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As someone involved, Junior Leopard surely would benefit a lot from it.

From a common disciple of the Wu Family to a Level Three officer of the imperial court and a personal guard of the Admiral, though his level in the army was low, taking his young age and Li Yuan's attitude to him into consideration, he would boast a promising prospect.

At least his current position was brighter than that of before in the Wu Family, when he was a core disciple of the Inner Core. In addition, this underground fire vein brought him more opportunity to grow up as a dazzling star, which made the Elders of the Wu Family excited.

But, now, this dazzling star seemed to be too ignorant to figure out what had happened. He just looked back at the Elders who were staring at him in the same way, not knowing why they did so.

"Junior Leopard, do you know that Marshal Li wants you to be on his personal guard?!"

Xu Yong asked Junior Leopard.

"Me? The personal guard?" Junior Leopard was distracted for a while and then he answered, "I had no idea. The general hasn't told me yet."

"Then you may have a look." Xu Yong gave the letter to Junior Leopard. He read the letter carefully and his expression was not as unpredictable as other people's and he remained surprised. Then he calmed down.

After reading the letter, he gave it back to Xu Yong and asked, "Teacher, what's your opinion?"

"What about you? Would you like to be his personal guard? "

"I'd love to. But, I haven't finished my apprenticeship yet !" Junior Leopard felt a little embarrassed, "What's more, I'm a disciple of the Wu Family."

"Hahaha!" Xu Yong laughed, "Junior Leopard, I declare that you have finished your apprenticeship!"

"Ah!" Junior Leopard couldn't believe it, looking at Xu Yong blankly.

"Don't be so surprised," said Xu Yong. "Your power and cultivation are both beyond my expectation. Actually, I have nothing left to teach you. You just need to keep practicing. The remaining depends on what you learn on your own. As for your identity of being a disciple of the Wu Family, it doesn't matter at all. Every year many disciples of the Wu Family will devote themselves to the army to gain fame. Your starting line is higher than theirs. "

"Yeah, that's right… !"

Junior Leopard was definitely more successful than those common disciples who joined the ranks. Not all people could begin their army life as a personal guard of a Level Three Admiral. Some may make arduous efforts all their life but remain struggling at the lowest level. The senior officer, who they could see, was no more than a commander.

"As long as you are willing to, this thing is nearly over. What we need now is the Family Head's agreement. But, I know he won't have a different opinion." Xu Yong said.

"Does that mean I will have to stay at Zhonghe City from then on ?"

"That's for sure. Marshal Li defends here, so, as you are his personal guard, naturally you will also stay here."

"Well," Junior Leopard scratched his head shyly, "So I will be farther away from my home. My teacher, I want to go home to see my family. And, I also need to finish something first."

Xu Yong nodded his head in agreement, "After being a disciple of the Wu Family, you haven't gone back in years. And, it will be more difficult for you to go home if you become a personal guard of Marshal Li. You really need to go home. But, there's no need to worry and your family is well supported by the Wu Family."

"Thanks a million, my teacher!" Junior Leopard said with excitement.

"But, you need to inform Marshal Li. After all, it is impolite to provide no response after receiving a letter of invitation to be his personal guard."

"Yes, teacher!"

The following was very smooth. Li Yuan met Junior Leopard's requirements and Junior Leopard was told that it was all right, but only if he came back and reported in six months. And, the reply letter from Wu Yansheng, Family Head of the Wu Family, arrived within five days. He agreed to Li Yuan's requirement, too. But, Wu Yansheng also wanted Junior Leopard to go with Xu Yong to Qinlingjun City, Yunzhou. That was just to reconcile with Junior Leopard's wish and he could do both at the same time.

Now was the time to rush. There were a lot of details that needed discussing and they needed to make a plan that would benefit the Wu Family. As for Junior Leopard, he only needed to be a performer.

After returning to the Wu Family, Wu Yansheng greeted Junior Leopard, together with most of the Elders. Except for Lyu Yiyue, he seemed to be away for closed-door training again.

The treat was as Junior Leopard predicted, from encouraging and praising at full blast to promising a number of benefits, including some arrangements including his family. Junior Leopard had no objections to these things. This was the most effective and common way to draw in excellent disciples. Junior Leopard showed no scorn or mock on his face but instead expressed his loyalty to Wu Family. He promised he would safeguard the Wu Family's interests with all his efforts in Zhonghe city.

And, this response earned him more praise from Wu Yansheng and the Elders.

It took Junior Leopard three days to make all of this progress. He advanced towards the small village down through the Misty Mountain in just three days. He was on his second return after he left out of that village.

Compared to the first time, this return journey could only be described as mundane. There was no trouble along the way. This time Junior Leopard's return home was glorious. He had some servants and several carriages, all of which was a treat from Wu Family.

