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Chapter 735 - Spiritual Soul Cave

At the side of the Wind God Valley, there was a large staircase leading up the mountain, like a giant snake crawling inside the Tiger Vigour Summit. At the waist of the mountain, there was another wide stone path that forked to the left. After approximately one thousand meters, it was at the end of the road. An abnormally steep cliff rose from the ground.

The stone wall was as translucent as jade and as smooth as a mirror, clearly reflecting a human figure.

Its width and height both reached a few dozen meters, and the interior of the cave was misty white. At the mouth of the cave, the vast void rippled unceasingly, and it was difficult to see the situation inside, giving people a strong and mysterious feeling.

On the left side of the cave, there stood a ten-meter-tall boulder. On the boulder, the words "Spirit" were carved with flying dragons and dancing phoenixes.

This cave was the holy land of cultivation for the Tiger Clan, the Spiritual Soul Cave!

From time to time, some people would enter the cave while others would emerge from it. Almost all of the cultivators that came out had miserable appearances; some were gasping for breath, some were flushed red to their ears, some were drenched in sweat, and there were even some that fainted the moment they came out.

In front of the cave in the plaza, there were at least a hundred figures sitting motionlessly on the ground, adjusting their breathing and recovering. Obviously, they were all cultivators from Spiritual Soul Cave.

When Tang Huan and Chen You saw this scene, they couldn't help but look at each other in shock.

In the Clan Guardians's Manual, there was a description of the Spiritual Soul Cave s. When one cultivates in the cave, both the soul and flesh body would have to bear an immense pressure, and the deeper they go, the more pressure they would have to bear. And what is proportional to this is the effect of cultivation, the greater the pressure, the faster the cultivation speed would increase.

In the Middle Section of Spiritual Soul Cave, the speed of cultivation was twice as fast as in the outside world, but in the Middle Section of Spiritual Soul Cave, the speed of cultivation was four times faster than in the outside world, and in the latter half of the Spiritual Soul Cave, the speed was eight times faster. Of course, this kind of training speed was only a rough estimate. The specifics depended on the individual.

Furthermore, because of the pressure, he could not stay in Spiritual Soul Cave to cultivate.

According to the instructions in the Clan Guardians's manual, the peak cultivators of the Heavenly Domain could at most cultivate in the front section of the Spiritual Soul Cave for twelve consecutive hours. After twelve hours, he had to come out, or there would be harm. As for the Middle Section of Spiritual Soul Cave, they would need to be at least in the Rank Three True Spirit realm to enter, and at the same time, they could only cultivate for twelve hours continuously.

In addition, after every cultivation, he needed to spend a bit of time to digest all the things he had gotten from the previous attempt before he could enter again. Otherwise, it would greatly affect his cultivation.

"Let's go!"

Both Tang Huan and Chen You were shocked and curious at the same time.

Not long later, the two of them arrived at the entrance of the Spiritual Soul Cave. The moment his body touched the undulating void, the Clan Guardians plate at his waist immediately released a low and deep tiger roar, and following that, a thick black aura rose, covering the two of them.


Immediately after, Tang Huan felt a strong suction force pulling him forward. In the blink of an eye, it seemed as if a long time had passed. His feet had already landed on the ground, and the black shadow in front of him disappeared. What replaced it was a bright white light.

In the next moment, an exceptionally strong pressure swept in from all directions, wave after wave, like raging waves and stormy waves, continuously attacked Tang Huan's body and soul.

"What a strong pressure!"

Tang Huan's heart trembled. In a short period of time, the Five Colors True Spirit had already started operating at a fast speed, and his entire body became relaxed as he let out a sigh of relief.

It was also at this time that Tang Huan had the time to survey the situation in the Spiritual Soul Cave.

At that instant, the place he was in was a circular space. It was extremely vast, at least several thousand meters in radius. The top, the ground, and the surrounding stone walls constantly emitted a soft white light. The light illuminated this huge area until it was as bright as day.

A Black Tiger Sculpture tens of meters tall sat in the center of the space. Its body was massive and terrifying, and the moment one saw it, they would involuntarily feel small. The gigantic black tiger's shadow came out of the statue again and again, expanding rapidly. Almost every time the shadow expanded, a terrifying pressure would sweep in all directions with the sculpture as the center. It was actually rolling like a wave.

Around the sculpture, there were many white, jade-like prayer mats placed one after another.

At this moment, there was a large number of figures seated on the praying mat, and around every figure, there were dense and faint white-colored odor s. At the edge of this space, the figures of cultivators were the most concentrated, and the closer one was to the Black Tiger Sculpture, the thinner the area was. The reason for this situation was very simple. Although they were in the same space, the closer they were to the Black Tiger Sculpture, the more pressure they would feel.

Inside the space, there was another arched hole. The air rippled like water, and that was clearly the middle section of the tunnel to Spiritual Soul Cave.

"Hu!" The sound of breaking wind suddenly came from beside him. Chen You had also entered the Spiritual Soul Cave.


The moment he appeared, Chen You could not help but let out a stuffy groan, his face had turned slightly pale. After he had activated his cultivation technique, his complexion turned slightly better, and he heaved a long sigh of relief: "The pressure here is shockingly strong, no wonder the cultivators at the peak of Heavenly Domain can only cultivate for a maximum of twelve hours."

"Ah, I can't hold on any longer."

Just as Chen You's voice fell, a low exclamation came from afar. A cultivator at the edge of space suddenly grabbed a jade tablet by his waist. Then, a group of white-colored odor wrapped him up tightly. In just a breath or two, the cultivator disappeared without a trace.

Tang Huan had already discovered that the cultivator's identity plate was different from his and Chen You's Clan Guardians number plate. After all, those who had the qualifications to enter the Spiritual Soul Cave were not limited to the Clan Guardians s, Tiger Clan Priests and the other experts of the Tiger Clan s.

Those people naturally could not carry the Clan Guardians's number plate.

"Let's start as well."

With that thought, Tang Huan turned to Chen You and warned, "If you can't hold on, don't force yourself, activate your number plate and leave this place."

"Yes, you too."

Sensing Tang Huan's concern, Chen You smiled as he nodded his head, took a quick look around, and selected an empty praying mat at the right side of the dimension, and then walked over. After watching Chen You's graceful figure sit down on the praying mat, Tang Huan walked towards the center of the space.

Since Tang Huan was a cultivator of the Rank One True Spirit, he naturally didn't need to stay at the edge of the spatial realm to cultivate like Chen You had done.

At this very moment, not only had Tang Huan activated his True Spirit to the limit, the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" had also been pushed to the limit, and his Perception Ability had been raised to an unprecedented level. The further he went, the more pressure he felt from the Black Tiger Sculpture s. However, Tang Huan continued to move smoothly and did not slow down at all.

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