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Chapter 841 - The Trial of Angels

"Yes, I won't like it, but I won't let Xiao Li endure this torture that isn't easy to remember."

Qin Chao shrugged his shoulders, "What she wants to do now is to study hard and enter a good university. As for the other things, they should be done by me. "

"You're protecting the girl."

Su Ji's tone carried a little jealousy.

"Uh, how could you say that?"

Qin Chao rubbed his nose, and glanced at his neighbor's little sister who was still sleeping soundly, "However, what you said does make sense. Actually, I want to protect you all. If I was strong enough, I could make each of you live in a normal and inverted world, and not have to suffer in this place. "

Seeing Qin Chao's self-reproach, Su Ji hugged Qin Ying on one side and caressed Qin Chao's cheeks with the other.

"Qin Chao, this is not your fault. "Moreover, I entered the cultivation world before you, but now I'm going to be protected by you. It's actually quite shameful."

"You are my woman. If I don't protect you, who will?"

Qin Chao domineeringly wrapped his arms around Su Ji's small waist.

"Father, you have to protect Xiao Ying as well!"

Qin Ying interjected, causing Qin Chao to laugh out loud.

"Of course not, I still want to protect our family's Xiao Ying!"

Qin Chao laughed.

Just as they were enjoying this cozy scene, a shining magic array suddenly appeared in the middle of the restaurant.

Qin Chao was immediately on guard, he turned and stared at the array, his fists clenched.

"It's fine, it's fine!"

Aceday immediately said, "This is Master Vinnie's magic array!"

While she was talking, a slim figure slowly appeared from the magic array.

Vinnie, who was also Sara, walked out of the array with a proud body and stood in front of Qin Chao.

"Your Holiness."

Vinnie merely glanced at Qin Chao indifferently, then bent down with one knee in front of Su Ji. Only now did Qin Chao notice that there were traces of burns on Vinnie's back.

"Hurry up and get up. There's no need to be so courteous."

Su Ji was a little unable to accept this, and said hurriedly.

"Yes, my lord."

Vinnie respectfully rose to his feet, but his face was rather unsightly, and there was a hint of blood at the corner of his lips.

"Your Majesty, I have sent some bad news."

"What is it?" How did you get injured? "

Su Ji could also tell that Wei Ni was in the wrong.

"Don't worry, your Imperial Majesty. I'll be fine."

Vinnie waved his hand and said, "However, Darkness Court is in danger now. Recently, I have been hiding in the Holy See, observing their movements. But Argus had actually opened the door to the Heaven Realm, releasing the power of an angel! Your Majesty, these Angels are very powerful. They want to take your soul away and send you into the endless abyss of hell to be judged by their gods! "

"If you want to touch Su Ji, you have to ask me first!"

What Qin Chao had said that made him grit his teeth, was actually referring to an angel!

The damned Holy See was like a wild dog, pestering them non-stop!

"Qin Chao, that isn't an ordinary skeleton killer, nor is he Pseudo angel's holy knight! but a true angel! "

Vinnie frowned as he looked at the Chinese cultivator who could not figure out the situation, "The power of an angel is so strong that you can't even imagine it! In front of them, the only thing knights of seven deadly sins could do was to lower her head and admit defeat! "

"Hur hur, it's not like I've never seen an angel before."

Qin Chao's own devil puppet had an artificial angel.

However, that was after absorbing the genes of an angel. Qin Chao had never seen a real angel before. However, it was estimated that both sides were about the same. Because when Liu Ying was in the laboratory, he had once awakened. The strength from that time shouldn't have been that powerful.

However, Vinnie also said that they were stronger than the knights of seven deadly sins. Qin Chao estimated that their standards were probably only comparable to Scottfield.

Qin Chao was not afraid of the current Scottfield.

"If you have seen angels, you will fear their power!"

"I escaped from the Holy See's altar. Just the gaze of an angel was enough to burn me to death."


Qin Chao knew that although Vinnie wasn't strong, he still had some abilities. Angel had almost killed her with just a glance. It seemed that his power would have to be increased a bit.

"In short, we have to be careful and develop our own strength."

"Your Majesty, do you want us to cooperate with the Demons?"


Su Ji had never seen this kind of thing before.

"Are you crazy?"

Qin Chao was very familiar with demons, upon hearing Vinnie say this, he immediately glared at him. "Cooperating with Demons, is the same as selling your own soul!"

"For the great Darkness Court, I am willing to sacrifice everything!"

Vinnie dropped to his knees again.

"We are willing to sacrifice everything!"

