other plans. Is there anyone else who is against us, apart from the Four Seas Trading Company?"

"The Four Seas Trading Company is the ringleader, and there are several other big trading companies!" Jiang Xiao replied, "But I think, if we can successfully fight against the Four Seas Trading Company, others will not be hard on us anymore."

"Damn it! Why didn't you tell me earlier? I'd have brought some people to smash the Four Seas Trading Company and see if they dare to look for trouble again!"

"It's wishful thinking! The Four Seas Trading Company is the estate of the Wang Family. Moreover, the Wang Family is a famous millennium baron worldwide, with numerous masters and experts in their clan. Believe it or not, if you smash the Four Seas Trading Company today, the Wang Family will send experts to kill you tomorrow!"

"The Wang Family in Cenzhou is a millennium family that is really hard to be pushed around!"

When it came to the Wang Family, a harsh light flashed through Junior Leopard's eyes. In the northwest, his fief was adjacent to the fief of one of the collateral members of the Wang Family. They had a conflict and he had been deeply impressed by their arrogance. So they might try to clamp down on him to get revenge by suppressing the Anyuan Store.

"However, if I will be frightened by you , I won't be called by the name, Zhou Bao!" Junior Leopard sneered in his heart, "Now you want to play the game, I'll play with you to the end. The leading bird usually bears the brunt of  attack . Now you're the leading bird that provokes me. But I have to find more participants since it's too boring!"

When Junior Leopard thought of this, a cold smile occurred in his eyes, "Jiang Xiao, signal that I, Zhou Bao from Yunzhou, will challenge Wang Yuebai, the most powerful man in the Wang Family after 10 days. If he is afraid, he can give up!"

"Your Excellency!" Jiang Xiao did not expect that Junior Leopard would pay his attention of this problem after his slight mention, "Your Excellency, Wang Yuebai is the most powerful man in the Wang Family in Cenzhou. It is said that his cultivation has reached the peak of Level Eight, only a step away from Level Nine. Besides, there is a whole Wang Family in Cenzhou behind him. Do you really plan to challenge him?"

"Now that the Wang Family wants to be the leading bird, then I'll help them!" Junior Leopard laughed grimly, "He's just a Level Eight expert. No big deal! Spread the news now, the wider and more sensational the better. This time, it is the Wang Family who has come to annoy me. It'll give others the impression that I am mild-tempered if I don't teach them a lesson. Do you think I'm that kind of person?" Junior Leopard grinned.

"OK! I'll try to give the news out. But before that, I still advise Your Excellency to think twice. The Wang Family isn't like the Cool Breeze Gang. They have been in the world for thousands of years with unfathomable foundations. Wang Yuebai is probably the most powerful man superficially. If the real master..."

"Don't worry, I can handle that!" Junior Leopard waved his hand to dismiss his worry, "Make the arrangements as I said. If there is really a hidden expert in the Wang family, I also have confidence to deal with that!"

"Yes!" Speaking like this, Jiang Xiao dared not to say any more, bowing his head and leaving the room.

"Your Excellency, you still care a lot about your reputation. It's actually not your wish to have someone share your reputation. It seems that you're afraid of being upstaged, so you arranged the challenge, right? Then in the end, you can steal the thunder of those two young experts." Zhu Ba tittered beside him.

"Challenging Wang Yuebai is just the endgame!" Junior Leopard said, waving his hand, "I asked Jiang Xiao to spread the news out because I'm worried that Wang Yuebai won't accept the challenge. Besides, I have no other purpose!"

"The endgame? For what?"

"The conflict that happened in the northwest, along with the Tian Long Taoism and a few well-known families asking me to participate in the World Hero Competition." Junior Leopard replied, "These must be the reason why the Wang Family are suppressing the Anyuan Store. They don't represent one family, but a powerful profit group. I have degraced them, so they naturally want to make reprisals!"

"But if you challenge Wang Yuebai, it will aggravate the problem, making it harder to wrap up. Moreover, you'll offend the Tian Long Taoism again!"

"The trouble with Tian Long Taoism has already finished!" Junior Leopard answered, "Those families are smart. This time the Wang Family is just making a final sound. In such a case, I shouldn't show weakness. The Tian Long Taoism will never tell those well-known families the reason why they stopped. Therefore, they're all wondering what I have done to let the Tian Long Taoism give up taking advantage of me, and they want to sound me out. Under these circumstances, the only thing I have to do is to give a strong counterattack and tear down the face of the Wang Family completely. These families are all bullies, and there's a lot of interest entanglement among them. As long as I show my strong attitude, they'll find that they must suffer great losses and lose more than they have gained to fight against me, then in the end, they'll shrink back!"

"What if they keep on being tough?" Reckless as Zhu Ba was, he was not a fool. He thought about it for a second, "There're many experts in the Wang Family, so it doesn't matter if they lose one or two. After all, they have deep roots. But if you have any accidents, we'll all lose our backer and Anyuan Store will be uprooted!"

