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Chapter 112: The Highest Order

Yuan Han continued harping, stunning everyone, even Mu Xuan into silence.

I must say, his words are indeed brave. I doubt there’s another soul in the Galactic who would dare to challenge Mu Xuan in such an outright manner, Yao Si thought.

Besides, Yuan Han seemed to be serious about his words…

Suddenly, a red beam shot out from the machine. The mild red glow intensified, turning a deep shade of red with a tinge of purple in the middle.

Is this machine… a chameleon? Why does its color keep changing?

“Another upgrade!” Bai Yi exclaimed in disbelief. “F*ck, wasn’t it already SSS rank, why is it still raising?! What rank is it at now?”

“Super S rank,” Mu Xuan replied nonchalantly, raising his head toward the machine. He frowned slightly. That machine… seemed familiar!

Super S?

Yao Si stilled. On Mu Xuan’s first encounter with the machine, he mentioned that it was of Super S rank. She had assumed that it was similar to the S rank, since the data later indicated that it was of S rank. But was he referring to a rank higher than S?

That machine was indeed… amazing.

(⊙ o ⊙)

“You scums of the Galactic.” Yuan Han looked down at them scornfully. If he could have been considered humble before, it all changed once his machine was upgraded.

“The bloodlings era will end, starting from today!” he shouted out the slogan aggressively. With a swing of the weapon in his hands, a gigantic ball of flame came rushing into the skies, the red glow surrounding the machine intensifying to a blinding degree. Two beams shot out from the back of the machine that was now dyed red, morphing into two red wings. It looked like an angel that had spread its wings.

The machine exuded an imposing aura with its astounding image. If epic music were to start playing, it would make for a perfect action scene in a movie. The immense heat generated by the machine was enough to raise the temperature of the entire Heavenly Bestowed Yard by a few degrees.

The sight didn’t perturb Yao Si, but she got an impulse to burst into laughter. Even though wings were great and all, shouldn’t he pay more attention his overall image? The red glow gave him a demonic visage, but with the addition of the wings, he looked like… a roasted chicken?


“What kind of machine is that?” It had its own special effects and could upgrade and heal automatically… Yao Si had never seen such a machine before, not even in her lecture books.

“You like it?” Mu Xuan asked abruptly, turning to look at her with an intense gaze.

“Ah?” Yao Si froze, not able to react. What did he mean?

Before she could clarify what he meant, Yuan Han started toward them with the scythe. The area he passed burst into flames, staining the sky a blazing red. The fiery scythe was like a shooting star that rushed at Mu Xuan.

“Mu Xuan!” Yao Si cried out and grabbed for his hand. Even though she was well-aware of his abilities, she still couldn’t help worrying. It wasn’t the time to talk; they were in combat and had to concentrate. Concentrate!

Even though the scythe was about to fall, Mu Xuan didn’t seem to have any intention to dodge. He lifted his arm a bit, which resulted in a soft buzzing, and the scythe that had been rushing toward him at full strength appeared in his palm, motionless.

Even though the weapon was massive, almost the height of two grown men, Mu Xuan acted as if holding it was effortless. One might think he was holding a piece of straw.

That wasn’t all—Yuan Han’s entire machine seemed to be stuck. The scythe was fixed to his palms as though it was their natural extension.

“You… What did you do!” Yuan Han started to panic, tightening his hold on the scythe in his hands. He tried to pull it from Mu Xuan’s grip, but to no avail. Even with the help of the machine, the scythe remained unmoving.

“Let me go! Let me go!” Yuan Huan couldn’t seem to release his hands either, since they seemed to have gotten glued to the scythe.

Without a glance in his direction, Mu Xuan turned toward his young cub to confirm once more. “Sisi, do you like the machine?”

“Ah! Ah?” Yao Si was still entranced in the memory of how the machine had stopped. Without much thought, she replied, “I… like it?”

“Alright!” He nodded. “You can go then!”

Eh? Where do I go? What do you want me to do? Don’t bully kids!

“On the thirteenth segment of the machine’s back, there’s a green button that links to its power. Go switch it off,” Mu Xuan said, an indulgent look on his face.

Yao Si stilled. Even though she wasn’t sure what he meant, she followed his instructions and headed to the back of the machine, where she started to carefully count the segments.

“What are you trying to do?” Yuan Han asked apprehensively when he sensed something amiss. “You dirty bloodlings, don’t touch my machine!”

Eleven, twelve, thirteen! Yao Si finally found the segment to which Mu Xuan had referred. Reaching out, she ripped it off.

“Heh, do you really think you have the ability to break through my machine’s defences?” Yuan Han scoffed, seemingly at ease. “Come, touch my machine if you dare.”

A loud tear ripped through the air as the segment came off, exposing a row of colorful buttons and wires that were lit up.

