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"Tai Chi, the mother of Yin and Yang, is born from the infinite. It is about the association of activity and inertia, and although the movement is changeable, this principle is the same.

Junior Leopard had never understood the secret of Tai Chi Quan.

He was an ordinary civil servant in his previous life and naturally did not know martial arts; he learned Tai Chi just to keep fit and flatter his leader. He knew nothing about martial arts. But to flatter his leader, he had to recite the core punching technique of Tai Chi. It was as if a four-year-old child memorized Three Character Classic in the way of rote memorization and he did not catch the meaning of the punching technique at all.

When he came to this world, he met Wang Tianlei and learned some punching skills and internal strength techniques; he also discovered by chance, the great benefits of Tai Chi. That was a huge stroke of luck, but it was just luck. This didn't mean that he knew Tai Chi. It was only because of the Internal Qi that made the real function of Tai Chi release.

Though Wang Tianlei had good martial arts, he was equal to a Level Two fighter at most. In other words, a Level Two fighter meant that he had just touched the threshold of martial arts. What Junior Leopard obtained from Wang Tianlei was limited such as the elementary internal strength, mental cultivation and few sets of punching skills; he practiced confusedly and only achieved something significant till now; but the achievements were so superficial that they could be only showed in his strength; he knew how but did not know why; he did not grasp a punching technique.

But now, he got the guidance of Old Xing. Although Old Xing did not pass the second selection of the Wu Family to become an inner core disciple, he could still be considered as one of the disciples of the Wu Family. In well-known families such as the Wu Family, the strength of an excellent disciple was so high that Wang Tianlei, a dabbler from the ranks, couldn't compare with.

Wang Tianlei had only learned several sets of punching skills, but he had never learned the theory behind them. In the Wu Family, some people specialized in teaching punching skills to these excellent disciples. One could say that Old Xing could then be considered as someone who truly stepped through the doors of the pugilist world.

81 movements Wild Hammering Skill was a rare martial art skill that the ancestors of the Wu Family learned from iron-striking and smelting. Old Xing only knew the first nine styles. Though they were the most basic, they almost contained all the essence of Wild Hammering Skill. In fact, no one would have thought when the Wild Hammering Skill was practiced to the Advance Level, it became the last one style: Skyshatter Hammer. That was the most foundational of the first nine styles.

Of course, neither Junior Leopard nor the craftsman like Old Xing knew of this right now.

Now, Nine-styled Hammering Skill brought Junior Leopard two benefits. One was his iron-striking skill: the Wild Hammering Skill was gleaned from iron-forging and smelting and it was natural that his iron-striking skill was improved after practicing the technique; the second was his Tai Chi Punching Skill.

Tai Chi Quan includes four hammering skills: they were parry punch, the punch of draping over the body, punch under the elbow, a punch of hitting the ground and punch of hitting crotch. In the past, Junior Leopard did not understand martial arts, not to say a hammering skill. The biggest benefit from Tai Chi Quan was equal to those punching skills or the strengthening the body. Besides, it helped him purify the Internal Qi. But that was all.

But things were different now. After combining the Nine-styled Hammering Skill and Tai Chi Quan, he could preliminarily attack. That was to say, Tai Chi Quan was not only limited to exercise but also becoming a way of attack. Of course, the power was still small; however, it was enough for Junior Leopard.

"Hu!" He slowly finished his practice. It seemed that Junior Leopard had just touched the surface carefully. He recalled the sensation that he had while he was practicing Tai Chi Quan and the feeling that body and heart blended when practicing the hammering skill. He then he became a little excited.

"I see. The hammering skill of Tai Chi evolved from ordinary hammering skills. Therefore, some punching and foot skills of Tai Chi are also powerful. But I have not understood the fist intent deeply. After some days, if I can integrate the whole set of Tai Chi, I will improve my strength fast!"

Each time thinking of this, he couldn't help being happy. "Who knows when Old Xing returns? He said he would teach me punching skills of forging bone. It's no wonder that the Wu Family is a renowned family. People at the rank of Old Xing should have the qualification to practice punching skills of forging bone. Although the punching skills of forging bone that he practices are mediocre, it's better than nothing at all. What's more, there's also the punching skills of toughening skin that he grades higher than Dark Bear Fist. But it is a pity that my strength has reached the limit of this age period. It's useless for me now!" He thought as he looked up his wet cloth and couldn't help laughing. "Forget it, don't think so much. Just take a shower and go to sleep!"

"I couldn't know what Old Xing is thinking of. Those guys don't reach the standard at all, but he should accept them!" Junior Leopard thought while walking towards the restroom of apprentices.

He was the first to use a hammer to get through that pile and therefore, he was also the first to move into the room that was specialized for apprentices.

It was better than living in the shared house where four people shared a house and a table while each person had a bed; he had been living in the room for two months alone. Looking at the progress of the other apprentices, he thought, the room would still belong to him alone at least a year.

But he did not expect that Old Xing would accept seven apprentices after leaving for more than two months. Although in this group of apprentices, the performance of the seven apprentices was the best, they did not reach the standard that Old Xing requested after all; Junior Leopard was very puzzled. What happened next made him feel strange.

When someone else was present, Old Xing treated him equally, and even very strictly. Occasionally, Old Xing found fault with him; but in private, Old Xing often found him, asked him to practice, and guided him very responsibly.

Junior Leopard felt a little uneasy about this.

"Why does he behave in this way? Does he get into trouble and want to distance himself from me?!"

Only this reason can explain why Old Xing treats me differently in public and private places. But Old Xing is a very important person in the Wu's Ironware Shop in the whole Qingyang Market. In Qingyang Market, few people can find fault with him. Is it Butler Lin?

It's impossible. Butler Lin is number one of The Wu's Ironware Shop in name, but he was only responsible for selling, not the backyard. What's more, he is also as stressed as Old Xing.

Did the two guys get into trouble at the same time?!

The question had wrapped around his heart since Old Xing and Butler Lin returned. But he was barely an open-minded person. He would not continue to think if he could not get it, so he just said a few words in his heart, then he no longer continued.

After a few steps, he reached the door of the room and opened the door and found his three roommates were all asleep.

Junior Leopard walked in quietly, fetched a bucket inside, went to the well in the center of the yard and began to take a shower.

He used to practice Tai Chi in the house. But since the three men moved into the room, he had to seek another place and found a hidden place of fake rocks in the backyard of the ironware shop.

During these days, he had grasped some tricks of the Tai Chi Punching Skill from Wild Hammering Skill. He was quite relaxed and happy, especially when taking a shower. If he had not been afraid of breaking the night's silence, he would have been able to sing a song.


It was when Junior Leopard, who had lost himself in taking a shower, heard a bang explode in his ear. He gave a quiver suddenly, looked up, shouted, threw off the bucket and turned to run.

He ran while shouting, "Help, help, someone has been killed, someone has been killed!"

The shrill cry pierced the air and broke the silence of the whole Qingyang Market.

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