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Chapter 52 Importance of the General Manager

Xiao Lang and Meng Fei Ling's conflict was not small. Otherwise, Xiao Lang wouldn't have attacked Meng Fei Ling the moment he found the opportunity.

When Duan Qian saw that it was Qin Yun, he could not help but laugh. "Qin Yun is not some idle person. He is the youngest elementary Charm Magician in our Hall."

He said to Qin Yun, "Your injuries healed so quickly? I thought it would take you a few days to get here! "

Duan Gan's words caused Xiao Lang and the group of sixth level martial body students to involuntarily look at Qin Yun. They were extremely astonished!

They had never met Qin Yun, but his great name resounded like thunder in their ears!

The person who defeated Yan Qingyu yesterday!

Yan Qingyu was originally from the Three Profound Martial House, but because he was chosen by the teachers of the Sky Profound Martial House, he was recruited in advance.

When they found out that Yan Qingyu had been crippled by a fellow called Qin Yun, they were completely shocked!

Meng Fei Ling gaped in shock as she looked at Qin Yun with widened eyes. She had wanted to ask for Qin Yun's name too, but she was suddenly interrupted by Xiao Lang. She had then forgotten about it …

She didn't expect that this junior brother was actually a young and influential figure.

She glanced at Xiao Lang and the others before snorting softly, "You're looking down on me!"

Duan Qian took out an emblem and smiled as he walked in front of Qin Yun. He handed it over and said, "This is the emblem of a Grade Symbol Master. With this emblem, you can live in the Hall of Marking at any time and entrust the Hall of Marking with the sale of talismans.

This group of young people who were able to step into the sixth level of the Martial Body realm at such a young age and had a noble background were endlessly envious of the great general of the Hall of Marking!

Especially Xiao Lang. He was originally the most eye-catching person here, but compared to Qin Yun, he was much worse!

"Since he crippled Yan Qingyu, Tianxuan Martial Arts School will not let this matter rest so easily." Xiao Lang let out a low snort, "At the very least, it will be hard for Profound Sky Martial School to take him in in the future!"

"It's fine. Qin Yun killing Yan Qingyu means that he is stronger than Yan Qingyu. If Tianxuan Martial Arts School doesn't want him, then Ling Xuan and the Star Xuan Martial Arts School might fight over him." Duan Qian chuckled. "Because he doesn't have many spiritual veins. Otherwise, he would have been snatched away by the Xuan Wu Academy a long time ago."

Meng Fei's face was filled with pride as she looked complacently at Xiao Lang and company. Then, she delicately said to Qin Yun, "My Junior Brother Yun is truly amazing. Can you give Big Sister a talisman that you refined? Let me keep it as a souvenir! "

Her naughty, jade-like hands were stroking Qin Yun's handsome face.

"Of course you can. This is the fire talisman that I refined. Here!" Qin Yun handed two talismans to Meng Fei Ling. It felt extremely comfortable to be touched by a soft, boneless hand.

"Qin Yun, the spirit patterns on your fire talisman are high-grade spirit patterns. Even our Hall of Marking does not have many of them!" Duan Qian exclaimed.

This caused a few middle-aged men in the Mysterious Marks Palace to be moved. The young sixth level Martial Body cultivators' expressions also changed slightly!

Every high-grade spirit pattern was a priceless treasure!

The might of the spirit weapon that was carved on it was much stronger than the mid and low grade spirit inscriptions.

"General director, how can I forge artifacts?" I don't understand! " Duan Qian was proficient in this path. If he were to give him a few pointers, he would be able to avoid many detours.

Duan Qian said earnestly, "The refining process of the Spirit Weapon is extremely complicated, it is not something that can be grasped in a day or two. You must not ask for speed, you must build a solid foundation, otherwise, it will cause you a great deal of harm! How about this, if you have time, come here often, I'll personally guide you.

"I have to arrange for them to go to the meeting now."

To be able to receive the guidance of the general director, this was equivalent to receiving the guidance of a master!

Master Wei's name was well-known, but those aristocrats knew that Duan Gan's level was higher than Master Wei's.

