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Chapter 2796 - Face-smacking Putting on airs I'm the best at

As soon as he finished.

Everyone turned to look.

su su was the first to react and immediately rushed over. Not caring about anything else, he jumped into the distance and directly threw himself into Long Fei's embrace.

In public.

A young girl pounced into the arms of a man just like that?

Isn't it too indecent?

Aren't you being too indiscreet?


su su did not care about all these.

Long Fei was startled, and almost fell down.

"You're really okay."

"I knew it!"

"You'll be fine."

"Why didn't you come find me when you had nothing to do?"

"Have you forgotten me?"

"Last time was my mistake. I shouldn't have done that." su su pounced on top of Long Fei's shoulder and talked nonstop, while the surrounding people all looked at the two of them with their mouths agape.


su su didn't mind as he was completely immersed in his own world.

She was such a girl. She did what she wanted to do and let others talk about it.

However …

The surroundings were filled with astonished and envious gazes. Long Fei felt a little uncomfortable, and not only did su su leap into his embrace, both of his hands were around his neck, and even his legs were around his waist.

"Cough cough …"

Long Fei lightly patted su su's back, and said slightly: "Um, about that, can you get off first?"

"I won't!" su su pouted and spoke coquettishly.

This caused many of the surrounding young men to feel incomparably envious and jealous.

Long Fei said: "About that, I'm almost suffocated by you, cough cough cough …"

su su realized that his entire being was hanging on top of Long Fei, and immediately let go of his guard. He also noticed the strange gazes from the people around him, and with his hands on his waist, his chest suddenly trembled as he said: "What are you looking at, you haven't seen it before?"

He didn't blush at all.

Very powerful.

Everyone withdrew their gazes.

Zhu Tian and the others also walked forward, "Brother Long Fei!"

"Brother Long!"

"Hahaha... I knew you would be fine. Why didn't you come find us when you returned to the city? "


"You don't know. Our young miss Su has recited you a hundred thousand times over the past few days. Our ears can even hear it."

Long Fei gave him a hug and said, "I just returned not too long ago too. I've been busy all along, too."

Looking for them?

Where can I find it?

Until now, Long Fei did not even know their identities, let alone their residences.

While they were interacting, one of them had an ugly expression on his face.

I can't say it's ugly.

His eyes looked as if they were about to spew fire. Adding that coquettish tone of his, the anger in his heart was like a volcano erupting.

Zhu Tian asked: Are you here to participate in the auction too?

Long Fei said indifferently: "I guess so!"

su su said in a spoiled manner, "Last time, I was unable to buy the number one sword under the heavens and under the heavens that could destroy ninety thousand Wild Universe s. Do you feel guilty about this, and want to buy a Secret World to compensate me?"

"Err …" Long Fei was startled, "About that, I don't have any money."

su su was not angry, but instead laughed: "It's alright, I brought the money, I'll buy it for you, whatever you want, I'll buy it for you."

It was as if Long Fei had turned into a face for Xiao Bai.

Surrounded by contemptuous looks.

It was also at this time.

Chen Ao could no longer hold it in. With a cold smile on his face, he walked over and said, "Who said that they would fight one on one just now?"

"Could it be you?"


"I've never seen them before. Where did they come from?"

At this moment.

tan dapao was instantly enraged, but... Without waiting for him to rush up, su su immediately said viciously: "Chen Ao, scram to the side. If you dare to insult Long Fei again, I won't forgive you."

This time, it was very serious and brutal.

Chen Ao became even more unhappy and said: "The duel was said by him, why? Scared? "

"su su, how do you know this kind of person? "Take a look at what they're wearing, they look just like beggars on the streets."

su su was exceptionally angry, "You wear good clothes, you dress like a black dog."

The muscles in the corner of Chen Ao's eyes started to twitch.

Long Fei said indifferently: "How do you want to challenge me one by one?"

There was nothing on the surface, but. However, Long Fei was not in a good mood.

Chen Ao's eyes flashed, and immediately said: "I heard, he was the one who challenged me. Kid, today I'll let you know how to write the word death!"

As soon as he finished.

The flames of anger exploded out from Chen Ao's body, and the dense Qi immediately rushed over.

Zhu Tian stood in front of Long Fei and whispered: "Long Fei, don't fight with him, his cultivation is very strong."

Long Fei laughed indifferently, "No matter how strong, I have met him before, and still beat him up to the point where he was looking for his teeth all over the ground."

For the past two days, he had been holding back his anger.

If he didn't vent his anger properly, he would really suffocate.


How powerful was the Black Eerie Flames after the Underworld Fire levelled up?

I want to try it.

Just as Long Fei was about to make a move, an old man walked out from the Heaven Stairway, and said: "Young heroes, the auction is about to begin, let's hurry up and enter."

Chen Ao retracted his aura, and said disdainfully: "Brat, today is your lucky day."

This was not a place to fight.

This was the Heaven Seeking Tower, and it was a rather special place.

However …

However, Chen Ao remembered Long Fei's look. If there was a chance, he would definitely stomp him to death!


Chen Ao said to su su: "Su Sou, follow me, I will bring you to the front row of the auction."

As he spoke, he took out a piece of Golden invitation card s. He looked extremely energetic, just like a peacock with its tail spread wide.

su su didn't even take a glance as he looked at Long Fei and said, "Do you have a invitation card?"

Long Fei did not speak. Instead, he replied first, "Yes, yes."

He took out the Silver invitation card.

su su looked at Long Fei and said: "I like to sit in the back row and watch from the distance."

Saying that, she walked up to Long Fei and grabbed his arm, her face full of excitement.

Chen Ao's gaze turned cold again, "Silver-ranked invitation card trash."

su su coldly snorted, "I like it. How about it, how about it? "Humph!"

He was extremely arrogant.


The people at the back of the auction house could not see what was happening on the stage, so the people from the Silver invitation card could only watch in excitement.

Who doesn't want to be in front?

That was why su su did not want to embarrass Long Fei.

Chen Ao took a step forward, stared straight at Long Fei, and said: "Kid, what qualifications do you have? If you can't even get a spot in the front row of the auction house, can you give her everything she wants? And do you know who she is? Are you worthy of her? Take a piss and look after yourself, understand? "

Long Fei did not bother with him, and turned to su su and said: "Do you want the front row seat?"

su su shook his head: "No need."

Long Fei replied: "It's alright, I can bring you there."

While they were talking …

Long Fei took out that piece of diamond card from his bosom and handed it over, saying: "May I bring my woman in?"

The clan elder was not shocked. He bowed and made a gesture of invitation, saying, "Yong Master Long, please!"

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