Aceday and J also knelt down.

"No way!"

Without waiting for Su Ji to speak, Qin Chao flatly rejected him, "There is nothing to discuss with the demons, and they also do not dare to face the Angels. As for the matter with the Angels, let me handle it. "

"You have no idea how powerful Angels are!"

"You're not even a match for them!"

"You'll know when I show you the angel's head."

Qin Chao was too lazy to explain to this woman. How could her terrifying cultivation be something she could imagine?

"This woman is really stupid."

Ah Li also said in Qin Chao's mind, "If Master regained his true strength, even using his fingers would destroy Earth, let alone a mere little angel!"

One move of a finger could destroy the earth …

Damn, is the Immortal Venerable that powerful?

Seemingly being able to sense Qin Chao's thoughts, Ah Li immediately shouted.

"Of course! Otherwise, why would the Three Realms be so vast, and only three people become Doyens? Furthermore, you were the strongest of the three! Even if the Human Venerable and the Ghost Venerable join forces, they would still not be your match! If not for you being too powerful and Xuanyuan Yingji's incident, those two perverts would have already gone berserk! "

"Let's not talk about the brave men of the past …"

Qin Chao could only sigh.

No matter how awesome he was back then, he was now just a ruined bastard.

"Master, don't be discouraged, as you have the power of God, it is only a matter of time before you recover your strength. If things get worse, will help you. Furthermore, Ah Li sensed that Master's Chaotic Yuan Qi has also improved, so you should continue refining the Nine-dragons Ring.

With Ah Li's encouragement, Qin Chao gained confidence.

"Those angels might be chasing my aura. They're about to find out about this place."

Vinnie looked at Su Ji and said, "Your Majesty, I've sent all the news to you, so you have to lure those people away from here. "You should consider my plan. This is also the only plan."

Vinnie said, and the magic array lit up again.

And it was at this moment that a terrifying pressure suddenly appeared in the air.

The magic formation on the ground suddenly dissipated, having lost its effect.

Intense white light shone through the windows on all four sides of the room.

It was as if something was ringing in everyone's ears. At the same time, it was as if a huge bomb had been detonated.

"Oh no, it's an angel!"

Vinnie's face changed, and she fell to the ground, crying out in despair.

Qin Chao frowned as he felt the power.

The true power of the Angel faintly resonated with the Light Saint Blaze in his body.

The originally filthy meat pieces on the ground suddenly began to piece together.

Not long later, a complete Richard appeared again.

When the intense white light suddenly scattered, Richard's eyes opened.

"This person's health is not bad."

He stood on the ground and looked at Vinnie: "I let you run but now I'm going to judge you."

As he spoke, he extended his right hand towards Vinnie.


Vinnie's body was lifted up and caught in the air by the Angel. With a swing, he hit the wall behind him.


There was a dent in the wall, and Vinnie slid down, spitting blood.

"Hur hur, not bad. Looks like I can play for a while longer."

The angel took control of Vinnie's body and held it in the air, swaying.

He reached out another finger and flicked it at Vinnie's arm.



Winnie's arm immediately fractured. She screamed miserably in pain, her voice scaring Aceday and J's faces white.

"Hehe, is it painful? When you go to hell, you'll be in a hundred times more pain. "

The angel took aim at Vinnie's right leg.

Vinnie also noticed his actions, and his face turned pale.

Those beautiful eyes were filled with despair and fear.


Angel snapped his fingers, and Vinnie shuddered.

However, the pain he had expected didn't come. His right leg was still fine.

"What's going on?"

Curious, the angel flicked it twice more, but was still unable to hurt Vinnie.

At this moment, Vinnie, who had been in the air, suddenly fell to the ground.

"Who is it?"

The angel finally realized that someone was interfering. He turned his head and stared at the people in the dining room.

"I'm so sorry."

Qin Chao took out a cigarette, slowly lit it up, and stuck it in his mouth, "I've disturbed your game. However, no matter what, she is still a subordinate of my wife. If you are toying with her, you will be making life difficult for me. "

"Where did you get that idiot?"

Angel laughed disdainfully, "Foolish human, it seems you don't know how terrifying God's Punishment is. If you anger me, you will die miserably. "

"Is that so?"

Qin Chao looked at the extremely arrogant Angel in front of him, "Then I'm actually really looking forward to what method you will use to kill me."

"Let me judge you! "Humans!"

The angel's eyes spouted white light, he extended his right hand towards Qin Chao.

According to Angel's calculations, he would grab the body of this stupid human and explode it along with his dirty soul!

However, he was disappointed.

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