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Chapter 364: End of Assessment

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Although Li Yixiao looked like an amiable person most of the time, his fists were unconquerable in real combat.

With no time to dodge the blow, Liu Dakun had no choice but to bear it with his folded arms. But strength-type Metahumans were not that fragile, as enduring attacks was their forte.

Liu Dakun knew he was not going to survive the night. Hence, the devil in him compelled him to drag someone to hell together. With blood welling up from his throat, he mustered all energy left and dashed towards Cao Qingci. But before he could come near enough, everything in his vision slowed down. It was not an illusion in his last minutes. It was the girl’s true power!

Even the world changed as time passed by. Perhaps nothing could defy the rule of time. But what if someone could master that power?

It might not harm him if he were uninjured, as he could use his own strength to guard against element-type powers. After all, the girl was no master of time.

But now everything was too late. He could only stare as the effect of time was unlimitedly magnified on himself. As if in a slowed down recording, a sharp sword perforated his heart effortlessly and emerged from his back.

From a bystander’s perspective, Lu Shu had already realized how terrifying Cao Qingci’s power was. No wonder at that previous time he perceived it more like a rule.

Of course, Cao Qingci could only reduce Liu Dakun’s speed to the same level as hers when he was injured. If he were not, she would have been dead.

Undeniably, though, it was an impressive skill… Moreover, how would she be like after her ascension to Class A?

That marked the end of the students assessment. Just when Lu Shu was about to greet Li Yixiao, the latter immediately dashed to the market.

Was he going to seize his spoils?

The students followed him to the spacious basement, which was an altered bomb shelter, upon which sat the market. After the construction of the shelter, it was sealed by the government, and was later transformed into Liu Dakun’s secret base.

It was a large space, with distinct traces of careful redesigning. The room was separated into compartments, in which beds were arranged neatly and tidily.

Li Yixiao almost flipped the entire room upside down, “Where is it?!”

The geniuses had taken away the bandits’ magical weapons, which were required to be surrendered. They knew very well that they were here for military credits, and nothing was important other than cultivation methods.

But Li Yixiao thought otherwise. He came for the money!

How was it possible that such a sizable black market had no savings? Could they have deposited them in the bank? Unlikely. People like them would probably bring their money with them, or at least bury it somewhere.

But now, there was nothing! Ill-tempered, Li Yixiao was deep in thought on a sofa. Had it really been in their bank account, he probably could never get it.

He pulled Lu Shu aside, “Why did you make the move before finding out where they hid their money!”

Lu Shu shrugged, “I’m not strong enough. Besides, we would have to surrender everything found here.”

“Bullshit,” Li Yixiao scratched his head, “Who knows how much money a black market has? I have the say whether to hand it up or not!”

Lu Shu cast him an innocent look, actually, I have the say…

Lu Xiaoyu had been hiding underground all along with Anthony’s help, and she left once Liu Dakun’s spirit was captured. In fact, it was a rare case for a Class B spirit to materialize, and Lu Xiaoyu already considered herself lucky to have one of strength-type mid-Class C like Liu Dakun’s.

Time to go home and count the money! With such a fortune, she could buy a big television, together with many TV boxes. One new box whenever Lu Shu hides one.

The Mianchi team began the narrative of their story, many parts of which stunned their audiences. Honestly speaking, theirs was a real combat experience, killing everyone under the director. At first, many became depressed after their first kill, but who would indulge in remorse knowing that there was still someone on the run?

It was precisely this kind of high-pressure environment that accelerated their growth.

The moment Li Yixiao appeared, Lu Shu understood that there had been assigned a “babysitter” to each group. After all, it was a foolproof method to equip each team with a Class C veteran or above, who would lend assistance in times of danger and remain quiet otherwise.

Judging from the time when Li Yixiao showed up, Lu Shu believed that he would have gone to the market early for spoils if there were no Class C enemies.

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal of the Heavenly Network was fast cultivation of those geniuses when their safety was ensured.

Was the situation out there so serious right now? It did make sense after some thought. Nowadays, the number of remains in the country was constantly on the rise, which must be the same outside as well. Therefore, all Practitioners would strive to be the first to reap the benefits.

If the Heavenly Network veterans ran into trouble outside, new local powers would be needed to be substituted in at once. The battle in the cultivation realm was rather one-dimensional, as the losers always died.

But, the queerest point in the Mianchi team’s story was why they laughed…

At a time of life and death, they still maintained their heroic spirits, as if death was none of their concern…

“If they weren’t led astray, they could be considered real men,” Chen Zuan exclaimed.

Lu Shu’s gut feeling told him that something was off. Mianchi’s side laughed, and Tongguan’s laughed too. Could it be something to do with Lu Xiaoyu…

Li Yixiao left sullenly. He had expected to reap a good fortune there, but ended up getting nothing! He felt as if a piece of the puzzle had been hidden on purpose and disrupted the entire flow of logic. After a while, he came to a conclusion, he was not good at thinking…

Now, all those who had witnessed Anthony were dead. Lu Shu was delighted about his new killer weapon and stealing tool.

Li Yixiao called Lu Shu aside before he left, “Interested in an overseas trip?”

Lu Shu hesitated, “Overseas? Where? To do what?”

“Remains, of course. According to a reliable source, a new remain is about to unlock. Nie Ting has decided to send me there but I was wondering if we two…” Li Yixiao grimaced. He would not take Lu Shu there had he not reached Class C. In any case, a weakling would only be a burden in a land filled with bloodlust.

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