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"Miss Zhao, do you really know everything about Qinger's childhood like the back of your hand?"

Yuan Tian's sarcastic tone made Old Mistress slightly upset.

This granddaughter of hers had never been easy to deal with...

"I told her those things!"

Old Mistress coldly stated.

Upon hearing this, Yuan Tian intentionally remarked loudly, "Oh, oh..."

She shot a glance at Zhao Ruoxin before carelessly continuing, "Isn't Miss Zhao already over twenty years old?"

She was actually asking this question to see whether Zhao Ruoxin was still thinking of shamelessly acting like a child. Was she only going to eat after the man had taken a bite?

Zhao Ruoxin had been cornered. Her face turned green for awhile before it went pale. She was rendered speechless.

She was helpless when faced with the Fifth Miss of the Yuan Family who did not play her cards according to the norm.

Yuan Ran lowered her head but could not suppress her laughter when she heard this. Meanwhile, Old Mistress looked like she wanted to explode and wished that she could chase Yuan Tian out there and then.

Lu Shan was extremely annoyed by her own daughter's tone. She angrily glared at her and snapped, "You'd better not say anything else!"

Yuan Tian ignored her and stuck her tongue out before subtly winking at Mu Chenyan.

Mu Chenyan felt that Yuan Tian's zero-tolerance policy had really helped her live a good life.

She was probably the only person in the Yuan Family who remained true to herself.

"Miss Zhao probably isn't as picky as Qinger. After all, Qinger was a child whom Grandmother had spoiled," Yuan Xuan suddenly said.

When he looked at the little glutton Mu Chenyan and compared her to Qinger who had been spoiled by his grandmother when she was younger, he realized that she certainly did not eat as enthusiastically as Mu Chenyan.

Yuan Xuan's eyes were indifferent when he glanced at Mu Chenyan, but they were actually brimming with hidden affection and sympathy.

Meanwhile, the refreshing smell of pine was emanating from man's body, detectable if you were within a certain distance.

This sensation that bordered between abstinence and temptation could cause the downfall of any woman...

However, his eyes were only for Mu Chenyan.

Zhao Ruoxin's mind faltered, both of her hands trembled, and her fingernails gently dug into her palm...

When they were younger, Yuan Xuan and Qinger were both orphans. They lived in Upper Mansion together and were kept closely by Old Mistress' side every day.

The other children had their own parents to keep them company and would only come to Upper Mansion to have a meal during the family gatherings that were held every Saturday and Sunday.

Thus, it was not surprising that Old Mistress adored Qinger far more than Yuan Tian, Yuan Zhuan, Yuan Zhe, and the others.

Relationships were not built on distance but on interactions.

"Miss Zhao grew up outside, unlike Qinger so your appetite is most probably better than hers. Qinger was very picky about her food..." Yuan Xuan unenthusiastically replied before he shot a meaningful glance at Zhao Ruoxin.

Mu Chenyan could tell from Yuan Xuan's tone that he wanted to differentiate Shu Qinger and Zhao Ruoxin...

It would be impossible for someone as observant as Zhao Ruoxin not to notice the implicit meaning behind Yuan Xuan's words. She awkwardly smiled and replied, "That's right, I wasn't as lucky as my sister who had been by my grandmother and brother's side ever since she was young..." 

"Miss Zhao, you're exaggerating!" Mu Chenyan suddenly interrupted Zhao Ruoxin's speech. There was a dim flame in her dark eyes as she quietly continued, "Qinger wasn't lucky... She's dead... Compared to someone who died a horrible death, the truly lucky one is the one sitting here today."

The atmosphere instantly became extremely tense.

This was the first time that Mu Chenyan had publicly mentioned Shu Qinger's death by herself.

Everyone else merely regarded this matter as an event that had already passed.

However, the painful experiences and the unfair treatment she had experienced over the past two years would follow her relentlessly for the rest of her life...

Everyone else decided to remain silent.

They knew that it wasn't right for any of them to speak right now.

Mu Chenyan and Zhao Ruoxin were the real victims here.

Zhao Ruoxin went quiet for a while as tears welled up in the corners of her eyes. "Yes, Mu Chenyan's right, my sister is gone! Sometimes when I look at the pictures of my sister when she was younger, I feel like she was another version of myself that lived with the Yuan Family..."

Everyone became slightly emotional when they heard Zhao Ruoxin speak.

Aside from Mu Chenyan, everyone here had connected deeply with Shu Qinger when she was younger.

"You're right, Chenyan. My sister's life was miserable..."

From the beginning to the end, this aspect of Zhao Ruoxin's behavior truly surprised everyone. Unlike everyone else, she had never once questioned the sole "suspect" Mu Chenyan...

Even Feng Rao had been more suspicious than her!

From another perspective, it seemed that Zhao Ruoxin was perhaps more concerned with Yuan Xuan than Shu Qinger...

Was this true sisterly love?

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