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Chapter 771 - War Clan?

"Golden blood?"

Hearing that, Tang Huan's heart was moved.

When Hu Lie said the words "golden blood", not only did he have a solemn expression, he also caught a trace of admiration and respect from Hu Lie's tone. Of course, his admiration and reverence were not for Tang Huan, but for the things that the golden blood represented.

"Is it because of the 'War Clan'?"

The two words that Luo Hao had revealed before flashed across Tang Huan's mind, causing his mind to suddenly become active.

The golden blood was obviously the symbol of that so called "War Clan." From the fear that Luo Hao had displayed and the respect that he had now, the War Clan ought to be a very powerful force within the Forging God Great World, and it was also obviously above the Dragon, Tiger, Hawk, and Snake Four Great Clans s.

Tang Huan naturally understood that he possessed the golden blood because of the "Sun Spirit Body". However, no one knew the true reason behind it.

"Is this what Lord was talking about?"

With a thought from Tang Huan, under the pressure of the Genuine Qi, a soybean-sized blood bead appeared on the tip of his finger. An extremely dazzling golden luster appeared, it did not look like blood at all, but instead a crystal clear golden pearl, it was extremely magical.

"Golden blood!" It really is the golden blood! "

Hu Lie's eyes were wide opened, revealing an extremely breathtaking look, excitement overflowed from his face.

Seeing Hu Lie's expression, Tang Huan could not help but laugh, while thinking.

The reason why Hu Lie knew that he possessed golden blood was possibly because two people had revealed it. One of them was Tiger Clan's Southern City's Deacon Yuan Kun. When Tang Huan had fought with Luo Hao in Chen Village, golden blood had seeped out of his body. Luo Hao could see it, but Yuan Kun who came over later on could also see some traces of it. The second one was the Eagle Clan Ranker he had met before. Before Tang Huan had completely concealed himself with "Yin and Yang Void Method: Heavenly Invisibility", he had been struck by the attack and blood flowed out from his body. It was also possible that Tang Huan had caught a glimpse of him.

However, relatively speaking, the former was more likely.

When Hu Lie heard the news, he probably did not believe it either. Until now, when Tang Huan personally revealed the golden blood, he was completely convinced.

"War Clan! I really never thought that little brother was really someone from the War Clan! "

After a while, the golden bead of blood on Tang Huan's finger converged into his body, causing Hu Lie to regain his senses, as he exclaimed in surprise and emotion, "I should have thought about it, other than Disciples from a powerful race, how could they have such astonishing fighting strength and cultivation speed?"

This was obviously a very strange misunderstanding.

However, looking at Hu Lie's expression, this misunderstanding did not seem to be anything bad. One could just see the change in Hu Lie's way of addressing him.

Of course, Tang Huan would never admit it, he immediately said solemnly: "Lord misunderstands, although I have golden blood, I am not Disciples, and have nothing to do with War Clan, even 'War Clan', I had just heard it from Lord."

"Understood!" "Understood!"

Hu Lie was startled, then thought that he understood what Tang Huan meant.

For a powerful clan like the War Clan that stood at the peak of the Forging God Great World, it was normal for the Disciples to go out to train. After that, Hu Lie nodded his head and said seriously: "Little brother is right, I was wrong, little brother is definitely not Disciples."


The smile on Tang Huan's face seemed to have some meaning, "Lord …."

Hearing the name Tang Huan, Hu Lie immediately waved his hands: "Don't call me that, little brother. If little brother thinks highly of an old man like me, just call me 'old brother'."

"No!" "Absolutely not!" Tang Huan shook his head firmly.

"In front of people, little brother can call me whatever you want. When it's just you and me, little brother can call me 'old brother', okay?" Hu Lie could only take a step back, but his expression was firm.

"Alright then." Seeing that Hu Lie was adamant, Tang Huan nodded his head and agreed, then asked: "Old brother, I wonder if you can call me over this time?"

"Little bro, I won't be courteous with you."

Hu Lie grinned very happily, and then, his expression became serious, "Does little brother know what has happened to 'Dragon Ascending River' recently?"

Tang Huan nodded and said, "Today, I just found out, that it was originally because our Tiger Clan and our Eagle Clan shared the vein, so the news leaked out. Cloud Desolate City wanted to occupy the vein, but luckily, in the nick of time, the Dragon Clan and our Snake Clan came over and forced our Cloud Desolate City to retreat."

"This is just a facade."

Hu Lie gave a heavy snort, and said rather angrily, "Then Eagle Clan and 'Cloud Desolate City' had long colluded. This time, under the coercion of our Tiger Clan, our Eagle Clan has given up half of our mines, how can you be willing to give up? Thus, the news was released, and those fellows from Cloud Desolate City were lured over. "

"They have a good plan, they could secretly work with the Cloud Desolate City to force us away, so they can obtain at least half of the lode. Heh, how could I allow that group of feathered animals to do as they wish? Thus, I also spread the news to Dragon Clan and Snake Clan at the fastest speed possible. "

"With the three tigers, dragon, and snake races joining hands, how would Eagle Clan dare to secretly help the Cloud Desolate City? Unless they don't wish to stay in the Firing Dragon Mountain Range anymore!"

"So that's how it is."

Tang Huan was rather surprised, he did not expect that underneath the things that the Wind Howling City and the rest of the people of the Tiger Vigour Summit were familiar with, was actually hiding such a truth.

"It's a pity that Eagle Clan and Cloud Desolate City are colluding, it's just my deductions, there is no evidence. Otherwise, Eagle Clan could have been squeezed out of the mine." Hu Lie was furious but also depressed. Although he knew that the Eagle Clan was playing tricks on him, he had no evidence to back it up.

"Brother, how are the mines distributed?" Tang Huan could not help but ask.

"There is only one mine, if there were only two great clans, we could still split it equally, but the Four Great Clans s are all here, so each clan won't get much, so the Four Clans s all want to get a little more, but unfortunately, any clan that thinks too much, the other three great clans won't agree. On the side of the Dragon Ascending River, after arguing with those old fellows for a long time, they finally came to a conclusion. " Hu Lie said.

"What result?" Tang Huan was a little curious.

"That is, through sparring, we will obtain the absolute share of the mine." Hu Lie slowly said, "In this competition, the Four Great Clans will each send ten people. In the first place, one can obtain forty percent of the lode, in second place, thirty percent of the lode, and in third place twenty percent. In fourth place, only ten percent will be obtained."

"Uh, that's a good idea."

Tang Huan was slightly taken aback, but soon after, he couldn't help but smile, and said. "This kind of sparring competition, I presume it will have quite a few restrictions on the participants from Four Great Clans?"

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