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Chapter 124: The Damned Dog

"That dog!" Wang Tianlei froze for a moment, and replied with a wry smile, "Do you recognize it?"

"Do you think anything can be concealed in this god-forsaken place? Though it did happen a few years ago."

Wang Tianlei also laughed, "Right, there can be no real secrets in this small place!"

While saying this, he uttered a slight sigh, somewhat showing a helplessness. "Do you remember what happened at my wedding?"

"Of course! The one-eyed wolf had run down the mountain and came into our village that year. How could I forget? If it wasn't for that thing, I would never have realized that you should be a martial artist!" Junior Leopard said, half-jokingly. "It has been nearly ten years, right?"

Of course, he wouldn't forget it. That was the year he saw Wang Tianlei's supernormal power while dueling with that one-eyed wolf. At the same time, he believed that martial arts, for sure, existed in this world. In a sense, his whole life, after reincarnation, had changed, because of what happened that day.

"Yes, it has been ten years! Even my son is able to deal with something common!" Wang Tianlei said, "You know that the one-eyed wolf has stayed in West Mountain Pass for a century, and it seldom came down except for some special reasons. However, that year, he came down and seemed to do nothing but fight with me, which had me bewildered at the time."

"What happened after that?!"

"You know what happened after. A great many bitches in our village were killed that year!"

Junior Leopard seemed to figure out something. "His purpose was to breed?"

"It appeared to be so. But, even the most robust bitch in our village was unable to satisfy the one-eyed wolf."

"Then how was the dog conceived?"

"It's the

Old Blind's dog. How surprising! Old Blind was a good-for-nothing at that time, and his dog was as thin as a pole. At the end of that year, that bitch gave birth to the pup."

"Anything abnormal at the time?" Junior Leopard asked.

"At that time you were still in the village, how could you not know if there was anything abnormal?" Wang Tianlei asked.

Junior Leopard felt speechless. Since the one-eyed wolf left, he had indulged in martial arts wholeheartedly and he even managed to secretly learn something from Wang Tianlei. What kind of pup the bitch had bred was none of his business. He never rendered assistance to it!

Seeing changes in Junior Leopard's expression, Wang Tianlei hastened to reply, "Actually, at the very beginning, the pup showed no sign, at all, that he was different from other pups. Though living a tough life, Old Blind never mistreated the pup, the pup just grew more slowly than ordinary dogs. His appearance had remained the same after he was one or two years old, that's when you went to Qingyang Market."

"What does it have to do with my going to Qingyang Market?" Junior Leopard thought with depression but he continued to listen.

"The first oddity happened that second year you went to Qingyang Market. After that point, the family that cared for livestock keep losing them in the night. We all thought that it was a thief, so we gathered together and waited, but we remained clueless. So, we thought that it had to have been a passer-by."

"Passer-by?" Hearing this, Junior Leopard could not help but laugh. It reminded him of a movie called "A Journey to the West" in his previous life. There was a scene called "Monkey Hit Lady White Bone Thrice", in which Sun Wukong said: "Maybe the monster is just a passer-by!"

The two were so similar.

"Do not laugh. I was not the only one who thought so at the time!" Seeing Junior Leopard's smile, Wang Tianlei's face showed some embarrassment.

"What happened then?"

"What happened later was erratic. We guarded the livestock for several nights, but we never even caught a rat, let

let alone a thief. And, still, the animals keep disappearing, as soon as we called off the surveillance!"

"You had to realize it was an inside job." Junior Leopard pointed out while laughing.

"Yes, we thought that and investigated, for quite awhile, but any trail always grew cold."

"It must be a rough time, right?"

"Absolutely! Everyone in my eyes was a potential thief in those days." Wang Tianlei snapped, "We tore the village apart to only find nothing and we offended a lot of people for no reason, which instigated a few fights."

"Then how did you find out the truth?"

"An animal, no matter how smart, is only an animal. It was shrewd while stealing but he was unable to hide his rapid growth. His size had tripled in just three months, and his body reeked of blood. Finally, he caught our attention!"

"How did you prepare to deal with him?"