Junior Leopard, who was followed by a large crowd, returned in a massive manner, and broke the quietness of this small village. All of the villagers were excited and they celebrated for three days before finally calming down. But, Junior Leopard didn't relax, until he had sent the Wu family's people away, so he could carefully discuss things with his family, for several days.

Because Li Yuan had asked Junior Leopard to return in six months, he still had over five months' of freedom. He definitely didn't want to go back to Qinlingjun City. Thinking of that eccentric Miss Ma and the thing that Wang She had told him would happen after a year, Junior Leopard became more restless. That place was no more than a hell to him now and he wished he could get far away from there.

However, Junior Leopard didn't want to idle away his precious half a year, either so he had a plan for practicing.

Over the last few years, his progress with his cultivation was quite fast. Especially in the past two months, since he reached the Full Closure of Level Three from Level Two. His speed was so fast that he felt it went beyond his limits. This may obviously lead to an unstable foundation. In order to solve this problem, he decided to spend a lot of time in solidifying his foundation. In addition to this, he had paid attention to his practice of the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword. If possible, he wanted to learn the skill of Extreme Yin Heavenly Sword in the next five months. As to the Evil Qi of fire in the earth vein that was needed for practicing the Extreme Yang Heavenly Sword, if he became the personal guard of Li Yuan, there would be inexhaustible Evil Qi in the underground fire vein for him in Zhonghejun City.

There was still another thing that he was deeply concerned about, the little monster in the deep Misty Mountain. He wondered how that kiddy which loved farting and twisting ass was now. But, according to its temperament, it must live well now.

The Three Realms Division it learned inexplicable could help it live chicly and freely in the Misty Mountain. Even if he had the ability to take that kiddy away from the Misty Mountain now, he was not willing to bother it if it lived well.

Junior Leopard was neither an environmentalist nor a wild animal protector in his previous life. But, this kiddy was so intelligent that he couldn't help but treat it as an equal. On account of this equal status, Junior Leopard wouldn't make a decision to catching it as a pet.

"Hey, what are you thinking about? Your mind is wandering." A teasing tone suddenly appeared behind him. "Being a Level Three expert, how could you not detect my approach, until I was near you? Are you missing someone? Were you thinking of them just now? You are old enough to long for love. Which girl are you missing? Should I propose marriage for you?"

"You hid under that stone for an hour, then moved one hundred feet towards me, like a tortoise, and covered your body behind the tree. Then you walked out after hearing my sigh." Junior Leopard sighed again while saying these words, "What do you wanna do, my brother-in-law?"

"I wanna go with you!" Said Wang Tianlei with excitement. "I don't want to die in such a remote village where even a bird won't crap. I told you that at the very beginning."

"On the contrary, I want to live forever in this remote village." Junior Leopard sighed helplessly, he turned his head back and said, "my brother-in-law, I have also told you that I am only a common soldier and I don't even have an official appointment yet. You won't gain anything by going with me!"

"Not everyone can become a guard of an Admiral like you. You are very young and your future must be promising. I am your brother-in-law, and you are my wife's younger brother, of course I can benefit from associating with you," Wang Tianlei said, shamelessly. "But, now, interestingly, I can wait. Though I'm older than you, I'm also a young man. Haha haha... "

"You really want to go to Zhonghejun City?" Junior Leopard looked at him, "you must know that I intend to purchase some estates in the Qingyang Market. My parents are too old to make any deal themselves and I would feel more comfortable if you would accompany them."

"Your status may not be high in some places, but, here in the Qingyang Market, nobody would treat our parents badly, even without me," Said Wang Tianlei. "What's more, your older brothers are all here, there are no problems. And, Houndie and Boxer both have their own opinions now. They all long for this opportunity like me, but they dare not to say it."

"I'm about to be a guard. But, actually, I'm just a common person in Jianghu. And, what's more, I'm just a newbie. No one begins their life with a whole family. Because, that would mean that there is no difference to seeking death. In this case, you'd better let my two brothers stay at Yunzhou tamely. As to you, my brother-in-law, it's all up to you if you really want to go to Zhonghejun City. But, you know my situation, so..."

"I know what you mean and I know what to do." Wang Tianlei said and laughed.

Junior Leopard laughed helplessly, "Are you sure that the villagers will let you go? You know it's you who help them to become richer and richer. What's more, I remember that you are supposed to be the village chief now."

"All things of village are currently on track. More than half of the villagers are educated, which is a great improvement, and they will be able to live better even if I am not around."

"OK, it's all up to you. You are my brother-in-law and I have no right to stop you. Ah, what's the matter with that dog?"

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