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Everyone in the backyard took a cold breath after hearing the man's words.

It was the Great Elder who invited the assassins here? What just happened?

Ye Ling's face suddenly changed. Given what happened previously, he believed that it was highly possible that the Great Elder sent these assassins.

The Second Elder also stopped. He frowned and looked towards the Great Elder.

The Great Elder was stunned.

He did not send anyone to kill Ye Qingtang. Why would these assassins frame him for that?

"Full of nonsense! As the Great Elder, why would I hire assassins to kill the Young Lady of the Ye family!"

A hint of a smile appeared in Ye Qingtang's eyes after witnessing the situation. She went forward and said, "How dare you frame the Great Elder! He is a member of the Ye family. Why would he send people to kill me? From what I see, you are just framing someone since your plan failed. If you don't tell us the real people behind this, I'm afraid none of you will make it out of here alive!"

The Great Elder was surprised, as he did not expect that Ye Qingtang would speak up for him.

The four men in black exchanged glances once again and said, "Lady Ye, the Great Elder is the person behind all of this. If you don't believe us, I have the letter that the Great Elder sent us."

The man in black then took out a letter. "I can give you the letter, but you must let us leave here today."

Ye Qingtang did not reply immediately and looked towards the Great Elder.

The Great Elder frowned slightly. He had nothing to be afraid of as he did not send anyone to kill Ye Qingtang.

"Okay, I promise you." Ye Qingtang replied.

The man in black then threw the letter in front of everyone.

Ye Qingtang picked the letter up and opened it to read together with Ye Ling and the others.

The Great Elder appeared to be very confident without any guilt.


Ye Ling's face darkened after reading the letter. He then raised his eyes and stared at the Great Elder.

"Great Elder! Why do you want to murder my daughter!"

The Great Elder, who had nothing to be afraid of, was suddenly stunned.

"Master, what are you talking about?"

Ye Lin then shared the letter with the rest of the people. It was clearly written on the letter that he offered ten thousand gold to assassins to take Ye Qingtang's life.

Furthermore, it was signed by the Great Elder.

"This must be forged!" the Great Elder frowned and said.

"Forged? This is clearly your handwriting and the seal that belonged to you only. No one could ever forge it!" Ye Ling challenged the Great Elder.

All the guests went forward and took a look at the letter. They received invitation cards a few days before the celebration for the Great Elder. Every invitation card had the Great Elder's seal. The seal looked exactly the same as the one on the letter.

Everyone suddenly looked towards the Great Elder in surprise.

It was possible to imitate the handwriting, but no one could ever imitate the seal that only belonged to the Great Elder. The seal never left the Great Elder as well. The seal on the letter was clearly stamped by the Great Elder himself.

The Great Elder's face clouded. He stared at the letter. Both the handwriting and the seal did belong to him.

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