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Chapter 734 - Wind God Valley

Not long after, Tang Huan and Chen You walked out of the Tiger Power Palace under countless astonished gazes.

This Tiger Power Palace, was not only the place to register for the Clan Guardians's general elections, but also the place to report. In a few days, the young cultivators who passed the elections would have to report to the Tiger Power Palace to collect a piece of unique Identification Tag. Only then would they be considered as an official Tiger Clan.

Tang Huan and Chen You already had Identification Tag, but their Identification Tag was not complete. The picture of the tiger head on the front of the number plate looked lifelike, but it was missing two eyes. After reporting, his eyeball was retracted and the number plate was completely activated. The tiger head was shining with light and was exceptionally agile.

Carrying this completely activated number plate on his body, once there was a mission to carry out, no matter where he was, Clan Guardians would feel the summon from the Tiger Clan.

This time when Tang Huan and Chen You reported to the, other than the Identification Tag being completely replenished, they also obtained a map of the Tiger Vigour Summit and a manual for the Clan Guardians. Through the map, the two quickly found their next destination — Wind God Valley!

The Wind God Valley was the place where the Clan Guardians lived. It was located in the northeastern part of the Tiger Vigour Summit.

There was a serial number on each of Tang Huan's and his Identification Tag's numbers, and this serial number was their residence's number. Tang Huan's was 643, Chen You's was 979.

After a while, the two of them arrived at an unusually vast valley.

The great roads in the valley were crisscrossed, and the courtyards could be seen one after another. At the entrance of each courtyard hung a signboard with a number on it. The closer they got to the mouth of the valley, the bigger the number became, and the biggest number was a thousand. From this, it could be seen that Tiger Clan only had a total of a thousand people.

Every year, there would be cultivators that left the Clan Guardians and moved out of the Divine Wind Valley because their lifespan had expired, or because they had stepped into the Rank Seven True Spirit Realm.

After three years, the number of Clan Guardians was naturally lacking quite a bit.

As a result, the number of cultivators lacking would increase every three years in the Clan Guardians's general election, to maintain the number of cultivators at 1000.

Although it was just a thousand people, their strength couldn't be underestimated.

After all, other than a few Clan Guardians s who were specially recruited, most of the Clan Guardians s who passed the elections were at the peak of Heavenly Domain, while the rest were all experts of the True Spirit Level.

Such a force was enough to sweep through the entire western part of Firing Dragon Mountain Range.

"If Tiger Clan is so, then Dragon Clan, Eagle Clan and Snake Clan are no exception."

Tang Huan sighed in his heart.

On this valley road, young cultivators could be seen passing by from time to time. The ones with the lowest cultivation were all at the peak of Heavenly Domain, and from time to time, they would see a True Spirit-level Experts, obviously they were all Clan Guardians s. Seeing and Chen You who were strangers to him, the eyes of the Clan Guardians s revealed a look of surprise, especially when they sensed Chen You's Qi, it was even more so, after all, compared to the others, Chen You's cultivation level was truly lower.

After a while, Tang Huan calmed himself down and started searching the valley with Chen You.

Very quickly, Chen You's residence had already been found, and her courtyard number 979 was in the row closest to the valley entrance. As for Tang Huan's No.643 Courtyard, they were in the depths of the mountain valley. Their courtyard was about a kilometer away from Chen You's, not too far away.

All the courtyards were the same. There were three rooms in the courtyard, but the courtyard was extremely spacious. The ground was paved with a huge green stone slab, and the surface had countless varying depths, clearly indicating that it was made from a weapon. However, there were no cracks at all, demonstrating the toughness of the material.

This kind of environment was suitable for practicing battle skills. At the very least, it wouldn't cause the ground to become so bumpy and messy.

"Chen Huan, what should we do now?" In the courtyard, traces of joy could still be faintly seen on Chen You's pretty face, who had followed along.

"Naturally, training."

Tang Huan laughed.

On the way to the Wind God Valley, he had already read through the contents of the manual. According to the narration above, the Wind God Valley s were divided into a total of one thousand Tiger Clan s into fifty small teams, with twenty people each. The captain of the small teams was one of the Tiger Guards.

The so called Tiger Guards were the strongest fifty out of the one thousand Clan Guardians s. They were just able to form teams with an average of fifty people.

As for the vice-captain, he would be appointed by the strongest member of the True Spirit Cultivator, excluding the Tiger Guards. After every election, the new Clan Guardians would always be assigned to a small team that was not full, and Tang Huan and Chen You, the two new Clan Guardians s that were specially recruited by Yuan Kun, were no exception.

When they were in the Tiger Power Palace, Tang Huan had also asked, about four Clan Guardians s that had recently been specially recruited.

The Tiger Clan had four major subordinate cities that occupied the east, south, west and north sides of the Tiger Vigour Summit, respectively known as the east, south, west, and north cities. Every subordinate city was guarded by a deacon, and the deacon of the southern city was Yuan Kun. Before Chen Kui left the Chen Village, what he went to was not the distant main city Wind Howling City, but the southern city which was closer. Only by doing this could he travel back and forth in the shortest amount of time possible.

The attendants of the four major cities had the right to specially recruit Clan Guardians s, and they also had two spots every three years.

The basis of special recruitment was not cultivation, but contributions. Because of that "Innate Spirit Stone", Yuan Kun had given both of his spots to Chen Village. The other two Clan Guardians s that were specially recruited were respectively from the Western City and the Northern City. It was said that they had long since reported in, but Tang Huan had yet to see them.

"That's right."

Chen You took a light breath, "Three days from now, the general election of the Clan Guardians will officially begin. Six days from now, we will divide the troops together with the newly selected Clan Guardians. Chen Huan, why don't we go to the 'Spiritual Soul Cave' now? "

After entering the Wind God Valley, although she was not ridiculed by the passing Clan Guardians, she could clearly feel the strange gazes that were landing on her. Of course, she understood the reason.

The Wind God Valley was the gathering of the most talented and talented experts among the young generation of the western region of the Firing Dragon Mountain Range. She was not at the peak of the Heavenly Domain and could be considered the weakest amongst them. Chen You didn't think that he would always be the one at the bottom, but that strange look in her eyes made her feel as if her back was covered in goosebumps.

Back when they were still in Chen Village, Chen You had a faint feeling that he had already touched the threshold of the peak of Heavenly Domain, and now that he had a try, he wanted to see if he could borrow the strength of the "Spiritual Soul Cave" to raise his cultivation before assigning teams, and step into the peak of Heavenly Domain in one go.

At that time, even if one's strength was still the weakest, one would at least be on the same level as the majority of Clan Guardians s.

"Let's go, I also want to see the miracle of the 'Spiritual Soul Cave'." Tang Huan was greatly moved.


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