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Chapter 75 Mystical Heart Grass

The bodies of Qin Feng and Qi Xue melted in the lava. Everyone was shocked!

Liu Ning, who was stopped by Yang Shi Yue, was also dumbfounded!

Two outstanding students had actually died right in front of his eyes!

One was Princess of Heavenly Qi, the other was the Prince of Heavenly Qin!

After being shocked, the old officials from the Heavenly Qin Empire were full of grief and anger.

Qin Feng, the second prince, had such high martial talent and yet he was so young. He had died just like that!

Qin Feng was someone that the empress valued very highly. In the future, he would be able to become a capable helper for the crown prince, Qin Zhengfeng. But now... However, he was killed by Qin Yun.

The old officials could not say anything because Yang Shiyue and Duan Gan were protecting Qin Yun. They were unable to defeat either of them.

Qin Yun exchanged one against three. In a few seconds, he had finished his sparring!

His terrifying strength once again shook the entire audience!

In the Hidden Dragon Martial Field, after a brief period of silence, a series of thunderous exclamations suddenly rang out!

Only Ye Chenlei was still alive, but he was also crippled.

Qin Yun's main rage was directed at Qi Xue and Qin Feng!

It was both because of the two of them that Qin Yun was infuriated. His killing intent surged as he spoke of how he would deal with Qi Meili.

Qin Yun's expression was calm as he walked to the side of the dueling platform. He looked down at Liu Ning and said coldly, "I've won. According to the agreement, you have to give me the blueprint of the Giant Spirit King Hammer!"

Yang Shiyue also said in a threatening tone, "Hurry up and take out the blueprint!"

Liu Ning and the other teachers were still unable to react!

This was because they never expected Qin Yun to defeat the three of them!

Now, Qin Yun had not only defeated the trio, he had defeated them with overwhelming strength. Qin Feng and Qi Xue were reduced to a pool of lava!

The power of the Violet Gold Fire Martial Spirit was terrifying. The flames it released could melt rocks. If no one had seen it with their own eyes, no one would believe it.

Liu Ning gritted his teeth. He did not want to hand over the blueprint, but after sensing Yang Shiyue's frightening aura, he had no choice but to take out a piece of paper and hand it over.

Qin Yun took the paper and opened it. He found it incomprehensible. After that, he handed it to Duan Qian and asked, "Chief Steward, can you take a look for me and see if this is correct?"

After receiving it, Duan Qian frowned as he looked at it.

Liu Ning and company were extremely anxious as they hurriedly shouted, "Qin Yun, this is a secret of our Tianxuan Martial Arts Academy. I hope you can keep it a secret and not divulge it to anyone!"

Qin Yun said with a sneer, "This belongs to me. It has nothing to do with you. We did not agree on anything before!"

He did not have a good impression of Liu Ning. He believed that Qi Xue and Qin Feng being able to say something that was right for Mei Lian must have something to do with Liu Ning.

Liu Ning's expression changed as a hint of anger flashed through his eyes.

"It's correct!" Duan Qian returned the blueprint to Qin Yun.

Qin Yun kept the diagram and walked down from the dueling platform to Yang Shiyue's side.

He looked at Xiao Yuelan who was not far away. The coldness in her eyes under the mask was still as cold and emotionless as before.

When Xiao Yuelan noticed Qin Yun looking over, she hurriedly turned around and left the Hidden Dragon Martial Field.

The Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Competition came to an end. Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue left the imperial city and returned to the Hua Ling Wu Academy.

Quite a few geniuses had been crippled in this tournament, all of them from three empires.

As such, Qin Yun had formed enmity with the three empires' imperial family!

Especially Xiao Lang from the Heavenly Roar Empire, he was severely injured and wouldn't be able to recover in a short period of time. Furthermore, the snow lions that had been killed had been taken away by Qin Yun. The losses were extremely heavy.

After the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Competition, Qin Yun's name had risen to prominence.

The once destitute Prince had now completely risen to prominence!