"We failed," said Wang Tianlei. "Fortunately, he had not yet fully grown. Otherwise, he would not have been wounded at all. Hehe, that time was quite thrilling!"

"But, I never heard anything about it when I was in Qingyang Market, why?"

"You rarely came back from the Qingyang Market. If I have it right, you only came back once, and it was weird!"

Junior Leopard was silent for a moment when his return from Qingyang Market was mentioned. "Brother, everything went well at that time, right?!"

"Yes, everything went very well. Though, it was strange for you to catch a cold and be bedridden for a long time."

What Wang Tianlei said finally satisfied Junior Leopard. "Brother, you should know that some words from your lips could kill you!"

"I got it!" Wang Tianlei nodded with a quiver in his heart when he saw Junior Leopard's composed expression.

Junior Leopard was also not willing to continue this topic, so he asked, "Then, what? The dog ran away?"

"Yes, he ran into the woods on the hill!"

"Has anyone seen it since?"

"Yes, several times! But, we dare not go deep into the woods. It seems to be living a comfortable life."

While saying this, Wang Tianlei's eyes expressed a sense of reluctance.

He was a very conceited man. However, for some despicable reason, he was forced to leave the army and he returned to this damned place, marrying a wife and having a son. But, he was reluctant to yield. Even in this damned place, he was out for something big, and, as it turned out, he had done a good job. In just a few years, he turned the starving village into a well-known wealthy village. In his previous life, he must be a pioneer.

However, this achievement did not meet his ambition. This place was too small to develop a proper career. As for Wang Tianlei, who had seen some of the world, dreamed to leave this place and do great things. Just because he knew there was more to the outside world than there was to a small village, with just hundreds of people, hiding on the Misty Mountain. He would have to pay more than he did in this village, of this he was confident, but not arrogant.

Therefore, he had always known his place and stayed in the small village, until, Junior Leopard created a string of marvels, which won his great exclamation.

Junior Leopard was the Inner Core Disciple of the Wu Family, a thirteen-year-old with third-level cultivation, and the bodyguard of the Admiral in the Zhonghe prefecture. In this small village, no one was more aware of the meaning of these titles than he was.

He noticed the signs of a rising star and he saw his chance, a chance he just couldn't pass up.

Because, of this, he was desperate to go to Zhonghejun City with Junior Leopard. Besides, he even conceded to serve as a handyman for Junior Leopard.

While he secretly exulted in achieving his goal, Junior Leopard changed the subject, to another subject, that made him feel a tremendous sense of depression and shame.

"Where did you see the dog in the old woods?" Junior Leopard did not notice Wang Tianlei's unnatural expression. In fact, all his thoughts were put onto the dog.

He had returned to the village for a couple of days. It seemed that he was honorable and decent, but, in fact, he was so tired that he had to seek quiet under the pretext of practicing martial arts and doing closed door training. Even so, he had to meet with some people, such as a few elders and some playmates from his childhood. Naturally, they would talk about something eccentric, since there was nothing left to talk about in this small village. What they already knew was similar to the years before, with the addition of a few more scandals and the sequel to the one-eyed wolf story.

He had seen through the eyes of the Elders in Black Dragon Triad that the one-eyed wolf had left here. But, the sequel of this story aroused his interest.

Just as Wang Tianlei said, the one-eyed wolf's ultimate purpose was mating and breeding, thus killing a number of bitches in the village. Though ridiculous, it was not without effect. The one-eyed wolf got an offspring at least.

The pup was as cruel as the one-eyed wolf but seemed more cunning than him. The hearsay had reminded him of how the one-eyed wolf was subdued by Wang She, and more importantly, the eccentric rune he had left on the wolf's forehead.

He was aware that his present strength was much worse than that of the Wang She at that time. But, this dog was not the one-eyed wolf. The age of the pup seemed to be younger than himself. If he could not deal with the pup, he had lived in vain these years.

Though he had never used such an eccentric rune before, he thought it must have something to do with his divine thoughts. He had gained the Punching Spirit with the third-level cultivation, and Wang She also told him that his divine thoughts were no less than the ordinary seventh-level master, so he may have a chance to succeed, right?

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