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Chapter 51 Three Profound Palace

"So petty!" "If you don't want to give it, then don't give it!" The woman snorted.

"Young Lady..." One of the black-clothed men seemed to be unable to look as he shouted with a deep voice. From his voice, one could tell that he was actually an old lady!!

"You can leave now. He is a student of the Hua Ling Wu Academy. If we kill him, the Hua Ling Wu Academy will investigate and find out. Our Meng Family might be razed to the ground." The woman said casually, "Anyway, he didn't see anything just now!"

"Alright!" After one of the men in black said this, he left with a "shua" sound. The other men in black also left with him.

Qin Yun thought to himself. Indeed, there was a Meng family in the Heavenly Qin Nation. The current Patriarch of the Meng family was the Demon Lord of the Great Clarity Cauldron.

"Little brother, where are you going? Going to the Imperial City? I also want to go to the Imperial City, let's go together! " The woman giggled and pinched Qin Yun's handsome face.

"Senior, I'm going to the Mysterious Marking Hall." Qin Yun said.

"What a coincidence! I also want to go to the Mysterious Marks Palace, let's go together! " The girl shook off the blood from her sword and returned it to the scabbard.

Qin Yun only nodded. Without a word, he ran behind the woman.

"Do you want to know who we were killing?" the woman suddenly asked.

"I don't want to!" Qin Yun did not know much about the Meng family. They did not interact with the imperial palace all year round.

"We are killing a demon beast! That Monstrous Beast has committed many evils, but it has been subdued. So, we lured that rank 7 Monstrous Beast here to kill it. " Although Qin Yun did not want to know, the woman still said it out loud.

The Meng Clan often hunted and killed demon beasts and beastmen, which made sense.

Qin Yun did not ask any further. Along the way, he remained silent. Instead, it was the charming woman who continued chattering.

Her name was Meng Fei Ling, with a Five Sun Spiritual Pulse and a Platinum-ranked Eagle Martial Spirit. She could be considered a genius.

What made Qin Yun surprised was that she was only seventeen and was already at the sixth level of the martial body. Furthermore, she looked so mature and attractive, like a ripe fruit …

"I've said so much, it's your turn!" Meng Fei Ling adorably licked her lips, narrowed her charming eyes and laughed, "Why don't you like to talk, you're really a little mute?" Do you want me to use my tongue and teach you how to speak? "

Qin Yun's mind stirred slightly. Just as he wanted to say something, he heard a roar from outside.

With a pout, Meng Fei Ling said angrily, "Xiao Lang from the Heavenly Roar Empire has arrived. This bastard has been riding on a seventh level snow lion all day and has been scaring everyone. Sooner or later, I will kill that snow lion. This bastard has eaten a lot of people!"

Xiao Lang was actually here!

Qin Yun was alarmed.

Xiao Lang was the second prince of the Heavenly Roar Empire, but he actually appeared in the vicinity of the Heavenly Qin Imperial City.

Meng feiling seemed to know him well.

"Senior, what is he doing here?" Qin Yun asked softly.

"I'm here to participate in the Meeting of Heroes. The Meeting of Heroes is hosted by our Tian Qin Empire's Mysterious Pattern Palace. I'm on my way right now." Meng Fei said.

"Guild?" Qin Yun did not know about this matter.

"Only students who enter the Three Mysterious Academy can participate." As Meng Fei Ling was speaking, a burst of cold air attacked him. In an instant, a snow-white great lion that was emitting cold air rushed in.

On the Snow Lion's back was a thin and handsome man. He wore luxurious silver armor, and a golden sheathed sword hung around his waist. He seemed to have an extraordinary bearing.

This person was the second prince of the Heavenly Roar Empire, Xiao Lang!

"Yo, you demon girl, I didn't expect you to actually have such a good mouth …" I like this kind of little brat! " Xiao Lang looked at Qin Yun and said with a lewd smile.

"He's at least not as annoying as you, and he's a lot more good-looking than you!" Meng Fei Ling grunted lightly and pulled Qin Yun along. She increased her speed and leaped into the air. Stepping on a tree branch, she easily left Xiao Lang in the dust.

