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Chapter 63 Jade Wolf Sword

After Qin Yun reached seventh place, he immediately issued a challenge to Qin Feng, who was sixth. However, Qin Feng did not immediately accept the challenge.

And Meng Fei Ling, who was ranked fourth, was also going to challenge the third place Ye Chanlei.

The main battling platform that was # 1 was surrounded by a lot of people, because it was going to be the fight between Ye Chanlei and Meng Fei Ling!

Meng Fei Ling's expression was cold as she slowly landed on the martial stage.

She was wearing a white dress with a black whip in her hand. She stood there valiantly. Her eyes were filled with flirtatiousness at first, but upon seeing Ye Chen, they turned as sharp as an eagle's!

Her martial spirit was the Platinum Eagle, a grade higher than Ye Chenlei's Golden Thunder Axe. This was also the reason why she dared to challenge Ye Chenlei.

Ye Chen was wearing a huge golden axe in his hand. His upper body was bare and his muscles were full of explosive power. It was very scary.

Qin Yun was also looking at her seriously. He wanted to see how strong Meng Fei Ling was.

"Witch, you stole and killed the Thunder Wolf Beast from our Ye Clan. Don't think that we don't know about it. Today, we will let you pay the price." Ye Chenlei roared, his voice was like rolling thunder.

Qin Yun immediately recalled that when he met Meng Fei Ling, he had seen her lead men to kill demon beasts. It was the Ye family's beast pet.

Ye Chenlei was almost two meters tall. He had a huge body and fierce muscles. His whole body was covered with flashing electricity. The huge axe in his hand burst with golden electric sparks.

After he roared, he brandished his huge axe and charged at Meng Fei Ling like a mad bull.

Although Ye Chenlei was big, he was not slow at all. He was actually a little faster than Lin Yang.

He performed his Qing Gong, and his footwork became even more nimble.

Shua shua shua!

Before Ye Chen could get close to Meng Fei Ling, Ye Chen chopped the huge axe in his hand a few times, releasing several streams of power. The golden lightning spread out like a net, covering a large area.

Meng Fei Ling immediately leapt up more than 20 meters into the air!

After she dodged Ye Chenlei's attack, she swung the long whip in her hand. "Pa!" The inner strength through the long whip landed on Ye Chenlei's body, causing him to let out a roar of rage.

She nimbly flew around in the sky, just like a bird. This made many people envious.

She had the Eagle Martial Spirit, and through her special qinggong, she could fly early. Otherwise, she would need to be at the eighth or ninth level of the Martial Body in order to use powerful inner force to lift her body into the air.

Ye Chenlei's defense was very strong, his attacks were fierce and his speed was not slow. However, he had met someone who could fly. It was difficult for him to hit someone who could fly on the ground, so he could only watch with his eyes wide open!

Meng Fei Ling was a Platinum grade martial spirit and the inner strength she had condensed was very strong. Her attack was also very nimble. As she lashed out with her whip in the air, Ye Chen was caught unprepared.

Qin Yun finally understood why Xiao Lang called Meng Fei Ling a demoness. This sort of fighting style was truly maddening.

Not long after that, Ye Chenlei's body was covered in horrifying whipping wounds. Not only were his external injuries extremely severe, but his internal injuries were also quite severe.

"Witch, I will kill you!" Ye Chenlei's roar was like a thunderclap. The funny thing was, the huge axe in his hand had already been lashed down the battling platform by Meng Fei Ling.

Ye Chenlei faced the Meng Fei Ling who was in the air and threw out punches. The violent thunder and lightning inner force flew into the air randomly, but was all avoided by Meng Fei Ling.

Pah pah pah … Meng Fei Ling whipped his long whip and used his strongest Qi to hit Ye Chen's body. When it hit, the Qi surged and blood splashed everywhere.

"I... I concede! " After saying that, Ye Chenlei walked off the battling platform in a rage. The wounds on his body were shocking.

From the very beginning, everyone could roughly tell who would win or lose, so they weren't too surprised.

Even though he was surprised, it was because of the flying technique that Meng Fei Ling used.