"Tough? They're unable to keep being tough!" Junior Leopard said confidently, "Don't worry! I won't be as foolish as to throw an egg at a rock!"

Junior Leopard certainly wouldn't be foolish like that. Wang Yuebai indeed had the strength of Level Eight, but Junior Leopard didn't think highly of him. As long as he hadn't ascend into Level Nine and his Internal Qi hadn't been converted to the Genuine Soul, Junior Leopard would never worry about it. The Wang Family was too aggressive and had offended too many people. For example, Moon Deer of Extended Net, who was one of the 28 constellations just like him, as well as Luo Haiyun from the Luo Family in Minshan Commandery, who had absolutely irreconcilable hatred with the Wang Family. The reason why he had set the time for 10 days later, was to leave enough time to spread the news. He believed that Moon Deer of Extended Net would be very happy to help him against the Wang Family.

In addition to Moon Deer of Extended Net, Prince Xiaoming was the reason why he came to the Central Plains. For the sake of the appointment made in the underground fire vein in Zhonghe City, as well as the raw materials of the Air-frozen Beads, Prince Xiaoming would definitely come when she heard the news. Even if she would not help him openly, she may possibly help him secretly.

That was why Junior Leopard told Jiang Xiao to spread the news widely. Besides, Wang She was sure to come too if he heard of the news. This was not because he had close a relationship with Wang She, but for other reasons.

"After such a long time, the Tian Long Taoism Leader, Yu Baimei, must be very concerned about the relationship between me and the golden-clothed man! The general principles of the Nine Heaven Yuan Yang Technique are not trivial. Moreover, those who are able to get through the Thunder Tribulation must have arrived in the Genuine Immortal Karma Rank. As the Leader of the Tian Long Taoism, he couldn't care less about the guy whose strength is terrific. Additionally, I purposely didn't make it clear to Wang She what the relationship between me and the golden-clothed man was, which must be a sore point to him. No matter whether public or private interest, he would definitely motion Wang She, who has a good relationship with me, to approach me, and signal that he'd better figure out my relationship with the Stranger under the thunder!" With all of this, Junior Leopard was confident that even if he challenged and defeated Wang Yuebai, mercilessly causing the Wang Family to lose face, the Wang Family couldn't do anything to him.

"Since the Wang Family is bent against me, then I'll help them to achieve their aim. I have to hurt them so much that they will be afraid of me. In this way, the crackdown of the Four Seas Trading Company on Anyuan Store will be naturally eliminated. Then Anyuan Store will soon become the economic lifeline of my territory. How can I let it be suppressed?"

"What? Zhou Bao is going to challenge Wang Yuebai, the most powerful man of the Wang Family in Cenzhou? What the hell is this boy doing?"

The news was passed out in the afternoon, shocking the whole Jianghu.

Under the influence of the World Hero Competition, the whole Jianghu was already in a boiling state. Junior Leopard's behavior had now exacerbated the situation. Although he didn't attend the World Hero Competition, he suddenly announced the challenge to Wang Yuebai, a celebrated expert that had been famous for decades, which raised all sorts of conjecture.

"Is this guy crazy for fame?"

"What the hell is he doing? Does he realize that he is out of date because there're two teen experts appearing in the World Hero Competition? So he arranged this challenge because he was undefeated?"

"It's interesting! Zhou Bao has already killed several experts. Will there be another one this time?"

People who didn't understand the truth kept thinking like this.

"Anyuan Store is Zhou Bao's estate. These days the Four Seas Trading Company is clearly aiming at Anyuan Store. It seems that Zhou Bao is going to fight back. But is this too radical?"

"It is said that he defeated Lin Xiaoqing of the Lins with his bare hands in the northwest, so his confidence increased sharply. But Wang Yuebai isn't Lin Xiaoqing. He is the most powerful man in the Wang Family and owns the most powerful treasure, the Pero Purple Striped Saber. What's more, His cultivation has reached the peak of Level Eight, ready for stepping into Level Nine. It's not easy for Zhou Bao to beat him!"

"Damn it! Zhou Bao is really hot-tempered. As soon as you provoke him, he gets angry. Fortunately, the Wang Family had the leading role this time, so we can just watch the competition and see if he has backers. No, we should see whether his backers are strong. I'll never believe that he had become an expert at such a young age without any backers!"

Within three days, the challenge launched by Junior Leopard had spread throughout Jianghu. Unsurprisingly, it became the most sensational event along with the World Hero Competition.

"This boy, heehee, is very intriguing! I should never miss the chance to join in the fun? The Wang Family has been pushy for thousands of years, and it's time for them to suffer losses!" In the Tian Long Mystic Mountain, Wang She sat cross-legged on the Sunset Peak with a very malicious smile on his face, "I can also take this opportunity to finish my business!"

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