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Chapter 64 Thunder Clap

Qin Feng had a spiritual weapon. Not only did Qin Yun have pressure, Xiao Lang also had a lot of pressure.

If Qin Feng kept attacking, he, Xiao Lang, would have to face Qin Feng in the end!

Although Xiao Lang was the second prince of Skyhowl, he didn't have a spiritual weapon!

In this kind of great power, he had to fight for spiritual tools himself.

On the battling platform, Qin Feng's eyes were filled with rage. His wrist had been injured by Qin Yun and suffered a great loss. He did not hesitate to lower his ranking in order to seek revenge.

Furthermore, he wanted to obtain Xiao Yue Mei's appreciation!

Qin Feng lightly shook the Jade Wolf Sword, releasing a burst of light and agile sword hum. The spirit patterns on the sword glimmered with a white light and were clearly visible. From the complexity of the spirit patterns, it could be seen that it was a medium-grade spirit pattern.

He looked at Qin Yun's ice-cold black mask and said coldly, "I want to break your mask and see what shame you have!"

"Begin!" the referee shouted.

The moment the competition began, Qin Yun attacked first.

The ghost head saber he used hacked down violently as the fire inner force surged into the large blade. The blade's body turned red as the hot air pressed down on him!


The ghost head blade slashed out, producing a whistling sound as it cut through the air. The blade qi that burst out roared again and again!

With such a cut on the head, his imposing manner was truly overwhelming. He did not waste any time, and the crowd could not help but cheer loudly!

Qin Feng had a look of disdain on his face. His Snow Wind Martial Spirit could release the Snow Wind internal energy and infuse it into the Jade Wolf Sword. It could release a bone-piercing blizzard!

He gently waved his sword and welcomed the incoming hot saber Qi!

Everyone held their breath!


The sword and the saber clashed, the ice and the fire competed, the ice and the fire on the battling platform instantly reached the heavens!

The huge battling platform was covered in cold air, forming a layer of ice!

The mist dissipated as Qin Yun was pushed back dozens of meters. His body was covered in ice and snow while the ghost head blade was covered in a thick layer of frost!

It had to be said that Qin Feng's inner strength was still stronger. After all, he was at the sixth level of the Martial Body realm. Moreover, through the Jade Wolf Sword, his inner strength had increased by a lot!

This was the power of a Spirit Treasure.

Kcha! *

The ice on the Phantom Head Blade suddenly cracked, then the blade followed the ice and shattered, falling to the ground!

One had to know that the ghost blade was also a half spirit artifact, but it had actually turned into many small fragments.

When the people below the stage saw this, they immediately let out a series of exclamations. They wished that they, too, could have such a spirit sword!

"This is the power of the Jade Wolf Sword!"

"As expected of a spirit weapon, if only I had one!"

"The Prince of Heavenly Qin fought for it himself. If you want to buy such a famous sword, you'll need to prepare at least a million crystal coins!"

Other than envy, everyone else could only feel envy!

Qin Zhengfeng enjoyed the admiration of others. He laughed loudly and shouted, "Royal brother, take advantage of this to get rid of him!"

Qin Feng immediately flew over and raised his hand to conjure a blizzard of sword beams. It made Qin Yun have no choice but to dodge continuously!

Without a weapon, the situation became very clear.

Everyone believed that the outcome of the battle was already decided. It all depended on how Qin Yun lost.

Qin Zheng Feng laughed proudly: "Everyone, watch carefully. My second royal brother is preparing to use our most powerful sword technique, 'Qin Ling Sword Art'. That is a top grade spirit rank martial art!"

Superior Spirit level sword techniques were extremely rare, and there were quite a few fist and leg techniques. Weapons and the like were extremely rare.

After Qin Feng performed the Qin Ling Sword Art, he suddenly became agile. Both his speed and his internal force had increased by a lot!


As he thrust his sword forward, the sound of the sword was like that of a wolf's. Light and shadow flew out, and the wind and snow howled!

It could be said that he had used both the Jade Wolf Sword and Qin Zheng Feng's sword techniques to their limits. Even Qin Zheng Feng was praising them!

