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A+ A- Chapter 113: Full Closure of Skin-Toughening Realm

In the beginning, Junior Leopard's execution of the fist was extremely fast, because he wanted to expel the powerful Spiritual Energy of Fire within his body. However, following the appearance of the fist intent, his speed gradually slowed down.

His fist intent was formed from the merger of the divine thoughts and Internal Qi. Within this Internal Qi, it contained a trace of Mysterious Fire. In this place filled with the Spiritual Energy of Fire, the strand of Mysterious Fire within the fist intent was also nourished by the surrounding Spiritual Energy of Fire. The fire Qi became denser and denser, and the temperature kept on rising. When that strand of Mysterious Fire absorbed the Spiritual Energy of Fire till it reached its peak, it produced a resonance with the Mysterious Fire within Junior Leopard. The speed of absorption of Spiritual Energy of Fire began to slow down and produced an equilibrium force which Junior Leopard thought strange. This kind of equilibrium was based on two different levels of Mysterious Fire going against each other. Even though his fist intent had similarly absorbed excessive amounts of Spiritual Energy of Fire, it couldn't be compared to the Mysterious Fire within his Dantian.

Junior Leopard even felt that the Mysterious Fire within his own body already soaked through all of his Internal Qi and was rushing towards his fist intent, as if it wanted to devour the fist intent.

The fist intent was burning fiercely and was resisting with all its might, yet it didn't have too much of an effect. The Mysterious Fire within Junior Leopard's body was too strong. Just when the fist intent was about to be completely devoured by the Internal Qi coming out of Junior Leopard's body, the External Elixir which was hiding in Junior Leopard suddenly moved.

Just like his fist intent, his External Elixir similarly split a strand of Mysterious Fire out, and even melted the Mysterious Fire.

Speaking to the bottom of the matter, the reason why the Mysterious Fire would split out two strands from Junior Leopard's Dantian was not made out of choice. When it first split, it was because when Junior Leopard's fist intent was initially formed, it was affected by the golden metal essence, hence, it split out. Unexpectedly, once it split, it was hard to get it back. Junior Leopard's fist intent was a simulation of the universe, so when the strand of fire entered it, it was dreaming to want to get it back.

The second time was because Junior Leopard suddenly had an inspiration. Originally, Junior Leopard didn't have the ability to control the Mysterious Fire which he hadn't completely mastered, but this External Elixir's material happened to be the Dragon Chimera's skull. This Mysterious Fire was birthed forth from within the Dragon Chimera's body. Under the double pressure of Junior Leopard's will and the Dragon Chimera skull, this Mysterious Fire then unwillingly let out a strand and merged into the External Elixir. The so-called person living under a roof had to bow his head was the same principle.

However now, after absorbing copious amounts of Spiritual Energy of Fire, the Mysterious Fire's exhaustion of pneuma was finally recovered. It was even more than its prime

condition. Naturally, it would want to turn to attack. Adding on that Junior Leopard's fist intent had undergone a change, it was no longer a simulation of the universe that let the Mysterious Fire feel despair. Instead, it was a black color fireball that the Mysterious Fire had directed to. Such a fist intent could scare humans, but to the Mysterious Fire, it was just a piece of cake. Even though the black fireball had received the benefits of the Spiritual Energy of Fire, however, how could it withstand the Mysterious Fire at its peak?

Hence, even though Junior Leopard's fist intent was resisting with it's all strength, it was all for naught. However, at this moment, the External Elixir from Junior Leopard suddenly jumped out. This External Elixir, which had been silently absorbing the Spiritual Energy of Fire floated in front of Junior Leopard and was emitting green light. Just at that moment when his fist intent was about to be absorbed by the Mysterious Fire, it produced a resonance with the fist intent, and firmly guarded the fist intent. It joined hands to deal with the devouring of the Mysterious Fire within Junior Leopard's body. Having the external assistance, the fist intent finally stabilized at the last moment.

Fist intent, External Elixir, Mysterious Fire.

The three entities formed a triangular force at this moment. No one could deal with each other, no one could control anyone!

As for the owner of these three entities!

Junior Leopard was put in extreme torture here.

Placed within the three entities, Junior Leopard's pressure rose, as if the weight of the surroundings multiplied by tens. The most troublesome thing was, these three entities were still absorbing Spiritual Energy of Fire, and his actions under the heavy pressure slowed down. To depend on the punching skill to exhaust the stuff inside his body was impossible.

"It cannot go on like this. My Dantian will explode. I have to think of something!"

Feeling that the Thirteen Punches of Desolation began to slow down under the heavy pressure, Junior Leopard's fist stance changed, and started to slow down. Every action was as if it was carrying a heavy object. It looked strange, yet in this strangeness there was a beauty!

Taiji Fist?!

No, at first he wanted to execute the Taiji Fist, however, very quickly, he changed

changed his idea.

He changed and started displaying Moon-evil Painted Skin Punching Skill!

Since he couldn't expel it out, neither could he let this rich pneuma explode within him, then, there was only one solution, which was to absorb.

At the moment when Moon-evil Painted Skin Punching Skill was executed, the crazy Spiritual Energy of Fire was gushing forward like a huge wave, crashing against the flesh of Junior Leopard. Originally because of the high temperature and heavy pressure of the surroundings, Junior Leopard was long drenched in sweat. The skin on his body was also flushed red. However, experiencing the inhalation and exhalation of the Mysterious Fire, the Spiritual Energy of Fire that was changed completely rushed into the skin and flesh. His skin momentarily dimmed, and his body was enshrouded in a piece of dark-red fog.

This was blood!

