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Chapter 76 Star Martial Prophecy

Ding Tianchun's residence was also beside the lake, about a thousand meters away from the bamboo forest.

Soon, Qin Yun arrived at the entrance of a manor. However, he was stopped by a few large middle-aged men, preventing him from entering.

Yang Shiyue hurriedly came out and picked him up.

Qin Yun entered the room and saw President Zhang in a white robe pacing back and forth in the hall. With a grim expression, he hurriedly asked, "President, what's wrong with Teacher Ding?"

Yang Shiyue said, "Professor Ding has been poisoned! Principal and I worked together to suppress the poison. "

Principal Zhang frowned and said angrily in a low voice, "Professor Ding is a simple and honest person. He has a strong sense of responsibility and has never made any enemies. Who was the one who gave him such a huge amount of poison?"

Qin Yun immediately thought of a person. It was Master Wei!

Yang Shiyue knew of this matter as well. Therefore, she had the same thoughts as Qin Yun regarding Master Wei.

"The poison in Professor Ding's body is very rare. This kind of poison is very precious, it's not easy to get." At this point, Principal Zhang became even angrier. Veins bulged on his forehead as he said, "I must find out who did this. To think that they would use this poison on a child!"

"Child?" Qin Yun was stunned as he hurriedly asked.

"It was originally Professor Ding's child who was poisoned. Professor Ding only saved the child's life after discovering the poison and infused it into his body in time! The child's poison has not been completely cured, and he has yet to awaken. If he does not quickly cure the child, it will greatly affect the future of this father and son duo. " Yang Shiyue's face was also ice-cold as she spoke in a deep voice.

To kill a child, this was utterly heartless!

Fury surged in Qin Yun's heart.

"The medicinal herb used to detoxify the poison is called Colourless Fruit. It is found in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, but it is extremely rare. I've already sent someone to search for it. " Principal Zhang said, "I will be watching the father and son duo use my internal energy to help them suppress their poison."

Qin Yun's face was filled with worry as he said, "I want to enter Cloud Dragon Mountain Range to search for medicinal ingredients."

After Yang Shiyue heard this, she hurriedly said, "That won't do, it's too dangerous to go in by yourself. I'll go with you, take it as an experiential learning!"

"Alright then!" Principal Zhang nodded. "There's no time to lose. Let's go now." Even if more people were to go and search for it, they would be able to quickly find the Colourless Fruit. "

After saying that, Yang Shiyue and Qin Yun immediately went back to change into casual clothes and headed for the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range.

On the banks of the Cloud Dragon River, Yang Shiyue and Qin Yun ran at a fast pace.

They were all wearing tight black uniforms and heavy faces.

This was the second time Qin Yun had entered the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range.

"Teacher, Master Wei must have done this!" Qin Yun was very sure as he whispered, "On the surface, this fellow looks like a gentleman, but he's definitely a despicable person."

Yang Shiyue coldly said: "I know, wait till after Teacher Ding has woken up. If it is really him, then we must find him for revenge! "

Within the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, there were mountains and forests everywhere.

The towering ancient trees were leafy, and the forest was cool and cozy. From time to time, some poisonous insects or beasts would appear, which was quite scary.

Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue ran through the forest and were already used to the darkness.

Suddenly, they discovered that the light shining through the gaps between the leaves had turned blue!

Then, a hot wave of air came pressing down from the sky!

The two of them immediately halted their footsteps!

Qin Yun looked up into the sky and noticed a strong blue light between the leaves. He exclaimed, "What's going on?"

Yang Shiyue leaped up, and with a few leaps, she arrived above the big tree.

Qin Yun hurriedly climbed up and after pushing aside the branches, he could not help but be stunned!

A huge blue ball of light appeared in the sky and was slowly descending. Its target was the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range.

"huh....Teacher, what is this!? " Qin Yun asked with a look of surprise. The heat was getting stronger as well.

Yang Shiyue's face was solemn, she did not say a word, but gazed at the blue ball of light as it fell.

After waiting for a moment, she saw that the light ball was not falling towards them, so she opened her mouth to speak: "This is the Star Martial Prophecy! A long time ago, there was a prediction that a Martial King Star Palace would fall into the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range! "

Qin Yun recalled the last time he entered the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range trials. Ding Tianchun had said that there was an anomaly in there. From time to time, a very high-level demon beast would run out.

He looked at Yang Shi Yue's cold and serious face and asked in a low voice: "Teacher, is this serious? Dangerous from time to time? Will it affect our search for the colorless fruit? "

Yang Shiyue said: "You haven't heard of the legend of the Martial King Star Palace, so you don't know what this means!"

Qin Yun wanted to know as well. However, he felt that danger was approaching.

After Yang Shiyue jumped to the ground, she said, "Let's go to the place where Blue Star fell. If we can find a cure for the poison, it would be faster than finding a Colourless Fruit!"

With that, she rushed toward Bluestar's falling body.

Qin Yun followed behind Yang Shiyue in shock. The Martial King Star Palace seemed to be extremely important, which made him very curious.

"Teacher, what does the Martial King Star Palace mean?"

Yang Shiyue said: "A long time ago, this place gave birth to a very strong warrior. As long as one could reach his level, he would be able to build his own Star Palace in space. If he dies one day, then the Star Palace will fall to its birthplace. "

"This... When was this legend?" Qin Yun had seen many ancient books, but he had never seen such a legend.

"It's been over ten thousand years! Of course, this is only a legend. As for the specifics, no one knows."

Yang Shiyue's words gave Qin Yun a fright.

A legend from ten thousand years ago … And now that the Star Palace had fallen, it could be said that the Star Palace was more than ten thousand years old!

"With such a phenomenon, the three neighboring countries must know that there are bound to be many experts here. We have to get there as soon as possible." Yang Shiyue said again, and then took out a long sword and grasped it in her hand, becoming extremely vigilant.

She had just finished speaking when several auras suddenly flew across the air.

"Is it a Martial Dao Realm expert? It seems to me that one of them is the principal! " Qin Yun said in surprise.

"It's Principal Zhang. There are others who are at the Martial Dao Realm …" Yang Shi Yue frowned: "I can also fly, but it's too easy to be the target in the air, we are still safe on the ground!"

"Qin Yun, Teacher Yang, for the time being, don't approach the place where Blue Star fell!" A voice suddenly came from the air. It was Principal Zhang's voice. He passed through the dense foliage and landed on the ground.

"Dean, what's the situation now?" Yang Shiyue asked.

Principal Zhang shook his head. "I'm not too sure right now. The situation is very complicated. I suggest that you all not go over first. Once that star lands on the ground, it will definitely have a very strong impact.

As soon as Principal Zhang finished speaking, a loud rumble came from the distance and the earth began to tremble violently.

"Fortunately, it landed in the depths, but the sound was still very loud. You must also be careful, there are all kinds of dangers hidden within. " With that, Principal Zhang rose into the air, flying towards the place where the stars had fallen.

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