As a result, Meng Fei Ling was ranked third!

The ones above her were Xiao Lang and Xiao Yue Mei. They were both very strong, so she did not continue fighting.

If they were severely injured, they wouldn't even be able to protect the third.

The top three were all very strong, and it would be very difficult for the people below to make it up.

On the other hand, Ye Chenlei was heavily injured. Even if he was injured, he could only barely maintain his position.

As long as he can enter the top ten, even if he doesn't get first place, the reward he gets is pretty good.

Next, what people looked forward to the most was the match between "Dragon-slaying" and Qin Feng!

Qin Feng was the second prince of Tianqin Empire and was publicly acknowledged as the second strongest prince of the Heavenly Qin Empire.

The strongest was the crown prince, Qin Zhengfeng, while the third was Qin Yun …

Qin Yun patiently waited in the martial arts arena for Qin Feng to answer.

While he was waiting, a shocking piece of news suddenly came. It was the crown prince of Tianqin. He would be coming here to watch Qin Feng's match!

The crown prince Qin Zheng Feng possessed a rare six meridians and had long been accepted by the Sky Profound Martial House. Now that he had returned from the Sky Profound Martial School, it was said that he had already entered the 7th level of the Martial Body.

Qin Zhengfeng and Qin Feng's mother were cousins and they had a good relationship. Thus, Qin Zheng Feng and Qin Feng had a good relationship.

The news had just arrived when someone shouted, "The Prince of Heavenly Qin is here! His display of power is not small!"

Qin Yun was standing on the dueling platform when he saw many people walking in from the entrance.

The person in the front wore a purple jade crown, a golden cloak, and a golden red precious armor. He looked extremely arrogant and threatening as he radiated sharpness.

This was Qin Zhengfeng, the crown prince of Tianqin!

When Qin Yun saw Qin Zheng Feng, he was inwardly incensed.

One of his spirit veins was taken out and placed in Qin Zhengfeng's body.

Qin Zheng Feng was the crown prince and was about to get engaged to Xiao Yue Lan. His talent in the Martial Dao was number one in the Heavenly Qin Empire, and he was undoubtedly the future emperor of the Heavenly Qin.

Therefore, when the disciples of famous sects saw him, they all went up to greet him.

If it was his aptitude, Qin Zheng Feng would not be able to compare to Xiao Yue Lan. But there was no need to worry, after all the Heavenly Roar Empire had already decided to get married, so there was no mistake.

Qin Zhengfeng had just arrived when someone brought him a luxurious chair and sat him down.

He wanted to watch from under the main dueling platform!

Xiao Lang and the others in the VIP room also came down and greeted Qin Zheng Feng.

Only Xiao Yue Mei and Meng Fei Ling did not come.

Qin Zhengfeng smiled and took out a sharp sword from his scabbard, letting out a crisp sound.

With one glance, one could tell that this was a good sword, a spirit artifact!

He passed the sword to Qin Feng and said with a smile, "Second Brother, this sword is called the Jade Wolf Sword. This Jade Wolf Sword, a prize I obtained at the Sky Profound Martial School.

Qin Feng was pleasantly surprised. After receiving the Jade Wolf Sword, he hurriedly expressed his thanks.

This was a low grade spirit artifact, and it was very famous as well. It could unleash an even stronger power during a martial arts competition!

Everyone was secretly envious when they saw Qin Feng obtain the Jade Wolf Sword!

A famous low rank spiritual weapon was extremely rare. One had to know that many disciples of famous sects only had half a spiritual weapon.

"This is the first spirit artifact to appear in the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Competition. This sword is really beautiful!"

"The Mask is going to suffer!"

"Haha, he's really unlucky. Previously, he dared to so arrogantly provoke Qin Feng. Now that Qin Feng has a spirit artifact, how is he going to defend against it? Although he has a storage spirit artifact, he can't compete in martial arts, and won't be of much use. "

Qin Zheng Feng laughed lightly: "Royal brother, with this sword, you will definitely be able to take first place in the Hidden Dragon Rank!"

"Of course!" Qin Feng smiled proudly and then lightly leaped up, landing on the battling platform.

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