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The Full Closure of Skin-Toughening Realm!

When he reached the Full Closure of Skin-Toughening Realm, he also completed the most important step of Bone Forging. It could be said that even though Junior Leopard had suffered unimaginable pain today, his had gained a lot.

However, with the repeated quenching of the Blood Evil Harden Bone Fist, Junior Leopard met the same problem when he was displaying the Moon-evil Painted Skin Punching Skill. His skeleton had reached the limit. If he continued practicing, his skeleton would be like jade, tight like gold. He would reach the initial stages of Bone-Forging Realm. However, in this manner, he would become a monster, just like Nezha and Red Boy, being a child for prolonged periods. He didn't want to become a spring chicken without sexual life!

Hence, he could only helplessly change his punching skills. Different from the previous few occasions, he reached the Full Closure of Skin-Toughening Realm. At the same time, the pneuma in his body got together. Even though his fist intent, External Elixir and the Mysterious Fire in his Dantian were still endlessly absorbing the Spiritual Energy of Fire, the pneuma could already be controlled. It was not messy and uncontrollable like before. Under these circumstances, he changed his fist trend and chose the Tai Chi Punching Skill.

The punching skill was displayed and the surrounding spirit changed. Under the guidance of the Tai Chi Fist, the unruly Spiritual Energy of Fire began to slow down. Under Junior Leopard's actions, it was slowly being guided. As for the enormous pneuma that was endlessly absorbed into his body by his External Elixir, fist intent and Mysterious Fire was also slowly released by Junior Leopard. It merged with the surrounding Spiritual Energy of Fire. A wonderful thing happened.

After surviving in this world and having practiced the Tai Chi Fist for so many years, Junior Leopard could be considered as having some insights into the way of the Tai Chi Fist. The so-called "Tai Chi power is passed down through generations. In the movement of a circle, it's flexible with endless hardness with softness". It was then said, "Tai Chi's main idea is the circle.

 No matter the movement of inside or outside, up and down, left and right, it never leave the circle". The openning and closing, real or feint, rise, and fall, swirling in its every action were all formed from a circle. Once there was action there would be a circle. Within this circle, it contained two kinds of energies of Yin and Yang. It had softness and hardness, reality and feint. The softness and hardness complemented each other, the real and the feint penetrated each other. This was the Tai Chi Fist's profoundness, and a performance of deep understanding.

Over these few years, Junior Leopard had slowly comprehended the essence of the circle. Therefore, once he displayed the Tai Chi Fist, which expelled the enormous amount of pneuma, he also trapped the pneuma within a circle. Following the accumulation of the pneuma, the pneuma within this circle also started to absorb the surrounding Spiritual Energy of Fire. It started competing for Spiritual Energy of Fire with the External Elixir, fist intent and the Mysterious Fire within his Dantian.

In the beginning, it naturally couldn't compete with them. However, not forgetting one point, no matter if it was the External Elixir, or fist intent, or the Mysterious Fire within his Dantian, after absorbing the pneuma, it would be poured into Junior Leopard's body. It would then be expelled out by Junior Leopard's Tai Chi Punching Skill, and merge within the circle. This was equivalent to an unfair competition. An unfair competition would naturally have unfair results.

The more he practiced, the more the circle in front of Junior Leopard had a huge increase in power. It had turned from originally faint red into golden red. In the middle of it there was actually an egg-like object, emitting a frighteningly high temperature.

At this moment, no matter if it was his fist intent or his External Elixir, or the Mysterious Fire within his Dantian, it could no longer absorb any more Spiritual Energy of Fire. The golden red "egg" in the center of the circle had already changed into an eccentric black hole, absorbing all the Spiritual Energy of Fire around.

And this kind of behavior, once again put Junior Leopard into a difficult position.

Junior Leopard only felt that he was extremely unlucky to suffer so much hardship. However, the Spiritual Energy of Fire here was just like a passing game, passing from one place to another, yet it would not extricate itself from the Tai Chi Fist. Instead, it became even more troublesome!

"Do I destine that I will be played to death by this Spiritual Energy of Fire today?"

Junior Leopard was getting impatient. Somehow he felt a sense of despair.

This strand of despair was like a fuse, catalyzing a revulsion.

His fist intent suddenly collapsed!

A despair of collapse!

His fist intent infused with divine thoughts and Internal Qi.

Divine thoughts were human consciousness and thoughts. Hence, the form of the fist intent was connected to the consciousness and thoughts. Junior Leopard's fist intent was a simulation of the universe. In essence, it was extremely strong. It was so strong that it could contain everything, but, it was so unreal that it was unable to be controlled.

Luckily he had the Fiery Eyes, a secretive bloodline that had been extinct for 3,000 years. Then he could unblock the fist intent, only leaving the fist intent like a black fireball, which he could barely control.

