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Butler Lin only wore a thin sleeping gown with his bloody body. His body was struck in the front yard, falling into the yard like an artillery shell and rolling two rolls on the ground with no sound.

It was because of such scene that Junior Leopard screamed with his full strength. He was really scared. He didn't want to die for no reason here.

He was screaming while darting into the room. He knew that there was a small rear window in the room. As long as he got out of the rear window, he would be freed from the big threat.

However, the threat he imagined did not come. He awoke his three roommates when darting into the room and then there was a great disorder. The fire was lit up, the ironware shop began to bustle. After a while, screams could be heard coming from the yard and then it calmed down gradually.

Junior Leopard did not jump out of the rear window eventually, because the killer was not interested in him at all.

It was obvious that Butler Lin and Old Xing were targets of the killer and now both of them were killed.

Old Xing was more miserable than Butler Lin. Old Xing's corpse was broken into two pieces and he died with a dark iron hammer in his left hand, and his two eyes were wide opened.

Although Junior Leopard had some bad ideas for the unusual performance of Old Xing in recent months, he had not thought of such a miserable result. Seeing Old Xing's corpse, Junior Leopard felt a rush of sadness into his heart. Although the time he got along with Old Xing was short, he had treated Old Xing as a mentor unknowingly; Old Xing, like a teacher, had taught him what he knew and learned with a hope that Junior Leopard could pass the selection of the Wu Family and complete his wish. However, before the day came, he died. He died miserably, which made Junior Leopard grieved. As such, Junior Leopard hated the unknown killer.

"10 years, within 10 years at most, I must find you out and cut you in half like what you did today!"

Junior Leopard swore in his heart. But then, what happened next made him dare not express his ideas and he did not even reveal a trace of sadness.

Butler Lin and Old Xing were spokesmen of the Wu Family's ironware shop in the whole Qingyang Market. Their death might be a hit in Qingyang Market, and created a tremendous buzz. After all, they were members of the Wu Family; it was natural that the local government dared not neglect the accident and took a full investigation. As the first witness on the spot, Junior Leopard was asked to go to the government several times as if they would catch the killer.

But it was strange that the incident was oppressed quickly and clarified as the act of bandits when new housekeeper and craftsman occurred in Qingyang Market. They even further found out pieces of evidence that Butler Lin and Old Xing embezzled money from the Wu Family's ironware shop which astonished people. After a period, no one would mention the incident except as after-dinner conversation.

Such result made Junior Leopard have to be wary, and he smelled a hint of intrigue.

Generally speaking, in such a well-known family, they would not let the incident go even if the bureaucrat in the local government had a little snub. If not, how to reveal the dignity of the well-known family? It was so abnormal that the Wu Family should throw itself dirty water and push the incident down.

Why? Only one reason could explain it. That was that the Wu Family wanted to cover up the incident.

But why would they want to cover it up?

Junior Leopard did not know and also did not want to know. At least for now, before he could defend himself, he did not want to.

After some period, the incident calmed down. Junior Leopard went back to quiet life as usual. Since Old Xing had tried hard to distance him, he had no other trouble with the incident except for being asked to answer questions by the local government. In addition, due to good qualifications, he was quite outstanding among the apprentices. He gradually gained the confidence and reuse of the new craftsman.

Just like the schools of his previous life. Teachers always liked good students, whether it was head teacher or teacher.

Therefore, Junior Leopard lived a quite comfortable life; different from Old Xing whose right hand was disabled, the new craftsman Qin Xuanlong was a real craftsman and fighter with Level Three cultivation. He was in prime and should be good at using hidden weapons and darts except for unusual martial arts. Junior Leopard had seen that just by shaking darts out, he nailed all three darts to the red heart a hundred meters away.Junior Leopard couldn't help admiring him.

The savvy of Junior Leopard was so high that the Nine-styled Hammering Skill and sets of punching skills of toughening skin were too easy for him. Therefore, Qin Xuanlong simply taught Junior Leopard the technique of hidden weapons and darts. After all, this technique was not rare.

"Do do do— !" Three darts were tightly nailed to the red dot of the dart center.

"Yeah, good, that's great!" Qin Xuanlong stood aside, cheered and could not help showing admiration on his face.

He had been teaching as a craftsman for over ten years, but had never seen an apprentice with so high aptitude and savvy like Junior Leopard. For less than three months exercise, he had been so familiar with all techniques of the dart. He shot with great accuracy and even could hit the bull's eye when closing eyes at thirty feet. It made Qin Xuanlong happy but also ashamed.

It was because of only after a dozen years of exercise did he reach the phase of Junior Leopard.

"It is no wonder that Old Xing treated him differently; everyone will treat such an excellent apprentice differently. He is only eight years old and it is certain that he will have a bright future. The selection will not be a problem for him. He may even be able to pass that final selection and make higher achievements than us. I had better give him some benefits now. When he is talented, I will enjoy a benefit forever as long as he slightly attends me." Thinking of this, Qin Xuanlong taught Junior Leopard more diligently. He told him all he knew and taught him without reserve.

"Teacher, there are several kitchen knives I forged recently. I'm looking forward to your advice."

After exercising for the whole day, Junior Leopard fetched several shiny and sharp kitchen knives from the smelting room and took them in front of Qin Xuanlong as if taking treasures. After all, from a certain perspective for these apprentices, martial arts was secondary to smelting work.

"Oh — !" Qin Xuanlong also realized this at this time and then took kitchen knives that Junior Leopard gave to him.

"Eeeh?!" The unconcerned Qin Xuanlong smeared a bright blade inadvertently and lightly; then the finger bounced suddenly, and a wisp of blood oozed out of his fingertips.

"What a sharp blade!" Qin Xuanlong was surprised, swung his two hands and tested the knife against the wood pile.

"Shua!" The wood pile was cut into two pieces instantly, making Qin Xuanlong's eyebrows jump.

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