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Translated by: DMlations/Zryuu
Edited by: Amelea and FistFullOfDollars

— l986TX

When Zhou Sheng returned he was surrounded by a strong, murderous aura. Fu Liqun asked, "Won?"

"Lost!" Zhou Sheng said in a bad mood, then forcefully shifted the blame onto Yu Hao, "Why didn't you come watch me compete? Laozi lost because of that!"


Yu Hao instantly felt like a basin of cold water had been poured onto him.

"Did you get into the semifinals?" Fu Liqun said.


"Got in." Zhou Sheng answered, still in a bad mood.

Yu Hao almost went up to hit Zhou Sheng,  "Could you stop exaggerating?! You're the one who said that there wouldn't be a problem today! And asked me to take notes for you! We'll definitely watch the finals!"


Zhou Sheng laughed as he briskly took off his sports singlet , then threw it to Yu Hao before taking a towel and heading into the bathroom for a shower. Yu Hao got up, picked up the socks that had been thrown on the floor then went to soak his clothes for him. A short moment later, Zhou Sheng walked out of the bathroom and passed his pants and underwear to Yu Hao; their movements were unbelievably natural and well-coordinated.

The corners of Fu Liqun's mouth twitched as he scrutinised Yu Hao.


Yu Hao, "……"

Fu Liqun, "You spoil him too much."


"Don't I wash your clothes too?" Yu Hao could only force himself to say this, and thought that he needed to be more self-aware when they were outside. He is gay, but Zhou Sheng isn't, so it would be troublesome if he were to implicate him. Zhou Sheng acts like that to everyone — cats, dogs and even trees wouldn't be able to escape his teasing. He would always speak crudely to his classmates and Fu Liqun as well.

It was only in front of Yu Hao that……


Yu Hao now realised what the problem was. Nowadays, Zhou Sheng would go to class with him every day. He always sat at the back row in the past, but recently, he would sit closer and closer to the front, and now he usually sat at the third row from the front. He would even listen to the lecture instead of falling asleep. The most obvious thing was: Zhou Sheng would always laugh and joke around with outsiders, yet he would always take Yu Hao extremely seriously.

It was as if Zhou Sheng had two modes. The A mode was the Hooligan mode, especially used to deal with outsiders and contained a set mode for consistently dealing with others in the same way — no matter if you were a form teacher or a classmate; B mode was the Serious Dialogue mode, which only expresses itself when he is with Yu Hao. Regardless of whether Yu Hao was teaching him English, or if they were conversing normally, he would rarely smile mischievously or joke around in a flirtatious manner.


Moreover, when they hung out with each other, most of their attention would be focused on the other person. For Yu Hao, it went without saying — most of the time, as long as Zhou Sheng was around, Zhou Sheng would be the only person in his eyes. On the other hand, Zhou Sheng was observant and always vigilant, but the moment Yu Hao exhibited any slight movement, Zhou Sheng would immediately turn towards him. It was as if he had cast a net with vast coverage, yet its withdrawal node would follow Yu Hao at all times.

Yu Hao doesn't want to negatively affect Zhou Sheng. If more people were to start gossiping about them, they would definitely start to feel awkward around each other. After some time, he would have to put some distance between them, and the situation would improve once they stop sticking to each other so much. Fu Liqun has had a girlfriend before, so even if he is often with them, others probably wouldn't say much about him……

  1s VUr

……what's wrong with me? Yu Hao couldn't help but find it amusing in his heart. He had always been in solitude for so many years, and now he can't live without someone's company?

Just as he thought this, the League Secretary came in to collect money. In mid-March, the college will organize a spring excursion. In the past, Yu Hao probably wouldn't go, but now that he had a bit more money this semester, affording it wasn't a problem.


"Yo." The League Secretary greeted him, "You're washing Zhou Sheng's underwear?"

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yu Hao, "……"


"Wah! Seriously?!" Zhou Sheng shouted from the bathroom, "You even know what kind of underwear I wear?! You're such a pervert~!"

Fu Liqun wanted to burst out into laughter at once, and Yu Hao spammed +1s for Zhou Sheng in his heart. When the League Secretary saw the sports clothes that Yu Hao was washing, he still wanted to throw in a few more mocking words before he was one-hit KO-ed by Zhou Sheng, so he could only admit defeat and take his phone out. Fu Liqun looked at Yu Hao as a signal for him to pay.


Yu Hao transferred the money to the League Secretary and said, "For all three of us."

Suddenly, Yu Hao realised something. He glanced at Fu Liqun, but Fu Liqun was watching videos with his earphones in. The League Secretary left after receiving the money.

Fu Liqun has never allowed others to pay for him first, or borrowed money from others, except for today. Yu Hao discovered this strange detail. Originally, when he took out his phone, he would have said "for me and Zhou Sheng". But since Fu Liqun let him pay for all of them first, it became "for our dormitory". Re gzM

Yu Hao was thinking about what that meant when Fu Liqun took off his earphones and said, "How much is it? I'll transfer it to you." Then immediately returned it to Yu Hao on the spot.

Yu Hao understood that his worries weren't unfounded. This strengthened his resolve: gossip is a fearful thing, even if he didn't fear it, he needed to consider Zhou Sheng. Mdb1lP

"Last semester was the first time we got to know one another. But now, I see all of you cooped up in your dormitories, not even leaving through the main or side gate, just like young ladies from a rich family……"

On the bus, Chen Yekai's words stirred up bursts of laughter. Chen Yekai was in charge of two classes. He wore sportswear from head to toe to tread the green. G6RjLF

"We aren't!" Students from the sports classes all cried out their grievances in succession, "We've obviously been playing sports every day!"

"Our bodies are always colliding with one another!" Another person shouted, which was followed by another round of raucous laughter. 7DZSrh

Chen Yekai paused for a moment before continuing, "So, this time, everyone should socialise more and disengage from the world in your mobile phones. If you have a girl you like, don't hesitate anymore, hurry and confess to her ba!"

There was a sudden uproar in the bus as everyone began to clap wildly for Chen Yekai. qIyg8B

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