This black fireball fist intent was originally formed from his simulation of the universe. It was formed from a strand of the golden metal essence and the Mysterious Fire's energy, according to the process of formation of stars that he knew deep in his heart. In essence, it was a star, a sun. And due to the Mysterious Fire, it was black. Then it was a black sun. Hence, there was no wrong in calling it Black Sun Fist Intent.

The intent and mental state were connected. Only someone with strong willpower could clear intent. And once the belief was shaken, then, the intent would disappear as well.

Now, Junior Leopard was in despair. The fist intent changed and collapsed. To a fighter who managed to clear fist intent, that was the greatest loss. Once the belief collapsed, and the fist intent disappeared, it would be almost impossible to condense it again. The cultivation would be greatly reduced. The Internal Qi might even automatically vanish.

Junior Leopard was now in such a precarious state.

However, this fella was an abnormality, an inborn abnormality.

Since the collapsed fist intent was not the fist intent that simulated the universe, but the Black Sun Fist Intent. Hence, even if the Black Sun Fist Intent had completely collapsed, to Junior Leopard, there was still a chance of survival.

His fist intent was collapsing. The "black fireball" behind him was just like a fire that ran out of fuel, slowly falling.

There wasn't a strand of light within his eyes, it turned into a hollow. A wave of incomparably vast intent inundated Junior Leopard's consciousness. His consciousness was limitlessly expanded. In the process of the "fireball" falling, it didn't scatter. Instead, it was floating in a vast hollow and was slowly changing.

In the center of the circle, the golden red "egg" began to absorb the fist intent, devouring the Internal Qi and divine thoughts within his fist intent. Yet his fist intent was still strongly floating, scattered amongst the hollow. In this way, the "egg" within the circle was competing with Junior Leopard's fist intent in his hollow. They were tearing at each other, forming a seesaw competition.

As for the final winner, naturally, it would be his fist intent that simulated the universe.

Even though he felt despair, he still had common sense. Deep within his heart, the universe was still mighty. It was a modern man's common knowledge, which turned into a kind of belief. And the belief began to pull the surrounding Spiritual Energy of Fire that formed the circle into the hollow fist intent.

At this time, the black sun didn't completely collapse. All of a sudden there was so much pneuma. It forcefully exploded as if hot oil poured into cold water. A dazzling light formed around Junior Leopard, and then completely disappeared.

Everything vanished, including the surrounding Spiritual Energy of Fire, the black sun, the hollow within Junior Leopard's eyes. Even the actions of Junior Leopard's punches also disappeared. He was quietly maintaining a posture of Tai Chi Fist.

Everything around quieted down. It was as if time had stopped.

After a time, Junior Leopard who seemed to be solidified suddenly blinked. Following this action, everything returned to normal.


The soundless pressure was over everything. Around Junior Leopard, a demonic "visual field" appeared and then slowly began to turn. It was like a huge black hole in the hollow, involving everything around it, including the Spiritual Energy of Fire, rocks, dust, air. Eeverything changed. Some small special objects began to float and were absorbed into this "visual field".

What was different, was that the pneuma of heaven and earth was completely shredded and engulfed by the "visual field", without slightest evidence of existence.

As for those substances, they were circling around Junior Leopard, slowly moving, floating and was slowly grinded by invisible gravity.

Junior Leopard also began to slowly float up.

Black hole, this was a black hole!

Junior Leopard blinked and his action of holding a circle was obviously stagnant. After he finished his fist trend, his eyes flashed a glint of light. He then exhaled gently.

"Black hole? A new kind of fist intent?" The corners of his mouth twitched. Feeling the change of space and time around him, he didn't know what to say.

Space around was obviously distorted. The gravity weakened. Even the gravity surrounding him also disappeared. That was why he floated. He could also feel that the time in his surroundings had slowed down. This was a typical black hole.

"This is to say, unknowingly, my fist intent once again developed a change which turned from a sun into a black hole!"

Since the changing of the fist intent was a coincidence, just like last time, this uncultured boy didn't know the reason and process of the change. He only knew that his own fist intent had changed.

Suddenly, Junior Leopard's gaze flashed. The "visual field" disappeared. The black hole also disappeared. Everything that was floating, including Junior Leopard, all dropped on the floor at the same time. Everything around was back. The unruly Spiritual Energy of Fire once again filled the entire room. However, it was unable to cause any disturbance to him. Because at this time, the Mysterious Fire within his Dantianbecame honest. And the External Elixir also became honest, cold to the Spiritual Energy of Fire. He once again gained control of the Internal Qi within his body.

"Interesting!" With a move of his mind, a black sun once again appeared around him, fiercely burning. And moving again, the black sun disappeared and the black hole appeared. After a few times, he became familiar from obscurity. Then he slowly kept the Internal Qi within his Dantian.

"Two kinds of fist intent can be converted at will. Heehee, now, it's really fun!"

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