The treacherous officials of the Heavenly Qin Empire were all worried. If Qin Yun did not die, they would never be able to live peacefully.

The freshmen and seniors of the Hua Ling Wu Academy were extremely jealous when they saw Qin Yun return.

For a freshman to achieve such an achievement, if it wasn't for enmity with the empress, he would definitely be welcomed.

At the Bamboo Lodge at the side of the lake in the Hua Ling County.

In the hall of the residence, Yang Shiyue watched as Qin Yun took out the Heart Grass and sighed. "They have finally cultivated the Heart Grass. It is extremely important for people who have yet to fully form their Heart Sutra. After eating it, they will be able to cultivate an extremely powerful Heart Sutra!"

Qin Yun asked, "Teacher, if the Heart Sutra was powerful, where would it be most obvious?"

Yang Shiyue sat down and said: "The three main meridians are the Bone Meridian, the Heart Meridian and the Soul Meridian! The Heart Sutra was in the middle and could affect the Bone Meridian and the Soul Meridian. It was also the core of the Linked Bone Meridian and the Soul Meridian!

"If the Heart Sutra is very strong, then your Bone Sutra will become stronger. In the future, when you cultivate it, your Soul Scripture will also be very strong!"

"The Bone Meridian is related to the body, and the Soul Meridian is related to the soul!" The stronger the body, the stronger the soul, and the stronger the spirit! After you ate the Profound Heart Grass, the Heart Sutra that you cultivated will be much stronger than what you would normally be able to achieve. "

Qin Yun looked forward to the effects of the Mysterious Heart Grass. He had twin martial spirits and dual elemental energy. In order to unearth potential, he needed a powerful body in order to withstand the terrifying energy from the dual elemental energy.

If he could cultivate a powerful Heart Sutra, his body and mind would become stronger and he would be able to solve this bottleneck.

"Hurry up and eat!" Yang Shiyue smiled and urged.

Qin Yun took the Heart Grass and hurriedly entered the room.

After he ate the Mystic Heart Grass, he closed his eyes and refined it. Not long after, he felt that his abdomen had become extremely hot.

Then, waves of scorching energy quickly rushed into his heart, causing his heart to beat intensely. It was extremely scorching.

A day and night passed. The moment Qin Yun opened his eyes, a golden light flashed.

"My heart has turned golden!" He exclaimed after inspecting his surroundings.

Not only that, but all the meridians in his body had also expanded by a lot, and the Bone Meridian in his body had also turned golden.

All the meridians in Qin Yun's body were connected to his golden heart. Every time the heart beat, the blood would circulate through the heart.

After the blood passed through the golden heart, it was instantly strengthened. Then, the strengthened blood flowed throughout the body to nourish the muscles and bones.

"The Heart Meridian is connected to the Inner Qi. It will absorb the Inner Qi and use it to strengthen the blood!"

"After the blood has been strengthened, it flows throughout the entire body to nourish the body, and then it seeps into the bones through the Bone Meridian to strengthen the bones!"

Qin Yun carefully probed and discovered the mysterious connection in his body.

After he cultivated the Heart Meridian, as long as his heart beat, he would refine his blood and strengthen his body at all times!

Now that he only lacked the Soul Scripture, his spiritual force would have increased tremendously if he were to cultivate it.

"With my current physique, I should be able to withstand the strength of the inner strength condensed by the Meteor Shower." He really wanted to try, but this was not the right place.

Qin Yun had successfully cultivated the Sutra of the Heart and went to look for Yang Shi Yue in delight.

He came to the hall and saw a note on the table. It read: "Professor Ding, I am at his residence. Please come at once!"

Qin Yun's expression changed slightly as he immediately thought of many things. After that, he rushed out the door and headed for Ding Tianchun's residence.

When Ding Tianchun and he were hunting demonic beasts in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, they were attacked by the Quick Ape, Cui Hui and the others...

The Swift Shadow Ape and Cui Hui were both connected to Master Wei, but they were both killed. Therefore, Master Wei must have found out about this and found Ding Tianchun …

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