“This… this is impossible!” Yuan Han howled in disbelief. “Why weren’t you electrocuted? There was clearly a defence mechanism on the removed segment! You b*tch, what did you do to my machine?”

You’re the b*tch, your entire family are b*tches.

Who knows about the power source of your machine? Is the broken defence my fault?

But… didn’t Mu Xuan mention only one button? What are whole rows of them doing here?

“Mu Xuan, which green button is it?” Yao Si couldn’t help but raise her paws to ask: grass green, deep green, or the light green? The different shades made it hard to differentiate them.

“The third one on the second column,” Mu Xuan replied nonchalantly.

Okay, I understand now, the apple green one!

“Despicable!” Yuan Han started to hurl insults once he realized the imminent danger. “You want to use the secondary control to seize my machine? Heh, don’t forget that it’s of Super S rank and doesn’t possess the same mechanisms as a normal machine. Do you think your trick will be effective? Just a—”

Ding! Before he could finish his sentence, the machine’s lights dimmed, and it bent over like a bean sprout. The next instant, all the components got loose and fell noisily to the ground.

In less than two seconds, the Super S rank machine turned into a pile of metal. Some pieces had rolled off to the side, leaving the upright Yuan Han alone in the middle, staring in disbelief. He still had his hands raised, holding onto the scythe that was in Mu Xuan’s hand.

Yao Si’s face cramped up. What was the button she had just pressed?

“This-this is impossible!” Yuan Han glared with wide-open eyes, unwilling to believe the scene in front of him. His originally arrogant expression had been replaced by a face of fear and horror as he grabbed onto the broken parts maniacally. “It’s impossible, this machine is supposed to be invincible. It’s the most intelligent machine from the previous Galactic, so no one here could have surpassed it! Can you image how much pain I went through to obtain it? Impossible! It’s impossible for you do destroy it like that!”

“The previous Galactic?” Yao Si blinked. It meant that he wasn’t the creator of the machine. Was that the reason he was always so arrogant? It was probably all because of the machine.

“It’s you! You’ve ruined my machine!” Yuna Han turned abruptly, glaring at her ferociously, itching to pounce at her from his pile of metal.

F*ck! Wasn’t he just picking on the weak? He was clearly disregarding her dad!

Yao Si took a step back.

The next moment, an immense mental strength came pressing down on Yuan Han before he could even touch the corner of her shirt. Mu Xuan sent him crashing into the metal pile.

Who allowed you to touch my cub?

The metal parts rattled, dispersing, and a golden ball shining with a purple light came rolling out. It looked exceptional. Even though the other parts had lost their shine, the ball continued to glow.

Yao Si reached down to the source out of curiosity, but before she could touch it, Yuan Han pushed himself to his feet and came rushing toward her again. He grabbed the metal ball. “Return it to me!”

Yao Si almost lost her footing when stumbling backwards. Yuan Han got hold of the golden ball, then dived forward, tumbling away to widen the distance between them.

“Lightning, let’s go!” he shouted out, and the golden ball released a purple glow, engulfing him.

Lightning? That ball seemed to be the machine’s heart; even after the exterior was destroyed, it was still alive!

In a few moments, the purple glow intensified, and a familiar portal appeared behind him. Yuan Han disappeared inside it.

F*ck, another space portal. He escaped once more!

“Mu Xuan!” Yao Si glanced over anxiously. It would be a wasted trip if he were to escape!

“Indeed…” Mu Xuan said without explainings his thoughts. The next moment, he shouted, “Number 27, come back!”

Eh? What does that mean?

The moment he have his command, the space portal that had closed snapped open, and a purple glow rushed out. Yuan Han, who had disappeared, was dragged out once more.

The metal ball that was tightly clenched in his embrace seemed to have gotten out of control, flying towards them while hauling Yuan Han along with it.

[Ding! The highest order has priority, smart system Number 27 at your service!] a foreign voice announced from the ball. It sounded soft and cutesy, like a child, but with an automated feel.

Mu Xuan was at ease with the development. “Number 27, report the time of the last shut down.”

[The last time I shut down was 3561 years 4 months 12 hours 45 minutes and 12 seconds ago. Once the restarting of the blue planet was detected, the smart system woke halfway.]

Eh? What is this situation?

Everyone stared in confusion.

“I command you to wake up!.”

[Di! Complete awakening in progress, 60%… 70%… 80%… 90%… Awakening: Success!]

Mu Xuan reached out, and the ball trembled. It jumped out of Yuan Han’s embrace and landed in Mu Xuan’s hands. The next moment, an excited voice rang out from the ball.

[Beloved dad, long time no see. Little Ball missed you!]

“Mmh,” Mu Xuan replied before turning to the others. “I forgot to mention, I made this smart system a while back when I was bored!”

“…” Yao Si.

“…” Bai Yi.

“…” Fourth Elder.

Great, ain’t it totally his style?

Suddenly, Yao Si got an impulse to burn a candle for Yuan Han.

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