Many rich and powerful wanted their descendants to learn the mysterious patterns from him. However, he refused because he did not care for them.

But now, he valued Qin Yun so highly that all the disciples of famous sects present were at a loss as to what to do!

If he were to meet a promising talent like Qin Yun, it would be best to befriend him immediately.

However, Qin Yun's situation was extremely special. He had incurred the enmity of the Heavenly Qin Empress and the other high-ranking officials.

If they befriended Qin Yun, they would offend most of the powers in the region. Therefore, they did not dare to act rashly. If they were scolded by the family, they could not afford to take responsibility.

The only thing he could do was temporarily avoid enmity with Qin Yun!

On the other hand, Meng Fei Ling did not have much of a worry. She had a very close relationship with Qin Yun.

"I'm going to participate in that meeting. Wait for my good news!" After saying that, Meng Fei Ling followed Duan Qian.

After they left, the Mysterious Pattern Palace became extremely deserted, mainly because there weren't many Inscription Masters.

Qin Yun asked for a suite. It was on the top floor of the great hall.

Inside the suite, there were a few rooms and a quiet secret room, as well as a large and small hall and bathroom.

He began refining talismans in a secret room.

"Ordinary low rank fire talismans can be sold for two hundred crystal coins and the better ones can be sold for three hundred. As for the fire talismans that I refine, they can be sold for at least four hundred, right?"

When Qin Yun thought of the many crystal coins he could earn by selling fire talismans, he excitedly picked up a piece of talisman paper and began inscribing spirit patterns.

He had low-grade spirit artifact carving knives, and he was even more adept at crafting talismans. In just two hours, he had managed to create five of them.

Talisman crafting consumed a lot of inner Qi and psychic power, and each time he made a talisman, he needed to rest for a bit before he could continue.

Qin Yun spent eight consecutive hours crafting talismans. Although he felt somewhat tired, he could not help but smile happily when he saw the twenty fire talismans.

"If everything goes well, I'll get eight thousand crystal coins!" Qin Yun was secretly delighted. If he relied on beasts to earn crystal coins, he would need more time and there would also be a certain risk.

"It's about time. Let's rest first!"

Lying on a comfortable chair, he took out the bamboo scroll inscribed with the "Thirty-six Spirit Marks" and looked at it.

There were many types of spirit inscriptions, and they needed to be made using alchemy.

If the alchemy patterns were carved onto the forging hammer and then onto the forging materials, the quality of the materials would be higher. The alchemy patterns could also be carved into the smelting furnace. The smelting materials would be faster and better.

In his scroll, there were alchemy engravings, and they were of high quality!

The most commonly used spirit artifact to be carved on the surface had solid markings that would allow the spirit artifact to be even more sturdy.

After that were the spirit inscriptions of the attribute, such as thunder, fire, ice, darkness, space, and so on. He had all of these spirit inscriptions.

The beast markings were also of great use. For example, the flying beast markings that were carved on the spirit weapon could allow the spirit weapon to fly … They were all rather profound.

In addition, there were also illusions, poison, soul imprints, and light inscriptions. These were extremely rare.

"I can first buy the furnace and the forging hammer in the Mysterious Pattern Palace. When my level increases and I refine them myself, I'll have to learn how to refine as soon as possible. Only then will I earn more from selling spirit artifacts!" "

Qin Yun picked up a book that he had found in his room. It was an item for sale in the Hall of Wonders.

"A low-grade spirit artifact's furnace costs six hundred thousand crystal coins, and even the cheapest forging hammer costs four hundred thousand! "That's one million crystal coins. Where can I find that many crystal coins?"

In order to become an Inscription Master, one needed a very solid foundation of wealth.

Even if he could afford these things, he would still have to buy spirit inscriptions. The most important thing was talent. Without talent, it was useless no matter how rich he was.

"I'll use a half spirit artifact for now!" Qin Yun was currently very poor, so he could only make such plans.

He left the Hall of Wonders and ran onto the street. He spent 20,000 crystal coins to buy a furnace and a hammer.

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