The strong pneuma momentarily burst apart all the blood vessels within his body. The blood fluid merged with the Spiritual Energy of Fire spurt out from his orifices, forming a dark-red fog around his body. The bloody stench attacked the nose. As if thousands of ants were biting his whole body.

The facial muscles of Junior Leopard twitched crazily. His body also trembled slightly, as if he would explode on the spot.

What was the result of exploding? He was very clear about it!

He was someone who was afraid of death; hence, he did not want to die here temporarily.

Therefore, he could only endure. At the same time, he also had to think of an idea to alleviate his suffering. Hence, the Fiery Eye's vision was circulated to the maximum. Every strand of Spiritual Energy of Fire within the flesh, every broken blood vessel, and every strand of blood fog that could cause pain, was all within his eyes. After that, he began to display Moon-evil Painted Skin Punching Skill to the maximum. He accurately controlled the Spiritual Energy of Fire that was going crazy in his flesh, and gathered them at one point, and redirected them to move through the path of Moon-evil Mask Fist.

It had to be known since the beginning, he was unable to control the Mysterious Fire's strength within the Dantian. Hence, he allowed it to rush into his body. The only thing he could control was the strand of pneuma. Following the display of the Fiery Eye's vision, the only strand of Internal Qi he was controlling began to swim within his flesh. After absorbing several strands of pneuma that was scattered within his flesh, it began to build up, as if it was like the Yellow River. It began to form an artery-like pneuma.

artery-like pneuma. The rest of the pneuma followed through. No matter how far it was away from the artery-like pneuma, it would form some sort of connection, and gather to that artery-like pneuma at last.

"Hualala, hualala, hualala—!"

Gradually, Junior Leopard's body emitted sounds of waves of flowing water. This sound originally was not uniform; however, following the passage of time, it became more and more uniform. At last, it was like a big river, ever flowing and not stopping.

Junior Leopard's skin began to have a slow change under the sound. It changed till it was jade-like. The red light within his eyes gradually vanished. The Fiery Eye's effects also vanished. However, similarly, the pneuma charging within his body gradually became under control.

Another wave of sound was heard.

The Spiritual Energy of Fire containing the power of the Mysterious Fire kept washing and cleansing Junior Leopard's skin and flesh. It evaporated the impurities and toxins into his body and was then purged out through his pores. At this moment, it formed another layer of grey fog surrounding his body.

This kind of fog did not last for long. When the grey fog vanished, Junior Leopard's fist stance changed from the original Moon-evil Painted Skin Punching Skill to the Blood Evil Harden Bone Fist.

This Blood Evil Harden Bone Fist was obtained from the hands of Xue Wuya. Junior Leopard knew that this was a good stuff, but he had never thought of cultivating this fist method.

That was because his cultivation was too low; he didn't have the qualifications to practice this fist method. However now, under this kind of circumstances, he discovered that after displaying Moon-evil Painted Skin Punching Skill for a period of time, his flesh and skin had already trained to a limit. If he continued training it, it would increase the toughness of his skin and flesh, but it would kill off any growth potential. He then decisively practiced the Blood Evil Harden Bone Fist.

Suffering once again descended.

The suffering this time around was not as gigantic as the previous one. However, when compared in terms of degree, it was much more painful than the time his blood vessels exploded.

After all, his cultivation had already reached Level Three and practiced Skin-Toughening fist methods for a long time. This made his flesh and skin strong to a certain extent, a certain extent, following the Internal Qi that had reached Level Three cultivation. However, his skeletal structure was different.

His skeleton wasn't as tough as his skin and flesh which had gone through long periods of tempering. It was a little bit stronger as compared to normal people. Adding on to the accumulation from Moon-evil Painted Skin Punching Skill, the pneuma in the body that was scattered was now like a big river, condensing into one. Under this rampant assault, his whole body's bones were compressed into lines by the huge waves of pneuma, almost breaking down.

The shattering of bones!

How could a normal person withstand such pain at this moment?

Junior Leopard violently hummed. He bit his teeth. A trace of blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth. Both of his eyes flashed light, "F*ck, you bastard, go to hell, you bastard, ***...!"

A string of vulgarities streamed out from his mouth. It was hurried and fast. He scolded the immortals in heaven and the demons in hell. This scolding continued on for one whole hour. Just when he was about to give in, the situation in his body had some changes. After that pneuma crushed all of his bones in his body, the function of tempering bones of the Blood Evil Harden Bone Fist was finally in use. It began to repair the skeleton. This was a hardening process, crushing all the bones in the body and reassembling them. This made the body much stronger and sturdier than before. At last, it was strengthened to an unbelievable degree. This was the Bone-Forging fist method's most fundamental effect.

However, there were few in this world that was as tough as Junior Leopard.

Indeed, this was barbaric. Normal people did not have such strong pneuma like Junior Leopard to do this matter. They could only rely on the Bone-Forging fist method to strengthen little by little. Those with qualifications would then think of using all kinds of soup to strengthen the bones, to aid in the cultivation and finally reaching the Bone-Forging Realm.

Of course, now that Junior Leopard's skeleton was crushed and then completely reassembled, it didn't mean that his body's toughness reached the Bone-Forging realm. It could be said that he only left a very strong foundation for stepping into the Bone-Forging Realm. He had accomplished the first step of bone forging. However, at the same time, this was also the hardest step. In future practice, he only needed to keep practicing using the Blood Evil Harden Bone Fist, even without the help of any soup, he would be able to reach the Bone-Forging Realm within five years.

As for now, he was in a realm that many pugilists wished for: Skin-Toughening Realm Full Closure!

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