"This annoying fellow!" Sooner or later, I'm going to kill him. "Hello, little brother. You're very good-looking and honest. I like people like you." The more Meng Feiling looked at it, the more she found Qin Yun pleasing to the eye.

They quickly walked out of the forest and saw the Imperial City's main gate not too far away.

Qin Yun was secretly alarmed at Xiao Lang's strength.

The Heavenly Roar Empire seemed to be much more powerful than Tianqin Empire, especially the crown prince and the royal daughter.

Just Xiao Yuelan alone was enough to suppress Qin Yun.

Qin Yun asked, "Senior, what is the Three Profound Academy?"

Meng Fei Ling said, "As long as you can reach the sixth level of the Martial Body realm before the age of twenty, you can enter the Three Profound Academy. After entering for a period of time, one would be able to participate in the selection of the gathering. After passing through the selection, one would be able to enter the Tianxuan Martial Arts Academy, the Star Xuanwu Academy, or even the Ling Xuanxuan Martial Academy. The Meeting of Heroes was created by the three of them from the Martial Arts Academy and the Hall of Marking.

In the blink of an eye, they arrived at the city gates that were dozens of meters high.

Qin Yun looked at the city gates and felt mixed emotions. This was the first time he had entered and left the imperial city so freely.

After entering the city gates, he acted like a child. When he saw the bustling streets, he became extremely excited.

Upon discovering something new, he couldn't help but take a look. The main reason was that he had grown up in the palace and had not played properly in the city.

"From the looks of it, you rarely come out to play. I'll take you to the Mysterious Marks Palace first!" Meng Fei Ling smiled sweetly.

Following that, she brought Qin Yun through streets of varying sizes.

Moments later, they arrived at the west side of the imperial city. There was a large manor house there, and it was also far away from the busy city.

Inside the manor, there were many tall buildings and palaces. When Meng Fei Ling and Qin Yun arrived, they could sense a cold aura.

This was the Snow Lion's aura. Xiao Lang had actually arrived here before them.

At the very front of the villa, there was a magnificent gold-red palace! This was the main hall of the Mysterious Marks Palace!

The main hall of the mysterious patterns was located on a thousand stone steps, shining with a golden light. It was luxurious and glorious.

Meng Feiling brought Qin Yun up the stone steps and into the hall.

The main hall was very spacious. It was decorated in a very simple manner, solemn and solemn. There were many totems of ancient beasts engraved on one of the huge pillars.

Xiao Lang was chatting and laughing with a group of young men and women who possessed extraordinary strength.

There were twenty to thirty people here, all from famous sects of the three empires: Tianqin, Tianxiao, and Tianqi. They were all outstanding youths at the sixth level of the Martial Body.

They would be in a competition. If they were outstanding, they would be selected and enter the Xuan Level Martial Arts Academy.

When Xiao Lang saw Meng Fei Ling and Qin Yun enter, he said with a sneer, "Witch, you are still so willful! "To participate in such an important gathering of heroes, and to bring along this little lover? Looking at his aura, he is merely at the fourth level of the Martial Body realm. You are truly fooling around."

A lady dressed in a red dress also sneered, "This is the Mysterious Pattern Palace. Do you know that the head steward hates people who don't care the most when they enter?"

"He is a student of the Hua Ling Wu Yuan. He is no ordinary person! "Princess Tianqi, how dare you act so arrogantly in our Tianxiao territory?" Meng Fei Ling scolded angrily, "Be careful! If you give me a chance, I will tear your stinky mouth apart!"

"Quiet, the head steward is here!" A middle-aged man shouted coldly.

Everyone immediately quieted down. The steward of the Mysterious Marks Palace held a high position of authority, so no one dared to mess around here.

When Xiao Lang saw Duan Gan come out, he pointed at Qin Yun and said, "Head Supervisor, Meng Fei Ling has brought an idle person here. It can be seen that she does not value the Spiritual Martial Force at all. Please disqualify her."

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