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Myriad Tao obtained the Myriad Tao's treasure in the first place, but World Defying Stage Heavenly Sect was powerless to break it apart, so he asked Myriad Tao Divine Mountain for help. However, the whereabouts of the Myriad Tao's treasure was unknown, and World Defying Stage Heavenly Sect's heart was filled with hatred, which was why he suspected Myriad Tao Divine Mountain.

At first, the World Defying Stage Heavenly Sect was only suspecting, but later on, they decided that it was the Myriad Tao Divine Mountain who was hiding something and started arguing. However, they did not do anything because the World Defying Stage Heavenly Sect could not come up with any evidence.

The Myriad Tao Divine Mountain knew that he was the one who had participated in this matter, and the Myriad Tao Divine Mountain was obviously confident that he could obtain the Myriad Tao's treasure.

"We have to deal with the Myriad Tao Divine Mountain now, but they don't know where I am, so if they want to deal with me, there is only one way!" Chen Xiang pondered, then suddenly thought of something.

"Are they trying to take my friends and relatives from the Natural Law World to threaten me?" Chen Xiang laughed coldly, then hurriedly returned to the Hundreds of Flowers Village, told Lv Qilian about this matter, and told him to gather all the people who were going out, during this period of time.

Then, he went to the Heavenly Dragon City again. He told Long Jiuxiao about this matter and told him to quickly withdraw those who went to the Myriad Tao Divine Mountain to learn.

Fortunately, Chen Xiang had warned them before to pay attention to Myriad Tao Divine Mountain, so they had all been careful of him. If anything happened, they could quickly respond.

Therefore, in just half a day's time, they had already withdrawn all the people from Myriad Tao Divine Mountain.

Currently, both Heavenly Dragon City and the Hundreds of Flowers Village have Heaven and Earth infinite Dan. Even if they do not surrender to the Myriad Tao Divine Mountain, they can still enter the World Defying Stage.

Myriad Tao Divine Mountain and World Defying Stage Heavenly Sect didn't know that Chen Xiang was able to return to Natural Law World, especially so, they didn't understand it in the slightest, and furthermore, they didn't know where he was currently located.

The people of Heavenly Dragon City and Hundreds of Flowers Village were extremely tight-lipped, and did not reveal the location of these two places no matter what!

… ….

Within half a day, the people of the Hundreds of Flowers Village and the Myriad Tao Divine Mountain had quietly slipped away from the Natural Law World, which attracted the Myriad Tao Divine Mountain to give them a lot of attention!

It was also at this time that they received a mission from the upper echelons of the Divine Wasteland to capture the people from the Heavenly Dragon City and to force them to pinpoint the location of the Heavenly Dragon City and its location.

"Why did the Heavenly Dragon City and the Hundreds of Flowers Village receive the news? Even we only just found out about this! " An old man from Myriad Tao Divine Mountain was very angry and quickly told Myriad Tao Divine Mountain about the situation.

"It must be Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang can communicate with the people of Natural Law World!" The old man from the Myriad Tao Divine Mountain replied.

"Then what do we do now? These damned bastards … I already knew that they were very unreliable before, and now that it's true, I just left as soon as I said. "

"Use everything you have to investigate, you must find out where they are, and no matter what means you use, you must capture their people. Only by doing so can you coerce Chen Xiang to hand over that Myriad Tao's treasure."

"Good!" For a mere Natural Law World, even flipping through it once wouldn't be a difficult task. "

… ….

Dan God Mysterious Land, Lv Qilian came to the outside of the secret room where Chen Xiang was refining pills, and said softly: "Yanran has just received the latest news, Myriad Tao Divine Mountain is searching for our whereabouts, and is even claiming that our Hundreds of Flowers Village and Heavenly Dragon City's disciples are colluding with her, stealing away her Myriad Tao Divine Mountain's precious cultivation technique and divine pellets!"

"En, next, all of you have to be careful. Once my pills are successful, it will be time to counterattack the Myriad Tao Divine Mountain." The conflict between Chen Xiang and Myriad Tao Divine Mountain was not small. Previously, he had already been secretly dealt with a few times by the Myriad Tao Divine Mountain, and at that time, if he did not have the strength, he would endure it.

But now that the Myriad Tao Divine Mountain was so overbearing, once he possessed sufficient strength, he would definitely go and settle this score with the Myriad Tao Divine Mountain!

"Tell Yanran and the others to be careful, Myriad Tao Divine Mountain is still very strong." Chen Xiang warned repeatedly. Yan Yanran and the others were still responsible for gathering information like before.

"I got it!" After Lv Qilian left, Chen Xiang began refining the Tianyuan holy body Dan.

There were only a few batches of Tianyuan holy body Dan ingredients left now, but he did not need to worry about not having enough to use them, because he only needed to use the dual Time Laws' power to quickly grow them.

Feng Ke'er was currently helping Chen Xiang concoct pills very diligently. Only when Chen Xiang becomes stronger would he be able to quickly refine Myriad Tao Divine Soil s. At that time, she might even be able to refine the rocks she finds herself.

When he was refining the Tianyuan holy body Dan the second time, Chen Xiang had already felt much more relaxed. Firstly, the Tianchuang furnace had received a large upgrade, and when he used the World Defying god fire, it was able to increase his flames by a lot. Then, he had Feng Ke'er's help to suppress it.

Previously, when he refined the batch of Tianyuan holy body Dan, he allowed one Medicine crystal to give birth to nine, and then allowed these nine small medicinal crystal balls to collide with the largest one, and after that, he fused them together again. There were only two steps!

And now, he had added one more step, which was to fuse them together and then create them again. Furthermore, there were nine of them!

He did not charge at them after he produced the nine pellets, because he did not have enough power. Even with Feng Ke'er's help, he felt that it was very difficult, and with the current second attempt, he would be able to raise the quality of the pellets much higher.

If it wasn't for Feng Ke'er's help, he wouldn't be able to fuse all of the medicinal crystal balls this second time. Now that he had joined hands with Feng Ke'er, he could only barely succeed!

This made her exclaim endlessly, because she knew, if he had enough strength, then he would be able to create and clash continuously. After repeating this process a few times, the quality would definitely be unimaginably high!

Myriad Tao Divine Soil could do the same as well, on the premise that Chen Xiang had sufficient strength.

"The quality of this pellet is really high. Maybe it will allow you to cultivate World Defying Holy Body." Feng Ke'er and Chen Xiang were currently suppressing the pellets unceasingly. From the start to the end, more than twenty days had already passed.

"I don't know either, I have to eat some before I'm sure. If I succeed, the others would only need to eat two pills and they would be able to cultivate the World Defying Holy Body directly." Chen Xiang said.

In the end, they used almost a month's time to finally refine this pill. Both of them were exhausted, but they were able to recover after resting for half a day.

"Hurry up and eat." Feng Ke'er had also participated in this round of refining pills, so she was very curious about the effects of the pills here. After all, she had used a lot of her powers, if the pills here worked well, she would feel a sense of accomplishment.

After Chen Xiang consumed it and used his Time Power, it could save him a lot of time!

However, not long after he ate it, his body suddenly turned golden and rapidly expanded. Strangely, not long after he expanded, his body would return to its original state and then expand again … This continued to change over and over again.

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