Many of the seniors below the stage also began to cheer!

Qin Yun was enveloped by the sword shadows of the snowstorm. It was impossible for him to dodge such an attack!

Qin Feng continued performing the Qin Ling Sword Art, turning the battling platform into a world of ice and snow. It was hard for him to see the situation inside clearly.

"The outcome has been decided!" Xiao Lang smiled slightly: "Qin Feng is indeed powerful. I wonder how much of a chance I have when fighting him!"

"Brother Xiao, you don't have to be modest!" The masked man was only at the fifth level of the martial body. Moreover, his martial skills were ordinary, and he didn't have a good half spirit artifact. Naturally, he was suppressed! "And you are the best of the best in the 6th level of the Martial Body realm. The martial skills of your Heavenly Roar Royal Family are the most outstanding among our three kingdoms." Qin Zhengfeng laughed: "I'm really looking forward to the match between you and my royal brother."

Just as he finished speaking, a sharp sound of weapons clashing resounded from the martial stage!

Crash! *

The snow that covered the martial stage was torn apart by a heat wave and the frost on the ground quickly melted!

They saw Qin Yun wield a flaming forging hammer and block the fatal strike that was stabbing at his throat!

The masked man actually had a weapon. It was a hammer!

To be able to block such a strong sword strike, it was clear that the hammer was no ordinary item!

It was a hammer forged by Qin Yun using low-grade bone steel. Its strength did not lose to the Jade Wolf Sword!

Xiao Lang saw that the masked man wasn't defeated so he secretly rejoiced: "The masked man is a blacksmith from the Hall of Marks. It isn't strange for him to have a good hammer!"

Qin Yun brandished his forging hammer forcefully. Like a clap of thunder, the strike came crashing down with explosive booms of thunder!

With a single glance, one could tell that this was a high grade hammer technique!

The Six Styles of the Dragon's Forging Fist was modified from the top grade Spirit Level Wind Slasher Technique. It could also be considered a top grade Spirit level martial art. It was not the slightest bit inferior to the Qin Ling Sword Art!

Qin Feng was already shocked by the momentum of the thunderbolt. While he was terrified in his heart, he instinctively swung his sword to block!


The hammer landed on the Jade Wolf Sword's blade, sending out sparks. It was like forging red iron, and the sound of the hammer striking the sword was muffled like thunder.

Qin Feng's hand, which was holding the sword, was shaken to the point that it hurt. His heart was filled with horror; he had never heard of such a ferocious hammer technique!

This was the Shaking Thunder Style, the first move of the Dragon Tempering Art!

In order to conceal his Oscillating Martial Spirit, Qin Yun did not use the Oscillating Inner Force. He had only borrowed the inner force of his second inner force!

His vigorous internal energy was enough to fully display this move!

"Forging Dragon Form Two, Chi Zha!"

When the second hammer strike landed, it was like a raging thunderbolt, containing a majestic aura.

Under the hammer, the complex alchemy patterns were even more dazzling and incredibly hot.


A burst of flame splashed out like a spark!

The Jade Wolf Sword actually … Bending!

Seeing this scene, Qin Zheng Feng's face changed. Everyone was as shocked as if they were stone statues!

The curved part of the jade wolf sword was slightly red, as if it had been burnt!

"Thunder Tremor Style!" Qin Yun struck again with his hammer. In his panic, Qin Feng could only use the slightly bent Jade Wolf Sword to fend off the attack.


Another shocking thunderclap exploded out!

After the forging hammer fell down, it produced even more sparks. The jade wolf sword was completely broken in half, the area where it was burnt red!

After breaking the sword with a forging hammer, Qin Yun struck at Qin Feng's chest!

After Qin Feng's chest was hit, he cried out loudly … A scorching scar was left on his chest as his clothes were set on fire.

"Those are alchemy markings!"

"The type of spirit pattern that can absorb fire inner strength and increase heat by one fold?"

"That's a half Spirit Treasure's hammer, it has the inner strength of a low-grade Spirit Treasure. The alchemy of the golden engravings is too terrifying!"

Some of the more knowledgeable people in the martial arts field exclaimed.

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